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  1. Merry and cherry rhyme for me too. Grew up in southeastern US.
  2. Our church began meeting for Sunday morning worship in June. All other services and classes are either on Zoom or cancelled for now. Masks are required. You're requested to use hand sanitizer upon entry. Every other pew is marked off and the middle of the pews are marked off so you can only sit on the ends as a family or household unit. We do have singing but with masks on. The song leader takes his mask off while leading, but is behind a sheet of plexiglass and at least 10 feet away from anyone else. Communion is packaged individually and you pick it up on your way into the sanctuary. Ushers show you to a seat and we are dismissed by row to leave. We've been asked not to congregate outside after service, but to be sure we observe social distancing. No hugs or handshakes. I miss hugs. High risk people are encouraged by our leadership to stay home and they are continuing to stream services. Paula
  3. I donate current magazines to our church's food pantry after I've read them. Books I don't want to read again, I donate either to the library or to the food pantry.
  4. It's his money. He should be allowed to buy the sneakers.
  5. Ours said the same thing. It took a little getting used to because I'd never used an electric one before, but it has made such a difference that I don't plan to ever use anything else. Anything that makes dental visits easier and quicker is a good thing.
  6. Our dentist recommended Sonicare, and we have been using them for years. Our dentist sells them, but they are pricey there. I bought the cheap model on Amazon for around $20 and they work fine.
  7. She is beautiful! Congratulations!!!
  8. My girls attended a birthday party several years ago. The invitation said no gifts please. They were the only ones who did not bring a gift and we were all embarrassed.
  9. Creak. Long e sound. I'm from Kentucky.
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