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  1. I like to serve with cheesy baked croutons, following this recipe:
  2. My kids requested watching "A Muppet Christmas Carol" tomorrow so they can sing the song about "only one more sleeping till Christmas"! Firm favourite at our house. Though we also watched "The Snowman" and the sequel the other day. "The Snowman" was a favourite of my childhood - it came out the year I was born.
  3. We've just received today a short ballet barre for DD. Ordered from a Germany company, and shipped from Poland to the UK. It also came in a rather long thin box!
  4. We had to do it in flood conditions! The water treatment works flooded, so we had no running water. Since "flushing" required getting a bucket of water from the water butt in the garden you didn't flush unless truly necessary.
  5. You just mow it in lines! The mower slightly flattens the grass in the direction of travel so if you go up and back you get stripes. We even get a small stripe effect when DH mows our lawns at home.
  6. I actually do have a family tiara I wore at my wedding! I don't think I'll watch though, in case I wore it wrong. (I thought it looked lovely.) It'll live in the bank safe deposit box until the next family wedding.
  7. In the UK I think most schools have a "Head Teacher" now. There are definitely schools that still use Headmistress though.
  8. Here in the UK supermarket plastic bags are almost square; I fold them in half repeatedly one way then the other, until they are about 2 x 4 inches, and stick an elastic band around them.
  9. Me three! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who misread that! Where I live in the UK most parades are military, so garbage trucks in them would be very weird.
  10. My mum has difficulty with mixing up my sister's name and my daughter's name. That's better than her mother though, who used to mix up her son and the cat's names!
  11. My 8 year old has a PAYG smartphone (my sister's old handset) because she walks herself to and some of her clubs and music lessons, and she can call me if there's a problem or something changes. There are no payphones anywhere here anymore, so she can't go out with 10p for the phone like I did at that age. She has data turned off, so it's mostly a dumb phone with WiFi in our house.
  12. I love when I have leftover mashed potatoes to make potato farls. I never make them otherwise, as it seems too long-winded a process if you need to cook the potatoes first!
  13. A document that has clearly not been proofread! In the second sentence: 'we say "sir and miss" to teachers' makes no sense. I'd've thought anyone who addressed their teacher as "sir and miss" would be straight in detention! (Plus, when I was at school "Sir" or "Miss" was rude, you used teachers' names, e.g. Mr Smith, Mrs Jones.)
  14. We've recently given my 8yo one for her birthday, as she is now allowed to walk herself to swim club, piano lessons etc. in the neighbourhood. That way she can contact us if required. It's a secondhand phone (my sister's old one) and is PAYG with data switched off. Too early to be sure, but it seems to be working ok so far. She only takes it when she needs it, and she's even remembering to charge it!
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