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  1. I did not have bronchitis until suddenly, a few years back, I developed a pollen allergy. Before it was diagnosed and treated properly as an allergy, I would derail into bronchitis and be treated with antibiotics. By the third or fourth time in a year, my doc finally said these episodes had to be connected and started me on an antihistamine and nasal corticosteroid, which I now take when seasonal allergy symptoms start to bother me. I haven't had bronchitis since.
  2. Sorry if I confused. I did not mean to say that she put a black mark against the whole movement. I meant to communicate that she was acting in a way that reveals she herself loses credibility if she wants to be in league with those standing against harassment. I'd think one of the strong women standing against harassment would have a hard time endorsing Perry's AI antics. That she is counter to their message. Hope that better communicates my thought.
  3. Ya I'm pretty sure that's how the whole iced coffee thing got started in the first place.
  4. The headline doesn't tell the tale. The end of the article does. This guy is in the classic can't-win position. If he claims harassment, would it hinder his future in the music business? Even if not a great singer, he could have a career as a songwriter, musician, etc. Unless a powerhouse like Perry gets him blacklisted. And is this what we want for our sons, daughters, loved ones? That harassing behavior is defined *only* by the victim? Whose ability to speak plainly without consequences may be compromised? I am honestly not such an outspoken advocate, and roll my eyes at a lot of the ridiculous exhibited by those in the entertainment industry. But, as evident from the last year of media coverage, celebrities, especially women, have taken up the battle cry against such behavior. Perry's behavior here is a black mark against those standing up against harassment and should be called out as such. I sure hope this year's AI viewers are willing to switch channels and let the production company, network, etc know why.
  5. Abandoned half-full glasses of water. Like right out of an M Night movie. I can't get mad about it because a fair share of them are mine. And hey, we're always ready for that alien invasion.
  6. She did this to the guy immediately before his audition, which she would sit in judgment of. She raised her arms in victory for the stolen kiss. Her sexually aggressive behavior towards contestants has been documented (and flaunted, in additional poor judgment by AI's producers). FWIW, I am not the one who used the term "predatory" so I will not get sidetracked into a discussion of that definition. However, her actions fall into the clearly established parameters of sexual harassment. http://www.un.org/womenwatch/osagi/pdf/whatissh.pdf
  7. Wondering how often guys like Matt Lauer thought the same about their actions.
  8. It was an unwanted kiss. Not cute, Katy Perry. I hope she feels significant repercussions from this. IMO, has lost her credibility to make a stand against inappropriate treatment of women in the entertainment industry. She can be a #metoo, but she just put herself on the perpetrator side of the hashtag.
  9. Where does a 7 year old get the idea of threatening a call to CPS?
  10. Yeah, and imagine if you weren't an intelligent woman but a senior citizen on the edge of Alzheimer's. I hope you get some clear answers soon.
  11. Grief is not linear. It doesn't wane on a gradient. Give yourself room to process the random jabs and waves of emotion. It sounds cliche, but time can truly soften the raw edges. I'm sorry for your losses, and how close and real they seem at this moment while the estate business is being handled. Gentle hugs.
  12. I for one am glad we went "beyond the scope" of the original question. The additional information gained resulted in my change of opinion from unimpressed that he fell asleep on the job to get that poor guy out of an unsafe work situation.
  13. A round of doxycycline? Cliradex wipes or something topical to treat the possibility of excess demodex mites?
  14. Not to beat a dead horse, and I think I may have asked this before, but you've seen an ophthalmologist as opposed to an optometrist, right? Have they assured you there's no corneal damage? If so, you might want to look for a blepharitis specialist. Perhaps a university hospital clinic. Everything you describe, right down to the part about things feeling better with contact lens, sounds like anterior blepharitis.
  15. Well tbh this makes me less inclined to look at the registry, because for a couple that has already established houehold(s) because they've lived independently for years, it seems more of an "I WANT" list. I bite my tongue, though. Dh and I have a standard gift we like to give, actually there are about 4 things. We decide which of those options suits the particular couple and voila, done. Each of these are nice but easily returnable/exchangeable. Funny, last time we used a registry it was dh's wish to do so. So I just went along for the ride, so to speak. To this day (more than a year down the road) he is still perturbed that he took the time and effort to go out of his way and send just what they wanted, but that gift has been in no way acknowledged. Nada. Now it's back to our standard options.
  16. I'd advise him to resign. The fact that his replacement is two hours late is not his error. His being required to stay without a lunch break seems like some sort of reportable violation to me (I mean his employer being reported, not him, like to OSHA something).
  17. I would include neither registry info nor wardrobe instructions on/with the invitation itself. Those things can be spread word of mouth or via website or social media IF ASKED. FWIW, I agree with you that the bride is being too picky in requesting no sundresses and that in the south, "Sunday best" definitely includes them.
  18. A tongue tie can prevent one from doing that conscious and subconscious self cleaning that we all do with our tongues around our teeth. I might suspect this especially if it's primarily the back molars getting cavities.
  19. You know, this sounds like a really unsafe setup. Eight hours seems way too long to expect someone to remain energetic and attentive. Who covers him for bathroom and lunch breaks? Does he have to close the pool? (I am actually just curious now.)
  20. I'm mostly just playing devil's advocate, looking at things from the employer's perspective. It honestly sounds like a very boring job and I can see how one could be tempted to rationalize napping between swimmer visits. But that's obviously not ok. If he decides to stick it out, maybe he should ask for some additional responsibilities. Perhaps there's some not-obvious task they could give him to make better use of his time while on their clock.
  21. Swimmers or none, I can't imagine there being anything in the job description about being paid to sleep on the job. There's an old saying among hourly workers: if you've got time to lean, you've got time to clean. In other words, sleeping/slacking on the job is not something an employer generally wants to pay for. Desirable employees find ways to be industrious.
  22. Seasider


    Thanks bolt. I was thinking of Sophia (as mentioned above) as akin to Lilith as a personality - stemming from Judaism, I think - and wondered if she were (as mentioned above with a capital S) a similar character.
  23. Seasider


    What faith tradition does Sophia come from?
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