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  1. I never said either was wrong - just different.
  2. But also in military lingo, many Brits find it odd that Americans pronounce lieutenant as lootenant, which is how it's spelled!
  3. Mischievous. Probably because no-one knows how to spell it either.
  4. After 16 years, we still have a quite a lot of wedding presents in use (we got 2 Scrabble sets IIRC!) but the most surprising one has to be the bread maker, which as made at least one loaf a week since my uncle and aunt bought it for us. It's showing a few signs of wear, but really still going strong. We also have a few hand-me-down towels from my parents that were *their* wedding presents 47 years ago! They're in our not-best-but-not-rags-yet pile of towels.
  5. I think that's two separate courses for dinner - fish and veg followed by pancakes!
  6. The interesting thing is that Facebook know it's an offensive word, and potentially flags it up to users as being offensive. I just came across this article: Facebook apologises for flagging Plymouth Hoe as offensive term (Sorry for the huge font!) Quotation from the article: One Facebook user claimed they had their comment removed on several occasions and added: “Now I am writing Oe.” Another said: “Someone asked me where I swam in Plymouth and I replied “Plymouth H O E. I got told off for bad language and could not comment for two days.” A third added that w
  7. She really did win the popular vote, just not the electoral college.
  8. Are you able to take this medication with food, or is it supposed to be on an empty stomach? We taught my little sister to swallow pills starting with ones you could take at meal time, and she would chew up a mouthful of cookie, then pop the pill in and swallow the lot. Might be worth trying?
  9. Or even more! I have 6 (two top each side, one bottom each side).
  10. Our stockings are hung by the fireplace so once the kids have been in bed for half an hour or so, I can deal with them and we can go to bed! Much easier than if they are in bedrooms 😉
  11. My fairly petite 11 year old (who has, nevertheless, grown a lot in 2020) is 4' 6".
  12. Mine got phones at 8, because that's the age we let them walk themselves to local activities (music lessons, swimming lessons etc.) I felt they needed a phone to be able to call me - when I was that age I used public payphones, but those really don't exist here any more. They haven't often needed them, but it gives me peace of mind. And when my DD caught the bus to dance class aged 10 it was super useful.
  13. I have 6 wisdom teeth! Two on top, one below on each side. The lower ones are slightly impacted, but none of them cause me any problems, and I can clean them just fine. My dentist is of the opinion that they can stay unless and until they cause a problem, no point yanking them out for the fun of it.
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