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  1. Monopoly.....AAAGGHHHH!!! But you are right. Maybe I can pass that one off to Dad. ;) I may need to just buy the extra practice pages. When we first moved to singapore, it was amazing how much it helped his math understanding. We seem to have just hit a block. He also tends to be my lazy kid, so lazy + math just doesn't make a great combo.
  2. Thank you everyone for your answers! I'm off to google all of these games & resources and to read the previous thread. Thank you!
  3. Funny, I hadn't even gotten to this point in reading the replies and I already replied to someone that I suggest dyscalculia with the youngest and I need to pursue testing. I am unsure as to how to even begin.....ugh.
  4. We use Singapore math. The 8 1/2 year old is in book 2B and the almost 11 year old is in 4A. We were using math u see until October of 2015, but changed because it did not work in any way, shape, or form for the younger, and was only so-so for the older. Singapore is a definite improvement. And to be honest, with the 8 year old it is more than just a "struggle with math." I'm very close to taking him in to be tested for discalculia. Today, looking at a number such as 138, he could not tell me "one hundred thirty eight." He has almost no number sense at all, and still writes 3s & 6s backwards. He is an excellent writer & speller & reader, with no letter reversals. I just don't even know where to begin to have him tested for that. If someone knows, chime in! The almost 11 year old has fine number sense, he just is not detail oriented and so makes silly mistakes. But his math understanding is excellent. Does that help?
  5. Help! I have two kids (boys, age 8 & 10) who still struggle with math. The 8 year old in particular just has absolutely no math sense and struggles with being overwhelmed with it. They are both a solid grade level if not more behind (some of that is due to just moving slow because I whole heartedly believe that most of math is developmental and we very much lean toward short lessons, but some is just because they are not math-y and struggle a bit). So, this year I am dubbing our summer the "summer of math!" I am looking for anything we can use to bolster their math skills & conceptual understanding. Games, fun math books, supplements, etc. Anyone have any great resources? Tell me anything & everything!
  6. Thanks so much everyone! Lots of good ideas. I don't think it's a severe need, it's just that I never had anyone model appropriate behavior/how to interact with others/how to have healthy friendships at all in my childhood. I have learned so much with as adult, but still feel awkward and completely unsuitable to be the one to help him through situations. *I* need help!! (And I've considered getting it...) My husband is a preacher of a 300+ person congregation and I thrive there and have no problem, but it is not natural for me and I have to think through everything which is just exhausting. I don't think that if you surveyed our congregation that anyone would consider me to be socially awkward, though. My son is a lot like me, and I would like to give him more help and support than I got. He is finishing his baseball season and we are looking into more extracurriculars for fall. There is an excellent speech group near which is high on our list. And I will definitely look into that book - thanks for the recommendation! Off to google classes now! (And improv - genius idea!)
  7. Interesting. What would a class this like even be called? How would I even google that? My 10 year old learns from reading in general, especially if he can read, then discuss and model secondly. He inputs best from the written word (which is why all the modeling and coaching we have done for 10 years now just hasn't helped!). It's how he learns sports techniques, etc.
  8. Is that an actual genre? Will she understand what I mean? I've never heard that reference before. (Just want to make sure the librarian would actually understand what I mean!)
  9. Hey all! (I feel so bad because I only ever get on here to post a question. But I know that you all would know!) I have a 10 year old boy who is not the greatest with interpersonal relationships. He is extremely outgoing and extroverted, but he doesn't understand the intricacies of friendships - mostly the give and take that relationships require, even in conversation. Does anyone have any helpful resources that I can use with him? I am not the best at personal relationships, either, so I can use all the help I can get! I know that there are a slew of books for girls about these topics (like all of those American Girl guides), but do those exist for boys? I am at such a loss as to how to help him learn to be a friend and how to connect with people. Coming from a background where there are a few narcissists in my family, I am probably being overly sensitive to his quirks, I realize. Thanks for any advice you can give me!
  10. As much as I have poured over their heigh requirements, I missed that phone number completely! I'll have to call tomorrow. Thank you!
  11. We are planning a trip to SDC in the near-ish future, but I have a question that I cannot find the answer to. Several of their rides say "48 inches" BUT "guests taller than 42 inches can ride with a supervising companion." For some of the rides I have 3 kids that fall into that middle range - too short to ride independently, but can ride with an adult. So, here's my question - can one adult supervise multiple kids on a ride? Legoland drives me batty for this very reason - my husband and I have never been able to take our four children alone - we have to find other adults to go with us because they have a one to one rule - one adult can only supervise one kid. (WOW! That was a lot of hyphens!) Are we gonna get stuck if we take them to Silver Dollar City in the same type of situation? We will have 4 kids and 2 adults. The oldest child is finally tall enough to ride everything independently. Will my husband and I be able to take the three in between kids or are we going to have to continuously switch on and off. (And Legoland in Florida doesn't even have rider swapping - MOST ANNOYING THEME PARK EVER) Thanks to anyone who can answer this question for me!! And I'm sorry if this doesn't make any sense, please ask for clarification if I've muddled it all up. =)
  12. Sorry! I should have specified - this one: Although I'm pretty sure that we have friends that have worked pretty closely with the one in Glen Rose. That would be neat to go to, as well! Someone upthread mentioned the Ark Encounter - it opens this summer, so we are planning to do the Ark Encounter & the Creation Museum together. Thanks to everyone for the great responses! I'm off to start googling some more now.
  13. Okay - I know that people feel strongly about the Creation Museum. I am NOT looking to debate it. I am asking for help in planning a trip to visit it. So, if you don't support the existence of the Creation Museum, this probably isn't the thread for you. :001_smile: I only ask here because I know that there probably ARE boardies who have visited or at the very least live in the area and can help me out. We are planning a trip in the fall, but have never been to that part of the country before. I have some questions and need your advice. 1) Would September or October be a better time to visit? Or even November? 2) Is there anything else interesting to do in the general area (within a 3 hour radius)? We have at least a week to spend, so we would like to see anything else of interest in the area. Historical sites, museums, nature sites, cultural sites, etc. Anything! We are coming from the Memphis area, so anything in between would work, too. 3) Where would be the best place to look for lodging? What town? We are also wanting to visit the new ark encounter. Thanks everyone!
  14. The whole Vision Forum/patriarchal thing comes to mind. For a few years there, VF & their ilk were everywhere at conventions. Wheat mills. Not homeschooling, per say, but everyone had to have one. Classical Conversations is a trend happening now that I can't wait to see die. I know many who love CC, and all of my best friends do CC, but it annoys me to death. Mostly because it has become everyone's homeschool group, so it has made it hard to find a homeschool group that is active. We've lived in two states, and in both places we had these issues. Everyone who wants a homeschool group joins CC. So many people are joining just FOR THE GROUP and could care less about the curriculum, or even worse, isn't a fan of the curriculum, but they want the community. Plus, I can't say that I find it classical in the true sense of classical education. And these hybrid schools where students are in a B&M a day or two a week, then at home the other days. CC & these hybrid models annoy me because they send the message to homeschooling parents that they aren't good enough and can't do it without some company lifting them up. Blech. (I really don't mean to offend. I'm having a bit of a snippy night and it's coming through my writing. I have a sister-in-law that rocks the Classical Conversations model. For her, it's great. But as a whole, I don't like the message it sends to homeschoolers.)
  15. A couple of weekends ago at a homeschool conference I heard of brain training. They had THREE different speakers giving talks regarding brain training. And another company there as well. Then last week, I pull into our local outdoor mall, and one of the companies has a center at the mall (it was LearningRX for the curious). I found it fascinating, but not entirely convinced. Does anyone have any experience with brain training? Any information? Any articles you've read on it saying yes it works, or no, it's bogus? I just found it so odd that there were so many brain trainers for speakers. Is this the new "trend?"
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