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  1. Even if the HOA says yes via email, I'd want some assurance that the decision is legally binding and holds until you get around to buying and building.
  2. Lanny: I'm going to politely ask you again to edit your previous posts to correct the name of the crashed airplane type. The name of the type of plane that has been grounded is the 737 Max 8 and the 737 Max 9. There is but a single digit after the "Max", not a three digit number. I know that many types and numbers sound similar, but accuracy is important here. Your errors are confusing and scaring people. Could you please make this change instead of posting the exact same link for the fourth time in this one thread?
  3. I don't have a strong opinion on this, but I do remember a friend in college whose first "real job" out of college paid monthly. This was a bit of a challenge for her, as she had a lot of expenses associated with starting out, but had to wait four weeks before her first paycheck.
  4. Lanny: Can you please get the name of the afflicted aircraft correct? Your continuing errors are confusing and frightening people needlessly. Please edit your prior posts to reflect the correct name of these planes. There is no such model as a Boeing 737 800 Max or 737 900 Max. You are confusing two different aircraft names. There do exist Boeing 737-700, 737-800 and 737-900. These are much older planes that have been in use for over a decade, are are considered safe. For example, Southwest airlines has hundreds of them, flies thousands of flights a day, and has had few incidents in the last decades. They continue to fly today, and do not have the software system that is suspected to cause the problem on the crashed planes. The planes that crashed, and are now grounded, are the 737-Max 8. The somewhat larger 737-Max 9 hasn't crashed, but is suspected to have similar problems. All of these have been grounded. Note the one digit 8 or 9 in their name.
  5. If the classroom-with-blackboard method is so ineffective for teaching, why is it the primary method for most colleges, including the super-expensive Ivies?
  6. GGardner


    I feel like, when I was growing up, there were more public service announcements, and maybe more general awareness about poison control centers. Seems like a lot of folks now don't know about poision control centers as much as they used to. And I wanted to agree and reinforce that these folks are the nicest people, and are the best at handling the emergencies-to-me.
  7. I'd like to add my voice to those who say he should resign, and he should feel no shame in doing so. He is being set up to fail, and I don't think it is his fault he is falling asleep. The management is being completely negligent in hiring to do a job that many normal people would fall asleep doing. In addition to all of the above things, I'd point out that if this is a small indoor pool, I've been in many that have terrible, terrible air quality. Often, the room isn't big enough to have enough natural air circulation, and they rarely have enough fans or vents to bring in enough fresh air. The air quality may be another factor contributing to his falling asleep, especially if he has to breath the air for eight hours without much of a break.
  8. The unschoolers wouldn't bother to show up to the fight...
  9. Perhaps LL Bean's $50 Million a year in fraudulent returns is part of the reason their prices are higher than sellers who don't have an unlimited return policy.
  10. According to wikipedia (, there were 7 school shooting fatalities in 2016, including suicides. According to IIHS (, there were 723 fatalties of kids under 13 in car accidents in the US in 2016. So, in 2016, a child was > 100 times more likely to die in a car accident than a school shooting. Surprising data to me -- only 34 kids under 13 were killed riding bicycles. I would have thought that to be higher: in 1975, this happened to more than 400 kids.
  11. LIfeguarding can be a great job for the right kid. It is, however, unbelievable to me in my old age, how little we pay lifeguards compared to the responsibility we ask of them. Around here, summer teen lifeguards are paid roughly the same as fast food workers.
  12. I thought this article about how German doctors have a different approach to pain management ("pain is part of life"), and don't prescribe opioids after hysterectomies was eye-opening:
  13. I think if he enjoys writing, and is good at it, it is great that he wants to investigate pursuing that as a career. However, I would encourage him to think about careers that involve writing, and to consider that "writing" isn't a career. "Novelist" could be a career, as could "editor" or "technical writer", or "grant writer", or "reviewer" or any one of many careers that use writing. Some things to consider. A lot of these writing careers require a lot of interaction with people to figure out what to write or edit. Is that a good fit for him? Also, in all honesty, the fact that he doesn't like to read is a bit of a red flag. If his goal is to be a published author, I think there are very few who aren't avid readers.
  14. I think the last time we talked about this, it was from this today show segment: An illuminating quote jumped out at me: "Seth was motivated by his brother Keith's success. Keith is just down the hall, studying finite mathematics, a college senior -- at 14" Finite math is basically high school level math, I think it counts as remedial math for stem-type majors, so having a "college senior" taking it at 14 seems not terribly advanced. At this university, the prereq for finite math is high-school level algebra. ETA: Well, that's odd, this book is a different book about a family of 6 sending their all their kids to college early.
  15. Oh good lord. That's not raw meat, that's Jamon Serrano dry curing: This is a delicacy you'll see all over Spain. The cups are to catch the fat as the meat cures.
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