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  1. I hope my request for a name doesn't sound like a flippant request. Mostly I'm just interested in hearing different names for ideas. We take this seriously, so I hope this post doesn't seem like we have a cavalier attitude. Just want ideas.
  2. Yes we have a statement of faith. And of course you're right about prayer. A name has eluded us for some reason. Maybe we're looking to hard at finding the "perfect" name. Thanks for the reminder to pray.
  3. I attend a small home church. We hope one day to establish a church outside of this home but right now our numbers are small. We've been meeting for almost three years. We want a name. We want a response to "where do you go to church?" that sounds more official, as we embark on expanding. Any suggestions? BTW, we're conservative, reformed baptists. If anyone wants to throw out an idea, that'd be great.
  4. The comments on this thread have been very thought provoking. Thank you. I know no location is perfect but it did hit me (disclosure: I'm reading Malcolm Gladwell's "What the Dog Saw, The story of success") this week that our location is limiting to some experiences. But, as pointed out by several posters, we do have other experiences as a result of living where we do. Lots to mull over.
  5. This is a great response. I guess it's true, the grass is always greener . . . Thanks for this reminder.
  6. I have been thinking this a lot lately, possibly because my dh is unemployed and now, for the first time in our married life, we may have to move. We love where we live and would not choose to move but unemployment is high here. Anyway, yesterday's post about the independent daughter flying to an event made me realize that: (a) by virtue of where I live the cost to fly anywhere is so excessive it would never happen and, (b) most of the time we don't even know about these events. I think this is exasperated by the fact that I'm a homeschool mom and the school we're connected with is so f
  7. :iagree: This sounds very much like us. Treats like cookies etc. are not free.
  8. We adopted our baby from a city 16 hours away from us. We drove home with her on day 10 and did the trip all in one day with no problems. Obviously we had her out of her seat to feed her and change her. I have fond memories of that trip. Traveling 16 hours with a new baby. We were so nervous.
  9. One other thing I do is often have a mug of soup, either chicken broth or tomato soup, before my meal. This curbs my appetite and is a nice appetizer. If they're on sale, I buy those little boxes of campbell's tomato soup. Tomato basil or tomato black bean or something like that.
  10. :iagree: Popcorn is a staple. Usually it's my night time snack but sometimes I even make a bowl in the afternoons if I feel the munchies sneaking up on me. I have a microwave popcorn popper and a hot air popper and use both regularly. Yummy.
  11. :iagree: The core model of eating allowed me to loose a lot of weight fairly painlessly. I try to stick with that model. To help with this, I buy my vegetables once or twice a week, bring them home from store, wash and cut them up and have them in ziploc bags ready to eat at any time. If they're ready to go I will snack on veggies during the day. If they're not ready to go, I'm more likely to reach for something else.
  12. Last week I asked for recipes for my stash of canned tuna fish. Today I posted on my blog what I did with some of the tuna. http://rek88.wordpress.com/2010/03/11/who-knew/
  13. I will tell him today (just before I crack open the book) that many bikers enjoy being read to. :001_smile:
  14. Yes it is incredible. You know right now my family is going through a difficult time. It's timely reading this book because it puts into perspective our struggles (unemployment). I love reading aloud to my kids and I know they love it too (despite my son's comment which he made with a broad smile on his face).
  15. My 13 ds just said "Mom, how am I ever going to be a professional biker if my mommy keeps reading to me." (I'm reading aloud The Hiding Place.) Love it!
  16. In this economy a raise of any sort is to be commended given how many job losses there are.
  17. I had to read it for our book club. Besides the depressing nature of it I found it kind of boring. The scenes just repeat themselves without resolve (which is I guess the point of the whole book). I would not choose to read this book. I'm interested in knowing why it was so popular. (My apologies to those who loved the book. I recognize everyone has different tastes.)
  18. Off the top of my head the words "very quick bread recipe" is the reason you don't have the yeasty flavour you're looking for. Generally flavour develops in longer, slower, rising processes. I have used beer, but only in pizza crusts. Why not just give it a try and see if you get the out come you're looking for?
  19. I have hot cross buns on my baking list for this week. I'm glad someone else agrees it's not too early!
  20. Well today I opened four cans from tuna stash, chopped some celery, gr onion and pickles. Mixed some mayo, salt and pepper and made tuna sandwiches for our potluck lunch. I was surprised how yummy they were. Thanks for all your suggestions. I wonder how many days in a row I can make something using tuna before the gang revolts! :001_smile:
  21. :iagree:(Love this book and I'm Canadian. Completely relevant to us too.:001_smile:)
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