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  1. Something my Dad taught me, which has always stuck with me, is that no one actually has the absolute "right of way" when driving. There are all kinds of rules about who needs to yield the right of way, but that doesn't mean that you should plow your car into someone if can be avoided, even if they made a mistake. I assume this is true in all states, but who knows. I think your case may be particularly tricky if the E-W road is a divided highway, or if it is otherwise wide enough that it is hard to see when the Southbound car arrived from a Northbound car or vice versa. However, I
  2. I would find a sentence or two that seems very specific to that book, and type that into google books to see if it can find out what the book is.
  3. The aftermath of the US Civil War had a profound impact on many. Oliver Wendell Holmes, the US Supreme Court Chief Justice, and Civil War veteran said "Certitude leads to violence". I feel like we are in an age of too much certitude.
  4. Why is this hard to believe? The Story of the World is about the rise and fall of one superpower after another. Every single one as fallen. Some last longer than others, but they all fall. I think advancing technology and communication hastens both the rise and the fall.
  5. Hoping that things get better for all y'all soon. Shocking to think that before smoking bans were universal (are they?), many bars would have an AQI more than 300 on a regular basis.
  6. OMG, that could be the plot of your next book -- romance writer doing research for her next book contacts hunky firefighter for background info and ... 🙂
  7. Love the escapism this post has given me. I might turn the question around though. I'm pretty sure there's something interesting to see in any city of any size in the United States, if only for a day or two. So, while I love going to art museums, seeing a bunch in a row might get tedious and repetitive. So, instead, I might think about the things my family might like to do on a trip: See Museums, go shopping, attend professional sports, fine or otherwise interesting dining, theater, visit historical sites, architecture, etc. Then, for each of these activities, find three of each that
  8. Another good article about LU from the Wall Street Journal: https://www.wsj.com/articles/after-jerry-falwell-jr-a-reckoning-for-liberty-university-11599384600 This confirms what I has guessed earlier -- LU's board was completely hands-off. They only met twice a year, each for three hours. Several board members resigned years ago when they saw that they were given responsibility but no authority, and were replaced by those would be quiet. I wonder how many other large institutions operate this way?
  9. Seems like this story isn't going to end any time soon -- The newly appointed, interim president had to tell Liberty employees to stop answering Jerry Fallwell's phone calls during work hours: https://www.newsweek.com/jerry-falwell-jr-allegedly-made-uncomfortable-calls-liberty-university-staff-1529914. Also, his older son and his brother are still on the board, with the son holding the position of Vice President of University Support Services. This position "works directly with the COO and president to identify and execute opportunities for growth, improved productivity, and o
  10. Why wouldn't they hang it from the monolith?
  11. Totally agree with the above, and it goes way, way back. I love the poetry of Shakespeare's language, but some of his plots -- The Winter's Tale, Much Ado about Nothing, etc. -- what the heck?
  12. I'm not sure that the low-end chromebooks that most student are given have enough oomph to do virtual backgrounds
  13. I'm a super private person, and I *hate* the forced intimacy that online schooling with mandatory web cameras is creating. There's nothing illegal going on in my bedroom, but I sure don't want to share images from my bedroom with arbitrary people. But that's what a lot of schools are forcing kids to do.
  14. Go on.... I assume there's one code for the students, which is enforced, and another for those in charge?
  15. Have you considered building a monolith in your front yard to house the fridge and icemaker?
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