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  1. Black Walnuts...I absolutly hate these things!

    1. kubiac


      Please pack all your little enemies into a box and ship to me in California. I love 'em and will crack 'em open by driving over them with my car. :)

    2. Down_the_Rabbit_Hole


      If they were not so heavy I would. Just yesterday I picked up enough to fill a large trash can and the tree is still loaded.

    3. kubiac


      Alternate plan: Temporarily borrow a herd of swine and trade walnuts for a side of bacon! :D





  2. Dorky mom here. Bought me a new vacuum and am as giddy as can be.

    1. Belacqua


      Ooh! What kind did you get?

    2. Tenaj


      I'll join you as being dorky then because I get a new washer and dryer on Saturday and I'm giddy, too.

  3. Is there a decent Audio book for Lord of the Rings?

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    2. Down_the_Rabbit_Hole


      Thanks, I will check these out.


    3. SEGway


      Another vote for Rob Inglis. Fantastic voice artist!


    4. quark


      One more vote for Inglises, my precious! :)

  4. 6 weeks of school under our belts, will take this week off to enjoy the end of summer.

  5. It is hat knitting time!

  6. I can now understand why some animals eat their young.

    1. Kalypso


      I have recently come to understand this too.


  7. Why do Doctors thing 100yr olds don't want medical intervention?

    1. Momof3littles


      I think it is hard because they see them come back with something else a week later, a month later, and so on, over and over again. That doesn't mean that it applies to all individuals, but people in medicine tend to take on that POV as they see the trajectory end up similarly for many patients.

      Any luck with a patient advocate?

    2. Down_the_Rabbit_Hole


      No. They pretty much say the same, "Well, she is 100 yrs old". It is because of this attitude of not wanting to do much with a 100 yr old that caused damage to her kidneys which is now causing more problems. It is a mess.


  8. Hospital refuses to offer anymore care for my 100 yr old grandmother BECAUSE she is 100yrs old

    1. Momof3littles


      Have you asked for a patient advocate? If you haven't, start there.

  9. I live in a college town...I see the future and I am afraid

    1. dirty ethel rackham

      dirty ethel rackham

      Gee, I hope nobody judged the future by my stupid college behavior. I'm grown up now, I promise:D.

  10. Tired of trying to sell my curriculum here, I am now an ebay seller

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    2. Miss Marple

      Miss Marple

      Amazon is also a good place to sell. Homeschoolclassifieds has been good for me as well.

    3. RootAnn


      Since the change in the Classifieds, I confess to not looking often on either the buyer or seller side. (Although I do have something listed on there right now.)

    4. Down_the_Rabbit_Hole


      Everyone says homeschoolclassifieds but I only got inquiries no sales

  11. The males under my roof are showing their troglodite side today.

  12. Anyone want to send me a 3"-6" river rock, all round edges and smooth...will pay shipping for it. Pretty Please.

  13. 7am and all are still sleeping...what a peaceful morning

  14. Feeling extra proud of my Navy son today.

  15. House hunting stinks...I just want it over with.

  16. Sacred tradition just passed down to daughter...secret note folding

  17. Why do I feel guilt when I don't write on my blog?

  18. Found a typewriter for $2, now I need to find Smith Corona H ribbon and correction tape that wont cost a fortune



      I think I got the best deal on Amazon.com

  19. Picnicing in the center of a fossil gorge while the kids explore all while enjoying the spring sun.

  20. Snow! Heavy flakes and the ground is covered. Love it.

  21. There is a social group for practically everything except one for people who are not in a social group.

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    2. WTMCassandra
    3. Dana


      You could start an anti-social group ;)


    4. *Lulu*


      I'd join that group.........except I am opposed to joining things. :P

  22. I would like vacuum my den just once without the blanket blank thing clogging or needing to recharge halfway through.

  23. Major meltdown in math today :(

  24. I am dreaming about Algebra problems now...and I like it

  25. Might get a snowball thrown at me but....I am looking forward to more snow this week.

    1. Karen in CO

      Karen in CO

      Snow is great, and we need the moisture.

    2. Chelle in MO
    3. Word Nerd

      Word Nerd

      Hurricanes and tsunamis would bring moisture, too, but I don't want a blizzard any more than I want one of those. ;)

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