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  1. I think I would take the phone and wait on him to ask for it, and monitor any messages he receives while I waited on him to ask about it. You may be able to get a good idea of where the phone came from by seeing what messages he gets on it. The lying is obviously a huge concern, but I would also be concerned about how he got the phone. Anyone that gives a teen a phone that remains hidden and secret is likely up to no good. Your son absolutely needs to be held accountable for the lies and secret phone usage, but whoever gave him the phone also needs to be held accountable.
  2. Hi all. I have a ninth grade student that completed Saxon Algebra 1 in eighth grade. She is considering doing math at a private school next year just to switch up the pace a little bit and try something new. They use MUS. Is Math U See Geometry, Algebra 2, and beyond enough for a student that will likely go into a nursing or other service career? She is good at math but doesn’t love it, and likely will not need advanced maths in college. I just don’t want her to get to college and wish she had something a little more challenging in high school if she ends up changing career paths. Thoughts and advice appreciated.
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  4. No, you aren't being unreasonable. My mom had a knee replacement about two years ago. PT will likely start immediately. If your mom's busiest time of the year is January, she absolutely should not have the surgery at the end of December. Recovery is long, hard, and painful. My mom was in great health except for her knee, in great spirits, and was determined to be able to live life as normally as possible as soon as possible. It was several weeks before she could have even considered working, even at a sit-down type of job. IMO, even aside from the fact that she is being unreasonable to you and your kids, your mom should put off the surgery until she has the proper time to recover.
  5. Give.arcchurches.com will use 100% of your donations to help flood victims if you mark it as Hurricane Harvey Relief.
  6. We also went on a Carnival cruise last year. My DD and I eat Paleo. They were very accommodating. Each night, they would give us the menus for the next day so that we could order ahead of time and make sure the meal was prepared the way we could eat it. There were always lots of fresh fruits available to snack on. You can take food aboard the ship, but we didn't have a refrigerator in our room. I'm not sure if that is available on most cruise lines. We've only done Carnival. If you have concerns, I would call the cruise line you are considering and ask to speak to someone about food allergies and how they are accommodated. I'm sure they would be very helpful in letting you know what is available and how they can or can not help.
  7. Farm fresh eggs do not need to be refrigerated (unless they've already been washed) and last a very long time. No need to rush using them.
  8. My oldest DD used Foerster for Algebra 1 and switched to Saxon for Algebra 2. She has had no problems at all with Saxon. I don't know what your child used for Algebra 1, but it is possible to have a seamless move to Saxon even in the advanced levels.
  9. Michelle, can you please share what you ended up doing for this and how it went? I'm thinking about the same type of credit for next year. Thanks!
  10. I think it depends on the school. We are in a college town and the university here says you must have less than 29 DE hours to be considered a freshman. The university an hour away says you can transfer in as many hours as you want and still be considered a freshman for scholarship purposes. I would advise you to email the schools that you are interested in to see what their requirements are.
  11. Just this week we bought a very well-maintained 2008 Honda Fit for our oldest. My hubby says he may take it away from her because he loves to drive it. 😉
  12. Let me change that a bit...We have a tub of supplies for every *elementary* classroom, where they are used every single week. Older classes can share the supplies since they aren't always used. We keep the same supplies in each classroom's tub for the entire year. The lady that's over supplies separates everything out one time per year. If you don't have room to store them in the classrooms, keep it in the closet and let the teachers pick them up and put them back. They just grab their tub (or basket) for their classroom instead of coming to the table and picking through what supplies they need. Whatever isn't used at the end of this year will be put back in the tubs next year to be used, so nothing is wasted. You wouldn't have to use tubs if that takes too much room. Use the baskets you are currently using and change the labels on them from "scissors" to "first grade" or "room 201." It seems like it would be some work up front to get everything set up, then you're done until someone tells you that they need more paint, or pencils, or whatever. It's up to the teachers after that. If they don't keep their tub or basket in order, they are the ones that have to deal with it for the rest of the year. Not you. You just make sure they are in the closet at the end of the day and the tidy-ness of the basket isn't your problem. That would keep you from having to clean out the closet frequently because other people aren't considerate of the job you do.
  13. We have a tub of supplies for each classroom. It is up to the teachers in that classroom to keep their supplies neat and update a board member if they need anything replaced. Could you rearrange your supplies a bit so that they each pick up a basket with enough scissors, colors, paper, etc for their classroom only?
  14. My daughter is taking it through Wilson Hill Academy this year. I don't think they will cover Chapters 10 and 14 at all. HTH.
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