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  1. sarahbobeara

    My brain seems incompatible with iTunes music organization systems. Sigh.

    It's been about 4 years since I've been able to use iTunes easily. When they introduced the cloud and wireless syncing, my brain just didn't follow at all. OP: Hope you can figure it out, it sounds like you've got a lot of important school stuff in there! My iTunes is mostly 90s music 🤫
  2. sarahbobeara

    Need chapstick recommendation

    The kokum butter Burts Bees is my go-to! I have them stashed all over the house. I will try to drink more water though, I've noticed having to reapply more often over the last few days. I thought it was just the dry weather, but maybe I'm dried out too. 😆
  3. Two of my kids used BJU 6th grade science, which was ok for them. I needed them to be more independent and it served its purpose before they each moved back to Apologia General Science in 7th grade. I don't think any permanent damage was done, this would have been 5-6 years ago. I purchased BJU Cultural Geography for my oldest daughter's 9th grade history requirement (3 years ago). She had done Notgrass American history the year before, and Story of the World in the years leading up to it. Well...I was so disappointed in the harshly judgemental tone of BJU. When covering Ireland, it mentioned how alcoholism was rampant and the phrasing made it sound like Catholicism was to blame for it. We stopped using it that day. I felt that adding that sentence without any data or facts regarding it was the last straw. Before that, it had been simply tedious and included the worst kind of regurgitative worksheets and exams. Tests would include the most worthless questions like : ________% of Indian citizens were born in (insert hard to pronounce, renamed 4x, easily forgettable region). And the multiple choice answers would be like 24%, 25%, 26% or 27%. I felt like the students were being tested on piddly DETAILS that I wouldn't expect anyone (even Indians) to care about. It was almost $200 for the set of books, and they were HUGE, THICK books. I gave them away to the library, but I should have just recycled them. I am not Catholic but that seemed nasty for a Christian-based publisher.
  4. sarahbobeara

    Better Queen Mary movie that is kid-friendly?

    My DD12 also wants to see it, but I think because the two queens have red hair, as she does. We won't be seeing it because of the rating. I thought there was a B/W version from the 40s? 🤔 No red hair in that one though.
  5. sarahbobeara

    Teen Girl and Product Help

    DD16 uses Paula's Choice Clear kit. It works really well on her skin. She's been using it for 2+ years. She uses it morning and night. DS14 uses it at night at has some problem spots, but they'd probably clear up if he added the morning routine. DD12 has spots too, but she is my sensitive skin girl and if she uses the Clear too often, her face goes red & scaly. Like once every day & a half is good for her. Hair: DD12 has the curly hair in our house and I haven't found shampoo/conditioner that works well for swimmer's hair. Local hair salon was trying to sell me Paul Mitchell's something or other but I was not feeling rich enough to try YET ANOTHER product that doesn't work on her hair. Between puberty (greasy) and coarse curly hair (tangles), she is not exactly blooming into young womanhood lol. Makeup: I got DD12 a few things for her birthday because she has the most interest in makeup in our house...color was wrong (way too orange) and then she broke out. 🙈 So, I'd probably just go light (lip gloss, light blush) unless your DD has expressed an interest in eye makeup/specific feature to show off. There's some really cool 'glow' highlight powders that are almost foolproof, not a lot of color just some healthy glow on cheeks. Makeup is expensive (unless it's for me!! lol) so I don't really encourage it. If I could go back in time, I'd probably spend more $$$ on a good sunscreen and a good lip balm that has an spf in it. (We do live in Florida now, so that may influence my thinking on sunscreens vs. makeup, and that makeup just makes me feel hotter in humidity.)
  6. sarahbobeara

    Pre-lit or unlit artificial tree?

    Unlit. Our pre-lit lasted about 3 years before the middle section went out. DH spent 1/2 a day stripping the lights out of that tree, and he probably won't let another prelit tree come in our house again!
  7. sarahbobeara

    if you use dishrags instead of sponges

    Disclaimer: I didn't read all the tips. I keep a small bottle of plain bleach under my kitchen sink...I grab whatever mostly-clean dirty dish is in the sink and turn it into a bleach bucket. Hot water, a tablespoon +/- of bleach, throw in the musty rag, let it sit for a while (an hour? overnight? all day?) and then ta da, after a thorough rinse, it can go a few more days until I'm ready to wash a load of hot bleachy whites. I don't have time to wash bleach white every day either.
  8. sarahbobeara

    Storage of homemade bread?

    I use the box of 1000 clear plastic bags linked from Amazon above. I use a long Pullman loaf pan (because we like our bread to fit our cheese lol) and getting the long version of those bags was the only thing that would work. Ziploc bags would not close because the loaf was just too long. It seemed silly to buy a box of 1000 but I have been using them for 3 years now and I'd say we have...80% of the box left. That's making at least 2 loaves a week. And for some reason we've never had a problem with our homemade bread molding. For a science experiment, my son needed a mold sample and set some bread out for a week at room temperature. No mold! I've always had better luck with homemade bread than store bought bread as far as resisting mold.
  9. sarahbobeara

    Do you bring your own Bible to church?

    I bring my own. I do write in my Bible, as well as make notes on the bulletin handout. If other verses are mentioned, I jot those down to research later. I like taking notes and I tend to listen more closely with a pen in my hand. If I didn't have the Bible, I'd probably feel unprepared for church lol. And...the one time I tried to use my phone's Bible app, I accidentally hit the "read outloud" button. ? It took me a good 5 or 6 words until I could undo that action! So I go low tech and either use my Bible or the one in the pews.
  10. sarahbobeara

    Skin cancer alums ... best moisturizer and sunscreens?

    I'm not part of the club, but I would struggle with letting go of my PC skin care routine...I love PC stuff! However, I swiped this Coola Sunscreen from my daughter's FabFitFun box and was surprised that I liked it so much. I keep it in my purse now, and although I haven't layered it under makeup yet, it doesn't feel thick and greasy like a lot of sunscreens. I've used it for workouts with no breakouts, no stinging, no redness. I wish it was cheaper to try, or you were around the corner from me to borrow it. It's on Amazon, but for a bit more $$$ than the link. Hope you heal quickly and can find the perfect sunscreen. Sounds like you're going to be using a lot of it when you find THE ONE.
  11. Washing machine cleaning tablets, every 6 months A/C filters, every 3 months (we have a weird size that I cannot find in stores, not even Costco ?) Mascara for me (Didn't "they" used to say replace your mascara every 3 months? So I set it to ship every 4 months, because "they" could be right and eye infections suck.) Clif Bars PB&Banana (FAVORITE FLAVOR EVER) that are $$$ in stores, every 2 months Advantage flea/tick stuff for the dogs, ships every 6 months Paula's Choice facial routine for me. I know their website offers free shipping (sometimes? with promo code?) but it's free shipping with Prime so I just go through Amazon. Dog food for the dogs, about $8 or $9 cheaper than in a store. Dog treats, again a dollar or two cheaper than in a store. Laundry additive: defunkify. I think I love this stuff. I don't know if they sell it in stores but I think it's da BOMB. Ziploc snack bags because this is the size I always forget to buy, and DH has brought it to my attention many times. I have a set of makeup brushes in my S&S but I subscribed only to get the cheaper price and I will cancel before it ships again ? Krave jerky snack packs. I'd like to say we're trying to get away from individual size wrapping because it produces so much waste but DH does like these and if I don't supply them he buys them at convenience stores for 2x the price.
  12. sarahbobeara

    Need recommendations for a reusable grocery bag

    I use the same ones as Farrar does, the Envirosax. I'm embarrassed to say that I probably have a dozen of them floating around between my van/purse. They hold so much, roll up neatly, and it is easy to keep a few in my purse (although I emptied out my purse and removed 7 of them the other day!). I am religious about using them, and now I realize that I've been using them for over a decade! Some of the fabric is showing some wear on my original set but the bottom seams are still good. I don't find that they are comfortable to carry over my shoulder, though, if that matters. I am going to research those Amazon collapsible box totes though! I do tie the Envirosax shut so groceries don't slide out in the back of the van, and maybe a bigger collapsible tote would be handy for me.
  13. sarahbobeara


    Hope you feel better soon! We're still settling in, but I also got sick during our move! A sore throat started during our last night in the house, and I spent the next day cleaning, packing, coughing, and blowing my nose! The next day on the road was more of the same, and it took forever in our new house before it faded. No fever/chills/aches though, so I hope yours is short-lived! I think as I get older, stress really does weaken my immune system. This spring (already in the house-buying and moving timeline) I got the flu. ? Hang in there and happy packing!
  14. sarahbobeara

    I don't understand Kohls

    I don't have any answers because I am also confused. In December, I returned a shirt that was incorrectly stitched (didn't do an exchange because they didn't have the same size/color). My Kohls Cash balance on the original transaction went to zero because of the return. Clerk tried to explain it but it still seems unfair and I've decided not to shop at Kohls anymore. Total gut reaction but I usually make clothing choices there that I hate within a few months.
  15. I am attempting to do something similar. No dairy, no pasta, limited eggs, and low/no sugar. I started after Thanksgiving and lost 4 lbs by Christmas. I removed dairy hoping that it would clear up my eczema hot spots (still have dry skin but itchy spots are gone!!) and I removed sugar because I cannot live my life going from sugar high to sugar high. Sugar was my drug :sad: I drink herbal tea when I'm wanting sugar. I need to work in a fitness something. I was running this fall but I'd like to buy a kick board and paddle laps in the local pool.
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