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  1. I totally agree about watching the friends list and checking up on their site. Man, yesterday I was thinking how much easier my parents had it . . . one channel on t.v., no internet, one phone line, no cell phone . . . of course I still managed to get into trouble. :001_smile:
  2. Don't misunderstand, I have replied exactly in the ways you described above, especially the comment about other parents not doing their job. He just knows how often I search these boards so he said "go ahead and ask the WTM people". So I did. I'm thinking facebook is going to be a no go for awhile longer.
  3. Okay so I've read your responses. Thanks. You know deep in my heart I don't this boy should have facebook and I think this is going to be one of those tough parenting decisions (tough because he's going to argue about it). I agree with people who say it's less about trusting him and more about not trusting others.
  4. Actually I do agree with this and have told him that if he can't understand the rules and argues about them, then it's a no go.
  5. My 13 yr ds wants facebook. I'm considering this. My rules include time limits and complete access to his account. He thinks this is "stupid" and that no other parents with kids his age would require such restrictions. Am I being unreasonable? Should I allow this boy computer access without supervision? (I know the answer to this question and won't change my mind. I just want him to see that we're not the only parents with concerns about the computer.)
  6. My son has a sensitivity to red food dye. The item that popped off your list was the strawberry cream cheese . . . could it have red food dye in it?
  7. I also have running induced pf. I suffered for a long time. I have now successfully alleviated the pain associated with pf by diligent stretching and a cheap insole (Happy Feet $40). I can't believe the difference stretching my calf muscles and Achilles tendon has made.
  8. We feed Orijen. Our dogs love it and their coats are lovely.
  9. My husband is a heavy equipment operator although he has also worked in the stores department of the mill that's shutting down (he's at a pulp and paper mill). We are exploring other options though and I am trying to tell him to look at this as an opportunity to maybe do something different (although I do understand that after all those years doing a job it's hard to think of something different).
  10. Count me in. My dh will be out of work in February (after 21 years). He said it's a weird feeling looking for work after all those years. I too am trying to figure out what I can do to help. We will continue to homeschool the kids so I would love to try something at home or out of my home. I'm open to ideas. While we don't want to move, we will move if necessary. This is such a surreal experience.
  11. :iagree: (Except the medical insurance. We're in Canada. Although I'd like extended benefits.)
  12. Well my kids are 12 and 13 and we haven't done that yet. I might allow a drop off at the mall (but I live in a town of 8000) with strict boundaries like I'll pick you up in an hour or so. I might allow going to the movie and picking them up right after but I kind of have a no hanging around rule (other than at someone's home). But we haven't done either yet.
  13. I'm praying for you tonight. It's hard not to be scared when little ones are sick. I will pray for a speedy recovery from this illness.
  14. He is really 12 today but I like your idea of not allowing any more. Next year I'll have three teens!
  15. Michelle, I know exactly how you're feeling. It is such a shock to the system, even if there's foreknowledge that it might happen. I had such a hard time sleeping the first nights, which of course does not help things. Then when morning came I didn't really want to wake up to the reality of our situation. It is so important to take care of yourself (I know that's easier said than done). I dropped 5 pounds in three days (which ordinarily would make me very happy) but I didn't want to succumb to the flu which was in our home. Try to live one day at a time and avoid the "what if" pitfa
  16. It is so interesting how many people are in this situation. You know I honestly never thought we'd be in here. The community I live in was built in the early '50's as an industrial town. My parents came here in '54 at the very start of this town. My mom was telling me how much hope there was. They had immigrated from Germany. Crossed the Atlantic (two weeks on a ship in rough waters) with two young children. Didn't speak a word of English. Moved to, what my mom said felt like the end of the world, where this new community was being developed. New town being carved out of the wildernes
  17. Okay this brought tears to my eyes. I am glad I'm being an inspiration today for you. I am sure I will have blue days too. It is very scary for me. I am a control freak and this is not fitting my check list. :) Praying for you. :grouphug:
  18. Today I feel strong, tomorrow maybe not so much. That's how it seems to go. At first I wondered how we could go on with our normal life but, of course, as time goes on, you realize that you have to given that we have three kids to feed, educate and show them how to behave in tough times (that's not always so easy). I will keep you in our prayers and thoughts. The one thing I quickly realized is how much money we spend frivolously. I don't know why we needed this situation to point that out. I know many, many people have walked our path and much worse. I also know that through adve
  19. Our population now is around 8500. 563 people are loosing their jobs directly which some estimate will result in another 1500 indirect losses. I was born here and when I was young our population was over 13 000. We are at the end of the road. My dh works until Feb. 17 so we did get a wee bit of notice. He's been there 21 years. Oh did I mention we like to live here. Moving would not be our first choice but whatever is necessary, we'll do.
  20. The first days were rough as I wrestled with what are we going to do. Then there were a few days of roller coaster rides . . . from excitement at all the possibilities to doom and gloom at all the impossibilities. Now we're settling into some reality. We still have no plan, other than to cut back on expenses now and stock pile some supplies. We own our home here and think we should try and make a go of it here although the economic conditions in our town are dismal. We're talking about all the options . . . finding other work, starting our own business (we never thought about that)
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