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  1. I haven't read all the responses, but we just added a puppy (with us for 6 weeks now, we got him when he was 11 weeks old) but our two older dogs are crate trained. We started with puppy going in single travel crate (pretty dark in there) next to my side of the bed where I could hear him overnight. As he aged and we needed him in the crate so we could actually get school done without puppy interruptions, we moved crate to school room and I'd do our outloud reading and it would be monotonous enough (I guess) so he would sleep. Puppy also would nap in a wire crate in kitchen/great room and if the TV was going, or I was vacuuming, he was usually asleep. If it got too quiet, he'd wake up. Overnights, he sleeps in a bigger wire crate in our bedroom, and our most compliant older dog (who is not a whiner or a barker, and who also quiets down with a verbal command) is puppy's sleeping buddy. She sleeps in the travel crate (that puppy has outgrown) right next to puppy's crate. I guess I'm trusting her love of her crate to train puppy. Puppy has taken well to the crate and he's slept through the night since night 3. (And before you exclaim how lucky I am, I feel like I've earned it, all 3 of my kids did not sleep through the night til they were over a year old! lol)
  2. I do this too! Hotel coffee in the AM to wake me up, then fill a travel mug with hotel ice, pour Stokes cold brew over the ice and sip to stay awake while I drive. Lots of gas stations have Stokes or even Starbucks unsweetened cold coffee in the cold case. Or McD's americano hot coffee isn't too bad in a pinch. I just can't have sweet coffee when I drive or I start getting sleepy. In the summer I do the cold coffee, winter trips I scout out McD's that are near gas stations so we can do gas and coffee. I do a pour over method at home with a paper cone filter. My husband recently bought a collapsible net cone filter which would be good for travel...bring your own coffee, a few filters, use hotel hot water, and brew a cup. It's meant to use without a filter but there is sludge at the bottom of the cup and I'm not a sludge fan. He bought something similar to this but his is clearly a net instead of a fabric appearance. I may get this collapsible silicone for myself. I spend a few weeks with my parents every year and Dad's coffee practically undrinkable to me.
  3. A neighbor of mine heard to wipe them with a Bounce dryer sheet, with the thinking that dust won't stick, I guess. She hasn't tried it and neither have I. I do feel your pain though, our trim throughout our house is this white satin(?) paint just is just always slightly sticky. We are replacing some of the surfaces, but the baseboards are staying. Teenagers with baby wipes or microfiber rags is a brilliant idea. And slap some headlamps on them so they can see all the dust!
  4. We've rented many houses in the past. If the part is that inexpensive and DH has the skills, I'd just buy it, have DH install it and not even bother with the PM company. It seems about as expensive as a fridge water filter. And it's an internal mechanism, how would they tell that you fiddled with it? Dishwashers seem to have a too-short life span so it might be that the whole dishwasher would need replaced before you move out. To me a working dishwasher is an important thing, so I'm willing to pay the $$$ to have it up and running. Hope they come and fix it for you QUICKLY though!
  5. We live in a flat neighborhood, small yards, and it's a small neighborhood compared to some massive subdivisions out here (that's why we chose this house). Many residents have golf carts here, and we are not even attached to a golf course community. I see many kids driving carts, probably more often than I see kids on bikes. A few are driving under direct instruction of an adult, but they're younger than 10 and an adult is sitting right next to them. I've had a cart at full throttle pass me on a midnight dog walk, driven by a couple of 12 year old boys. I haven't seen them again; I suspect they did some damage to it because I've never heard a cart that loud before! There is one cart that has the speakers, heavily treaded tires, and sparkly purple paint driven by a 13/14 year old girl. She's been pretty responsible whenever I've seen her drive, and she's out A LOT with her friends. In fact I don't even know if I've ever seen her driving with an adult, usually it's packed with kids and they're making rounds. There are adults here that drive WORSE than the kids, even driving without lights on at night, and I suspect they have a few beers with the neighbors and then they all climb on for a jaunt. My reflective dog leashes and shoes/etc won't protect me if they're driving without lights! So we have young cart drivers and possibly drunk cart drivers...and definitely open container cart drivers. My concern with kids driving so young is if they hit my parked-on-the-street car will they fess up to their parent and make it right, compensating me or fixing damage to my car? And if they do hit my parked car or jump the curb and run into my house (worse case scenario here) am I liable for their injuries? Common sense tells me I'm not liable but who knows how it would actually play out. I have not consulted our HOA rules but obviously it's permitted in the community otherwise so many people wouldn't buy them, right? My kids love my parents' golf cart, and they'd love to have a golf cart here but if we got one, they would get even LESS exercise than they do now lol. We live in Florida. It's hot and flat. Get the sweat going and that breeze will do its best to cool you down!
  6. Dh got a call from Ecuador as well, last night around 8pm eastern! We have no connections to anyone or any business in that country, and the call was completely out of the blue. He didn't answer it, but I don't think he got any other calls either.
  7. We use the Kirkland pacs with rinse aid and a water softener. I am totally pleased with our combination. We rinse our dishes (well, I do and then I "encourage" other family members to do the same) and then I also run empty dishwasher with LemiShine once a month. I think we have a Kenmore dishwasher, about a year old. My mom uses the Cascade pods and one of her gaskets around her filter is going mushy. They have hard water and they do not rinse dishes. When I visit, I often wonder why their dishes aren't coming totally clean. They have a ~5 year old GE, so I'm not sure if the gasket plastic is degrading due to chemicals in the Cascade, poor design, age, or the hard water.
  8. We hardly use ours in our Odyssey and our other 2 vehicles do not have them. I prefer to hide from the sun whenever possible (we are now living in FL, so I hide even more!) and I find that with the sunroof propped open or the sunshade pulled open (so glass closed), there is a huge increase in wind noise. I prefer to listen to my rockin' 80s music so I hardly ever open it. Some evenings when I come home from the beach and feel young and carefree for a few more minutes, yes I pop it open and enjoy ALL the wind.😂 I probably won't get a sunroof in my next car unless it comes standard. I certainly would get a noise barrier type slide, not just a mesh netting. (The VW we were looking at a few years ago had a mesh slide instead of a full solid slide. No matter what you would still have sunlight in your car, and the mesh would probably not age well? IDK, I didn't want to deal with it.) My husband loves to crank the sunroof open when he drives, but somehow I always end up sitting full in the sun and he ends up in the shade.🙄
  9. Sorry to hijack this thread but we tried this recipe tonight and it was DELISH. I left out the tomatoes b/c we didn't have any and dh doesn't care for tomatoes anyway, but it was sooooo good. It made so much with one recipe, too. Thank you for sharing it here!!
  10. It's been about 4 years since I've been able to use iTunes easily. When they introduced the cloud and wireless syncing, my brain just didn't follow at all. OP: Hope you can figure it out, it sounds like you've got a lot of important school stuff in there! My iTunes is mostly 90s music 🤫
  11. The kokum butter Burts Bees is my go-to! I have them stashed all over the house. I will try to drink more water though, I've noticed having to reapply more often over the last few days. I thought it was just the dry weather, but maybe I'm dried out too. 😆
  12. Two of my kids used BJU 6th grade science, which was ok for them. I needed them to be more independent and it served its purpose before they each moved back to Apologia General Science in 7th grade. I don't think any permanent damage was done, this would have been 5-6 years ago. I purchased BJU Cultural Geography for my oldest daughter's 9th grade history requirement (3 years ago). She had done Notgrass American history the year before, and Story of the World in the years leading up to it. Well...I was so disappointed in the harshly judgemental tone of BJU. When covering Ireland, it mentioned how alcoholism was rampant and the phrasing made it sound like Catholicism was to blame for it. We stopped using it that day. I felt that adding that sentence without any data or facts regarding it was the last straw. Before that, it had been simply tedious and included the worst kind of regurgitative worksheets and exams. Tests would include the most worthless questions like : ________% of Indian citizens were born in (insert hard to pronounce, renamed 4x, easily forgettable region). And the multiple choice answers would be like 24%, 25%, 26% or 27%. I felt like the students were being tested on piddly DETAILS that I wouldn't expect anyone (even Indians) to care about. It was almost $200 for the set of books, and they were HUGE, THICK books. I gave them away to the library, but I should have just recycled them. I am not Catholic but that seemed nasty for a Christian-based publisher.
  13. My DD12 also wants to see it, but I think because the two queens have red hair, as she does. We won't be seeing it because of the rating. I thought there was a B/W version from the 40s? 🤔 No red hair in that one though.
  14. DD16 uses Paula's Choice Clear kit. It works really well on her skin. She's been using it for 2+ years. She uses it morning and night. DS14 uses it at night at has some problem spots, but they'd probably clear up if he added the morning routine. DD12 has spots too, but she is my sensitive skin girl and if she uses the Clear too often, her face goes red & scaly. Like once every day & a half is good for her. Hair: DD12 has the curly hair in our house and I haven't found shampoo/conditioner that works well for swimmer's hair. Local hair salon was trying to sell me Paul Mitchell's something or other but I was not feeling rich enough to try YET ANOTHER product that doesn't work on her hair. Between puberty (greasy) and coarse curly hair (tangles), she is not exactly blooming into young womanhood lol. Makeup: I got DD12 a few things for her birthday because she has the most interest in makeup in our house...color was wrong (way too orange) and then she broke out. 🙈 So, I'd probably just go light (lip gloss, light blush) unless your DD has expressed an interest in eye makeup/specific feature to show off. There's some really cool 'glow' highlight powders that are almost foolproof, not a lot of color just some healthy glow on cheeks. Makeup is expensive (unless it's for me!! lol) so I don't really encourage it. If I could go back in time, I'd probably spend more $$$ on a good sunscreen and a good lip balm that has an spf in it. (We do live in Florida now, so that may influence my thinking on sunscreens vs. makeup, and that makeup just makes me feel hotter in humidity.)
  15. Unlit. Our pre-lit lasted about 3 years before the middle section went out. DH spent 1/2 a day stripping the lights out of that tree, and he probably won't let another prelit tree come in our house again!
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