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  1. Local radio talk show had the same question. Personally, I don't think serial bomber and domestic terrorist are mutually exclusive. Perhaps it depends on whether or not he was targeting a specific demographic vs causing general mayhem? It will be interesting to see how this progresses. I am sorry for all involved, victims, perpetrator, perpetrator's family.... I imagine there are lots of shock and lots of questions all around, and that an apparently bright young man went down this road, that's both sad and scary.
  2. Hmm I'm going to have to look into this place. Are they nationwide?
  3. I'm just glad there IS some notice. Or I'd be hitting refresh a gajillion times!
  4. Seriously?!!! It's like the universe is scheming against us. Wonder what led him to this. Off to read up.
  5. Yeah, definitely in the don't-do-it-but-oooooo-if-I-could category. Ravin, I hope you get some responses and the party turns out well. Sorry people are flaky.
  6. lol I can totally imagine a sign on the front door: "Sorry we missed you! We have taken the Birthday Kid and everyone who RSVP'd to Disneyworld! Catch you next time...."
  7. Health club membership. It's on the near horizon. I'm feeling the need to start working out in a more supervised environment. I'm not elderly or super out of shape, but I'd like to be able to keep exercising without having to worry about falling off the treadmill at home alone and laying on the floor for hours. Plus, I like the group class atmosphere. And the sauna.
  8. I guess maybe it varies by market or I am not remembering things correctly!
  9. "2.2" in a real estate listing means 2 full baths and 2 half baths, I think. So there's your four.
  10. Lol! That is both hilarious and insufferable all at once. You're gonna have to take that boy out for ice cream after he serves sentence. And I am another who always pays online. But it's because my librarian sees me often and will almost always forgive a lot of the fines if I try to pay in person. I mean, it's very sweet, but it gives me a guilty conscience.
  11. Yes, I am often curious but would never ask! And I really never expect it, not having grown up with that as customary. Like you, I love when I'm walking or riding through an area and folks have their windows open. I like that glimpse of their home. But they are the ones choosing to leave those windows open, right? And I never slow down and stare, it's just a glance. No girl on the train type peeking! I think when someone moves into a new place or maybe does some serious remodeling, a tour - given it or asked for - might feel more appropriate. But if I've been there a while, I've likely got some personally lived-in places that I don't feel has to be shared with everyone. Also, once my kids are old enough to feel a sense of privacy about their own spaces, I wouldn't take a visitor through them.
  12. Your last paragraph- that was sort of my strategy for many years when the kids were little. Front rooms were kept clean and as ready as possible. Back rooms? Enter at your own risk. And I would joke with guests, you're free to open closets, but any door you open on your own could set off an avalanche! We've moved around and not all my houses had flirt plans that lent themselves to this strategy, though. I think the photo in the OP is simply a lived in room. I'd straighten it for company but not lose heart over it falling to pieces again in the course of a busy day/week. House tours - I am always surprised when someone offers to give one, and am usually interested and go with the flow. I am usually unnerved, though, when people seem to expect it outright ask of one of my home. I feel like if the door is open, you're free to have a look in that room. But if a door is closed, it's for a reason.
  13. 😂😂😂 With Liberace on the juke box.
  14. Bingo? With all those little two-tops, my first thought was speed dating! And am I the only one whose immediate reaction to the bedroom statuary was, "Yikes! Who could close their eyes with all those weeping angels right over the bed!" (Yeah, I know they're not all angel statues, but... first impressions.) To each his own. Thanks for the linked article, his design background explains a lot.
  15. Funny! I made my Liberace comment before I saw your post. Now off to read the rest of the article.
  16. Suessical - usually done with a large cast, but I once saw it expertly played by a company of 8. The music is great. Godspell and Annie come to mind as shows with multiple meaty roles.
  17. Agreeing with contacting your agent first thing Monday, but IME, this was handled by a designated division of the corporate level. So, your local agent may not have all the answers immediately but should be able to connect you with the actual company rep handling the case. And, I'm going to disagree with Jean about providing any further info to the other party. You exchanged insurance info at the scene, leave it at that and direct all further inquiries to the person the insurance company tells you to - which will likely eventually be the lawyer they hire, but may be a company rep. Our specific instructions were to not share any info or engage in conversation, but to immediately notify the ins company lawyer with word of any type of communication received from the other party.
  18. I brought a longish jersey sundress to wear home. Comfy because there was no band near any of the incision sites (laparoscopic incisions are small but a bit higher than where an abdominal procedure opening would be.
  19. Just a note about the Hyster Sister site - at one time it was great, but 2-3 years ago when I was visiting there, it seemed like an endless litany of worst case scenarios. So, you might could find most of your questions answered by your doctor's office and the hive instead.
  20. Did this a couple of years ago, it was the best decision!!! Regarding your specific questions - you will awake with a catheter. At first you won't really feel it. As the anesthesia wears off, you become more aware of it, but it's a bit of a mind over matter thing. I mean, no one really wants a catheter in place, but you're not in any shape to get up and go to the bathroom, either, so it's good to have. You will likely have it in place for several hours, maybe half the time you are in the hospital. If st any time it's really causing discomfort, ask a nurse to come and check it. Shaving/prepping down below - I didn't notice that they did anything. YMMV. Be sure to take time for the full recovery- weeks of lifting restrictions! You will tire easily for several weeks following the procedure, so don't have great expectations for your activity.
  21. Oh yes! These were the exact instructions given to us by the insurance company's lawyer. Do not speak to anyone else, no matter how they bait you.
  22. Hugs hugs hugs. Let the insurance company handle it. Been through something like this with a family member. The insurance company's lawyer was like a rabid dog and got the claim settled quickly. Speculating, but it seems the fact there's no police report will work in your favor, because that means there was no blame assigned (did she get a ticket at the scene?). Seriously, though, let your insurance company handle it.
  23. Well the removal likely includes a biopsy and is, in fact, a different procedure. I've had numerous colonoscopies and every time my physician makes it clear that if anything like a polyp is discovered, it will be removed and biopsied. It was clearly understood that the cost might change. But why would I want to leave a polyp in there, y'know?
  24. What an awful situation. You are artificially propping up your parents in this situation. Stop giving them money. They will lose the house and hopefully then be forced into a safer living situation. If I were you I would likely relocate. Not sure if the job will allow it, but what kind of life are you living now? You and your family are being held hostage by fear and the real prospect of violence. That's no way to live.
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