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  1. Bamboo. I'm certainly not an experienced knitter . . .started in the fall. I've tried metal, plastic and bamboo . . . hands down the wood wins.
  2. I have lived with long winters, short days my whole life and I have to admit it seems to be getting more difficult to deal with as I age. We are almost at the shortest day of the year . . . it's pretty much dark here until 8:30 a.m. and dark again by 4 p.m. And often it's gloomy, wet or snowing. (Thankfully this past week we've had a lot of sun, but bitter cold.) Honestly, this year I have been taking a vitamin D supplement. This is anectotal but I am feeling much better than other years by this time. I also keep the room I'm working in well lit all day long. And finally, I try and ge
  3. It's funny you should post this because I just saw on face book the read your bible in 90 day challenge. Ordinarily I'm not really in favour of speed reading through the bible but I can see how it would give a different taste. I just might have to commit to this. :001_smile:
  4. We celebrate St. Nick's day too. The kids just put their boots outside (that's how it was done when I was growing up). In the morning they'll gather their loot. (I'm thinking hanging stockings inside would be smarter given the very cold north wind blowing here tonight.:)) This is one tradition we have always kept and I love it.
  5. We've had some snow for about a month now. Today it's beautiful, sunny and cold (-8 C). I'm going to enjoy my afternoon run in the sun . . .
  6. We cut the cable (and don't have a signal to any free channels) at the beginning of June. We're very happy with our decision.
  7. I don't know if this has been mentioned but being well hydrated does help somewhat. Low consumption of water does seem to contribute to my skins moisture content. It's not a substitute for moisturizer but in addition to creams.
  8. We open gifts Christmas Eve which is our major celebration (German background). This is also how both my dh and I grew up. It's church, dinner (which is late on this night) then gifts. Christmas day morning is for sleeping in, nice brunch and then Christmas dinner.
  9. Happy birthday. That's wonderful news. I'll be praying that things work out for you guys.
  10. Hey if the world's ending in 2012 I guess I won't worry about our impending unemployment situation. :lol:
  11. Oh my I needed to hear your experience. I know I will have a tendency to loose my patience (because that's what I am good at) and I so don't want to. My dh is the best husband I could ever have asked for. I wouldn't trade him for anything. I am going to have to make a concerted effort to keep my mouth shut and (poor girl) do all my ranting and raving to my gf. Thanks for this advice.
  12. Thank you. I know you're going through the same thing. I am really trying to emphasize to him that we love him, not because of his job, but because of him. But I know his identity is wrapped up in his work and providing for us. Allowing me to stay home with the kids has been a priority for us and up until now has been possible. I know he's worrying that this might change. Thanks for your words and my thoughts are with you.
  13. Thanks. We're old enough to know this is true but you know how it is when you're going through it it's hard to see how the end is going to work out.
  14. Except in LOST . . . Oceanic Airlines . . .that's what popped into my mind when I read the thread this morning.
  15. Marie, thank you for these words. I do know God will provide. Honestly, financially, this is the first time we've been in this situation. We've trusted God in other areas of our lives (infertility) and have seen how wonderfully things have worked out in ways we couldn't imagine. It's hard though. We are so used to relying on ourselves. I am trying to immerse myself in scripture because I want to practice what we preach. There are a lot of people in our tiny town that don't have the hope we have and have situations way worse than ours. (But it's easy to revert to all that's wrong i
  16. I think you're absolutely right when you say don't offer advice. (I'm good at that :)). I will try and be more of a listener. Thanks for the advice.
  17. Wow 27 years. How are you making it financially with sporadic work (hope that isn't too personal a question)?
  18. It sounds like you know how I feel . . .crying, etc. Thanks for the encouraging words. I, in my heart, know this will work out for the better for us even though in the moment it's hard to see. I just wished my dh would have the same optimism. We would have to definitely rent out our home. The market here is flat . . . 535 layoffs at my dh's mill in a town of 8500 is devastating. And I'm sure there'll be spin off lay offs.
  19. My dh will loose his job (along with 535 other people in our small town) in February. The first couple weeks after the announcement he was handling it remarkably well but now I think the reality is sinking in and he's not coping so well. Not sleeping well, etc. I want to be a support and encouragement to him but our personalities are completely opposite. I'm more of a pull yourself together and start moving towards the future (you know give yourself a kick a the butt). I think he needs a bit more empathy or tender loving care from me. Any practical suggestions? Anyone btdt that ca
  20. :iagree: In fact, a Starbuck's person once told me the only mugs they have trouble with are the ones with handles.
  21. I love to burn candles in the winter. Usually this time of year someone hosts a partylite candle party and I buy my votives and tealights. Given my dh's impending unemployment I just cannot justify such a purchase. I'm wondering if there is another brand (hopefully one I can get here in Canada) that burns as nicely. Any suggestions?
  22. Cleaning the fridge. I can't stand that job. Fortunately my dh and I have an arrangement. The fridge is his baby. I'm not sure how that transpired. All I know is he has always been the fridge man. . . he's a keeper!
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