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  1. We're considering the following online camps: Great Books Summer Program: https://www.greatbookssummer.com/gbo/ iDTech: https://www.idtech.com/ C&! : https://campersand.org/
  2. Signed up for the math - will see how it goes! Thks
  3. Any recommendations for online high school science classes? My son's finishing up Physics at Athena's Academy, he enjoys their classes but he's ready for something more challenging for this next school year. I'm fine doing the labs at home, I just prefer to continue the online class model as it keeps us on track :P I'm also open to "talent search" programs, he already takes classes at CTD Northwestern. TIA!
  4. I wasn't approved either, I presume it's because it was too close to the app's release date. It looks like they weren't overly fussed about feedback anyway.
  5. I'm not sure if I'm looking at the schedule correctly, are classes offered just once a week on Mondays?
  6. My kids also use fountain pens when they learn cursive, you can use them with any program. We use New American Cursive by Memoria Press, it's a simplified cursive with less loops but remains nice looking.
  7. My son got first place (3rd yr in a row) and my daughter didn't place (her first math competition). Yes, those who achieve 100% on the initial test are invited to the grand prize tie-breaker event. It is way more challenging and there's no way to prepare for it sadly... last year it involved a rubik's cube for example.
  8. Lively Latin does online classes, we have no experience with it though. I think they're aimed at middle schoolers but it might be worth looking at: http://www.livelylatin.com/new-bb-1-2-live-online-course/
  9. I highly recommend arTree digital magazine, each monthly issue is focused on a different theme (usually it's on a specific painter & season aligned). It includes plenty of project ideas, background information on the painter, techniques explained, etc. I usually just gather the materials (nothing that's hard to find) and my kids can follow the instructions by themselves easily as it includes photos that show the process. There's a sample mag available here: https://artreekids.com/magazine/issues/sample/to give you a better idea. The only downside is that it's digital... so I just print out the pages that have projects that the kids want to do. A big benefit though is that it's super cheap... it's only $10 for the year.
  10. We use a VPN to watch French TV channel replays. We currently use hola.org (it's free) and watch cartoon replays mainly on tf1.fr
  11. Same here! My son has been really into stop motion since then and he's also been submitting his movies on DIY.org for the Animator patch :D He also used the Motor crate project towards the Physicist patch.
  12. I can give my opinion on the crates now, we love them!! I'm surprised by the negative review above to be honest, I keep seeing positive reviews on various homeschool Facebook groups. The materials seem well made to us (I love that the crates include all the materials you'll need), the instructions were nice and clear. My son could build the projects by himself successfully. My favorite part of the crates is the magazine included, it gives explanations as well as ideas for other projects (this keeps my kid busy for a while longer). I also find their customer service team very efficient. I contacted them on several occasions and they always replied within 24hrs and were very accommodating. For example, my son really wanted the Motor crate, this is an old crate so technically he wasn't going to be receiving it, however, customer service were happy to send it to him instead of the current crate. :D I also went through the cancellation process with their Kiwi Crate and it went through smoothly with no issues and no explanation was requested (we had ordered a Kiwi Crate to try with our youngest with the $10 off, the crate/project was fine but we didn't plan on continuing since we have plenty of craft kits for her already). So yeah, from what I've seen so far, I highly recommend Tinker Crates. For those who are hesitating: you can always give one box a try using the ref link and only pay $10 for it.
  13. We've not tried the RasPi yet, just the Arduino, but I was looking at their website earlier today and came across some good lesson plans on: http://www.raspberrypi.org/resources/teach/
  14. You're totally right, and I do pin great ideas I come across. The problem is that I never get around to doing them :lol: as it usually involves going to several shops for just 1 project or paying expensive shipping online. At around $16/mth including delivery, it doesn't sound too bad & I know I'll actually get it done :P Guess we'll see how DS finds the boxes when they start arriving. I highly recommend registering as an official Curiosity Hacked guild, it's easy as you just need a volunteer & a location. Along other things it will give you liability insurance... and with soldering etc involved, it's better to plan for the "what ifs".
  15. :lol: Well she's an impressive kid! You can tell her that John William says Hi :001_smile: (they were in SOTW3 together).
  16. Sadly it seems to be US only, though it seems like these type of membership boxes are gaining popularity so there'll probably be a company doing this in Australia soon too. It looks like the Tinker Crates are more STEM-y oriented, as they also have the Doodle Crate which is the crafts oriented one. The videos they've posted on Youtube don't make their Tinker projects look crafty (no glue & cutting involved, that would drive my DS nuts lol).
  17. Totally off topic, but you don't happen to be A's mom (on Athena Academy)? I'm not stalking :P Just read your post thinking this has to be the same kid.
  18. Yeah that makes sense, I'm hoping my DD will get some use out of them too but I guess that will depend from kit to kit. Kiwi Crates have been around for a while but their Tinker version seems to be rather new. So far I've found crate details on the trebuchet, electric motor and it looks like the newest one was a Zoetrope.
  19. That's awesome to hear! Do you think the projects could be pulled apart and built again by a sibling?
  20. For those who have kids that like to Tinker: I've recently discovered Tinker Crate, it looks awesome! They're monthly STEM projects (includes all materials) & a magazine too. Looking at their YouTube page you can see full tutorials to some of their projects like a Trebuchet & an Electric Motor (links below). It's recommended for ages 9+ but I'm sure that plenty of younger kids on here would love them too. The cost seems very reasonable, $19.99 per month or it goes down to around $16 per month if you subscribe for a year (delivery is included in their prices). I couldn't find any valid discount codes but they currently offer $10 if you're referred (so you can try the first box at half price), our link is: http://tinker.kiwicrate.com/Refer?i=DamianA(this gives my son $10 off too), their normal link is: http://tinker.kiwicrate.com but that doesn't give any discounts. My son's decided to use his bday & xmas money on a subscription so I can give you more details when he starts receiving his crates if anyone's interested in more info. I'm looking forward to adding these projects to our curriculum. Also, if your kid is into this kind of stuff I highly recommend checking out Curiosity Hacked (aka Hacker Scouts) groups. EDIT: we've received a couple crates already so I've done a review on post #24.
  21. Science Jim is secular. To make searching easier, once you're on the sale's page you can narrow down results by clicking on "World View" on the left then select "Non Faith Based".
  22. I've seen recommendations for this secular homeschool planner on a few facebook groups: http://www.currclick.com/product/91522/Homeschool-Planner-20142015 It looks great :D
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