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  1. The only thing we ever hear from our son is the occasional contact he keeps with his brother. So at least we know he's alive. Our new town is within 2 hours of where we think my son lives (as opposed to a 20 hour drive).
  2. Some of you may recount some of the trials my dh and I have had over the past years with . . . well you name it. . . lost job. . . adopted child leaving us for birthmother . . . etc. etc. We still have struggles with our FASD, mild intellectual disability boy who lives with us. My dh and I decided we needed a fresh start. We are moving . . . 1500 km's away from where we now live. And we need to sell our house soon. I start my new job May 16. My dh will stay behind until we sell our house. But we really don't want to live apart too long. Up until today i've been reasonably calm about this but now i'm starting to panic. Please pray our house sells soon and that in the mean time we won't overthink situation. Housing market is moderate. . . i've definitely seen it much slower but its been better. I know the change, in the long run, will be positive. And i know change always comes with some pain.
  3. I feel your pain. Three weeks for us. Six showings. We are competitively priced but my dh wants us to drop the price. I think its too soon for that but am tempted although we need all we can get because we're moving to a slightly higher priced market.
  4. i get an aura . . visual disturbance . . .usually 30 -40 minutes before migraine onset. For me, when aura hits, I take two acetaminophen and two ibuprofen and i find, that while i still get a headache, its not debilitating.
  5. i pay $5 a dozen. I buy 3 dozen from my seller each week. I feel like this is a super good deal.
  6. Low carb, high fat has given me stellar numbers and lowered my blood pressure so that i no longer have to take blood pressure pills.
  7. Hmm, good thought. My recipe has a smoky tomato sauce, a couple different cheeses, spinach, red pepper, sundries tomatoes, carmelized onions.
  8. If its not too hard to post, i'd love this recipe. I may not use if for contest but i definitely will use it at home.
  9. This looks awesome. Thanks. Not sure if i can get beets today but i'll definitely save this recipe. Thanks.
  10. Anyone have any prize winning, make ahead, vegetable dishes that can be eaten cold (only microwave access)? I'm thinking of making vegetarian pizza. Do you think that could win a prize? Open to new recipes. You guys really came through with lots of delicious chocolate recipes last time.
  11. The one food tradition we have is making donuts. This was a German tradition i grew up with and have continued. Every New Years eve afternoon i make a batch of donuts and to make good use of the oil, i make a second batch New Years day. This year there is only three of us home but i still plan to make at least the New Years Eve batch.
  12. I'm almost afraid to comment but I'll start by saying I haven't thought about this for many, many years but as a teen I did wonder why the term "American" was exclusive to US citizens given we shared the same continent. But it's true we don't call ourselves Canada of America.
  13. I am so sorry to hear this news. Leukaemia has touched my family. I will pray for your family.
  14. Thanks everyone. I got some sleep last night but I am still sad this morning. I will talk with my niece this morning to see how things are going today. RAD is such a difficult thing. I mean our eldest son also has FASD but he doesn't have RAD. He is difficult enough (but he is well connected to us which gives us some hope we can work through his issues (or I'm really naive and just hoping). Today is a new day....
  15. I need some serious prayer tonight. My niece called to say my ds is rock bottom, depressed. I believe it. I think he's been suffering from depression at least all his teen years. I am very down about this. And, In my conversation with her I felt a bit like she was implying that some of the choices we made in parenting contribute to his current demise. I know she is exhausted. I mean she has three young children herself. I know she's probably at her wits end. We did the best that we could and it wasn't good enough. Tomorrow she is going to try and take him to dr. I did reconfirm with my niece that she can't save him. That maybe we have to seek out another plan.
  16. Susan, thanks for posting this. Honestly, that is one thing I have learned in our never know people's story. I hope my boys come in contact with many people with your attitude. Oh and thanks for the reminder. Tonight (which is almost every night the same) we had an extra handful of teens crashing our place. We have an open door policy. But, I didn't really feel like the commotion tonight and felt myself get irritated. The truth is, most of the kids here tonight have some big struggles. I have to pray for more patience.
  17. Thanks for checking in with me. My boy is still with my niece. Yay! My niece has gotten him to a dr, councillor and dentist in the month he's lived with her. We've had practically no contact with him this month (his choice) but my niece connects with me several times a week. Councillor he saw said he has some significant issues to work on. Hopefully he'll got again. My niece is concerned about ds and pot use. I guess his time with birthmother has led to a desire to use. It makes me very sad. She and her husband have some ideas to work through this. And hopefully councillor can address this. Two weeks ago he was suspended from school for one day. He and some classmates left school ground to smoke some weed. A bike patrol police officer drove by, told the kids to get rid of the weed and head back to class. What does my kid do? Argues with cop. So he cuffed him and took his name. The cop then tells my son "oh, I know your mom". My boy is living in a city of 100,000 people, 1500 km's away from us and he runs into a police officer who knows me. Well I hope my boy has learned how small the world is. Officer just took him back to school. He turns 16 next week. We sent a gift. We are planning a family trip to visit at Christmas. I did have one phone conversation with him last Saturday. It was so pleasant. He commented about missing my cooking. He even told me he loved me. We talked about half an hour and I knew in the back of my mind I should hang up while things were good. Must I didn't. And some how (typical RAD) it spiraled downhill quickly. It ended with him telling me how terrible we were as parents. So I'm happy he's with my niece. She is trying to guide him. He seems somewhat responsive.
  18. Here's a brief update. He's still with my niece and her family and things are going quite well. She's managed to get him to a dr and a councillor (once) which we couldn't do. He is going to school. His anxiety levels are much higher since being with birth mom. Dr would like to treat this medically. Not sure how that will work (if he'd even take medication). I have limited conversations with him by his choice but because he's with family I'm not nervous about that. I don't know how long this will last but we take one day at a time. I did ask my brother, a social worker, if this possibly could work our for the longer run. He said its possible because he saw the worst at his birth mother's. So that's what's new this week.
  19. So he's settled in with my niece and her family and last night they went to my sister's house for dinner. They sent me a photo. Yay! He looks good. Tomorrow he starts school in another new school. Things were really grim at birthmother's (he has shared with niece). I guess all money went for alcohol and drugs. He told niece there had been no food in house for three days leading up to his departure to my niece's. He also is bitter as he's come to realize birthmom did drink during pregnancy (despite her denial he sees her drinking now and sees the damage his sisters and he have as a result of that drinking.) I don't know how this will work. One day at a time. He turns 16 in November. My dh and I are considering a very brief visit to my sisters so that we can be there on his birthday. Not sure.
  20. Social worker will absolutely be involved. And yes I agree about contract (although its hard with FASD kids). It's just tough all around. I hold out for hope that this is the answer but the reality is, my boy has huge issues. But in the moment, it's a huge relief for dh and I.
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