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  1. I think that's very unhealthy for both you and your children. I think it's good for children to be apart from their parents for a little bit and to experience a few things on their own. It helps with their growing up process and makes it a lot easier for them to leave the nest when it's time to head to college or other post education opportunity.
  2. They will be fine. Go, have a good time! Sounds like a wonderful opportunity. We traveled 2 times abroad when our kids were younger than that. They were fine. We were fine. Grandparents were fine.
  3. After reading this post from the oldest's third grade classmate --, how can one be calling for more homeschooling regulations? Some of the children were in public school at one time. The classmate talks about how she smelled like poop everyday. How did this teacher not intervene then? And worse, instead of intervening, she picked on her also. How was CPS not called them? Those that are saying they got by with this because they were homeschooled and we need more intervention for homeschoolers are missing that these children were at one time in the public schools and were failed by that system. There were just awful people (monsters) and it shows that no matter where those kids were -- public school, private school, homeschool -- they were going to be abused.
  4. I've only been on Norwegian. I was impressed with them and would cruise again with them, if I had the chance.
  5. I read that in a couple of different articles yesterday about this case. Here's one about the parents living in a separate house in Texas from the children --
  6. Poor thing. It's awful to not feel good when you're that are away from home. I had terrible stomach issues my junior year of college. I lost a ton of weight and was terribly sick. The doctors finally just said IBS and gave me some pills. I finally started feeling better and gained some weight, but had flare ups every so often. However, I started taking magnesium last summer and haven't had any issues since then. I would send your daughter some of this to put on her feet at night before bed. It's quick and easy to do and aids with digestion. Magnesium also helps with stress and sleep, which would help her to function better all around. I hope she feels better soon.
  7. a 1/2 hour or less We had no idea we needed them when we were at the airport last July to head to Sydney, Australia. The airline attendant was checking us in and asked for our visa. Had no clue what she was talking about. We were able to apply online at the airport and get confirmation for all of us within a 1/2 hour. Thank goodness it was an extremely short time frame or we would have been in a lot of trouble.
  8. I've been on three cruises. All with Norweigien. I don't have anything to compare to, but I thought they did a fantastic job. There were some restaurants that were an extra charge, but for the most part, everything on board was included, except pop and alcohol. The excursions were extra, but they weren't extremely high priced. There are a range of prices of excursions at each port. You could skip excursions and site see on your own or find a beach to lay on during the time in port. I personally couldn't imagine going on a cruise and not going on a few excursions or not getting off the boat. I didn't think there was enough to do on the boat to keep me busy the entire time. There were shows, but they were only in the evening, after we were back from port. There was a pool, but for our Alaskan cruise, it was chilly, so I didn't want to swim on the boat.
  9. I think they are ok, IF they are with a personal thank you note. If it's just a picture of the couple (or the grad) with the word thanks printed on it, then no.
  10. Thick chili and the Instant Pot do not go well together. If your liquid isn't thin enough, it can't create steam and without steam the instant pot can't cook. Tomatoes are also tricky in the Instant Pot. They have a lot of sugar in them and have the potential to burn. Sounds like the 1 cup of water you added still wasn't enough thin liquid for the IP to work, which gave you the burn notice again.
  11. But, right now it's causing hard feelings with you. They are the ones that should feel bad about this. They asked to borrow them for decor for their wedding and haven't tracked down your property. I'd have no problem telling them the books cost this much to replace and how would like to handle that. I bet they'd move a little faster on finding them.
  12. If your daughter is doing most of it by herself, you aren't doing it. I'd let her finish, take it apart, and then do it yourself. But, I've been known to read my favorite books over and over again, so maybe I'm the wrong one to ask about this.
  13. Oh that would bug we me like crazy. I have a book loaned out to someone right now to and I have a feeling I'm not getting it back either. :( I'd be tempted to ask the groom to pay you some $$$ for the books. That might prompt them to find them!
  14. Impressions doesn't sound like a consult to me, that sounds like starting the treatment.
  15. I wouldn't pull teeth yet. My mother did that with me when I was in grade school and I have gaps on the top and the bottom. They aren't noticeable when I'm talking to people. However, I know they are there and they are harder to keep clean. I wish she would have waited to see if they had to be pulled. She didn't do braces with me, only a retainer, so maybe that is why the teeth were pulled. I would consider if she has to have something done right now. I've seen that happen a lot lately that very young children have ortho work done and then they have to do it again when they hit their teens. Is that an option? Wait and see? Otherwise, I would do a palette expander. We did that with my daughter and she hasn't needed anything else. She had a pretty small mouth, also. They didn't pull any teeth with her and she will not need braces.
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