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  1. https://smittenkitchen.com/2014/01/chicken-pho/ This is our favourite. I've been making it for years. Yum!
  2. Thank you all for your kind comments. My daughter is doing very well although we recently talked about the trauma and stress she endured living with FASD kids. But she is a wise girl and told me that despite the stress there were many positives learning to live with people who need extra support. We have suffered a lot but I'm glad my husband and I decided to embark on this parenting journey rather than insulate ourselves from the pain that comes with parenting special needs kids. I mean, we were naive when we adopted our kids but maybe that's okay too. We appreciate all the prayer
  3. "let him go" is not exactly how it all went down. He decided to go and was an age where we couldn't stop him. We also received professional council that advised us not to fight him. We did not buy him a plane ticket to go so we didn't make it easy for him. Reactive Attachment Disorder means regular parenting techniques don't apply. I can tell you as a parent you can spend a lot of time "would have, could have, should have"ing but the reality is we did the best we could, with the information we had for the circumstances we were presented.
  4. Good morning everyone. I do have a bit of an update. My last update had my son living with my niece and family. Interesting one of my final posts on this topic talked about my niece implying we were the problem for my son. On Boxing day that year we got a phone call from my niece screaming that my son had gotten into an altercation with her husband (hmm, hmm) and broke her husband's glasses. Well by then six months had passed and honestly we didn't really know what to do. So, i called social services, who's advice we had been taking all along and told them they had to find emergency s
  5. And all this followed a very stressful week. I kind of feel beat up today. :)
  6. Well, this is our first time experiencing the phenomena....you drive through snow (we had a 4x4) eventually hitting a patch so deep you're ascending the pile and then you're stuck. Some or all tires don't hit ground. In our case when the snow stopped we had to use a personal snowblower around vehicle and then it had to be winched out. And that was only day one of storm. :)
  7. Only the idea is romantic...reality is no power means cold....cold house, cold food, dark. No outside communication. :) High centered? The vehicle's under carriage is on a pile of snow, and tires not touching ground. You can't move.
  8. Our small town was hit with a major snowstorm. Now as a qualifier, the name of our town translates to "people of the snow", so we're accustomed to big snowfalls. But this was spectacular. On top of which our house lost power for two days....I learned I'm not inclined to be a pioneer woman :). Some areas lost power for three days. Our vehicles were high centered on our road. It was crazy. But our town pulled together to help those in need. I'm exhausted. I work in the emergency operations centre which was activated all weekend. Today is a stat holiday in our province ...I hope I can
  9. We have one...she's the second one we've had. We love them! But they do come with a caution tag: they have short life spans (although our girl is 9 and going strong, our first one died at five of cancer prominent in breed). Ours is very loyal. We can leave her off lead, and untied in yard, she'd never run away. She thinks she's a lap dog. Loves to hug us....every time she greets us :). She sits on our feet. I would get another. But we love our yellow lab and our small mut lap dog too. :)
  10. Low carb, high fat greatly improved my numbers.
  11. My Dr told me to go low carb high fat in June for six weeks. I asked him what happens after six weeks. He told me I'd love the plan so much I'd keep doing it. That is true. I've lost 37 pounds. But more importantly I like how I feel. (And all my blood numbers are stellar.) I eat very low carb...averaging 30 - 50 g daily. But I eat veggies every day. Drink my red wine. Eat some dark chocolate. Eat berries and occasionally share an apple with my daughter. I think the principle is excellent but every body has to tweak things for their own body.
  12. I had to vote yes because I have an 18 year old son with expensive taste...so I wrapped his boxers. :)
  13. http://www.ligonier.org/tabletalk/ The best. You can get digital or paper. I've subscribed for years. (Disclaimer: I love RC Sproul. But devotional has several authors.)
  14. I have not read any responses but I just wanted to say I just came back from a business trip to the Middle East. Honestly I don't think people here recognize the freedoms we have as women, in choice of religious expression, etc. I guess the perils of having these freedoms is having to tolerate other people's expressions. It's been my experience this is not limited to conservative Christians.
  15. I use Canesten cream in my dog's ear when I suspect yeast infection which sounds like what might be happening with your dog's feet. It works super well.
  16. This is our family's favorite holiday tradition. Even with big kids we enjoy this holiday a lot.
  17. It's awful. My boys have FASD which spins off into ODD, RAD, intellectual disabilities. . . .but they look "normal". They are 17 and 18. The world has expectations of them they can never meet. So they're often in trouble and under stress. It's so hurtful to hear ignorant comments. Often I just try and ignore them.
  18. This is us. Our adopted boy left July 4, 2013 for a five day visit to see his birthmom who he found on Facebook two months before he left. We haven't seen him since. In January he decided he wanted to terminate our guardianship. That happened in May. It is unbelievably painful. (By the way this was not because we were abusive parents, etc. our boy has diagnosed reactive attachment disorder.) He just turned 17. You sound like a great friend which is the best gift. If you want to do something I'd say meals or gift cards for meals. Sometimes the grief is exhausting. (If your friend
  19. On a side note, Canada is a large country. I live in northwestern British Columbia that sports a mild coastal climate. We can get lots of snow for sure but temperatures in dead of winter are usually no colder than one or two degrees below freezing. From watching news, I know many parts of the United States get much colder weather than we do in our neck of Canada. Extreme cold for us would be -10 to -15 C (5 to 14 F) and that would be for a week or two each winter. Even so, boots and a winter coat are a must. :)
  20. Low carb only works well if you also go high fat. For example, your low fat Greek yogurt should be substituted with full fat. I've been doing this since June. I'm 49. I've lost 25 lbs. I'm never hungry and never have cravings. Who knows how it'll all turn out but I believe I can live this way as a lifestyle. I'm challenged by an extremely stressful life (special needs kids) and I Travel a lot for business so I do understand your challenges. It's not easy to make the change initially but it gets much easier.
  21. I'm old :) and have been overweight my whole life. I started LCHF in June on advice from dr when I complained about not being able to lose weight. It was hard the first month....I felt yucky which if attribute to the withdrawal of sugar. Now my diet consists of eggs, salads, veggies, berries, meat, fat, etc. I eat a lot of veggies...I think a lot of people think LC means no veggies or fruit. I do limit fruit but usually eat berries most days. An apple here and there. Dark chocolate most days and even a glass of wine for dinner often. The reason it works for me I believe is the ad
  22. Indian born, Canadian author Rohinton Mistry has written several great novels. Not sure if this fits your criteria? His novels are not about Canada rather India.
  23. I agree. I've just adopted low carb high fat.....on my dr's advice. And heart disease runs in my family. I try between 20-50 grams daily. Watch Fathead documentary. It's eye opening.
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