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  1. Farrar, I think the secular CM is called Ursa Minor. Is that the one you meant? I've found a few new-to-me books from their lists. https://ursaminorlearning.com/
  2. I pick up super cheap discounted track phones (android) at department stores (like Shopko...sadly, no longer a thing...but, even Walmart, sometimes) for as low as $10-20. If you never sign up and pay for phone service, it's local wifi only. But, if I connect it manually to our home network, I can put on any google store apps (like hoopla or audible) and download the parts of our digital library that I want them to have access to. The devices have a headphone jack as well as the ability to use the speakers (think speakerphone quality). They usually include a grainy quality camera/video feature
  3. We were finishing the last chapter of Rescuers as a read-aloud when the 7yo looked suddenly startled and yelled mid-sentence, "Nils is a MOUSE??!" 🤷‍♀️
  4. Anyone know where one might purchase Miquon pdfs now?
  5. This may have already been mentioned, but there's an audible sale on Great Courses through this evening. 2 courses for 1 credit. I don't get anything for telling about the sale. (But, I did pick up a few things for myself. ? )
  6. Has anyone gone through both years of Dimensions Math? What did you move on to after you finished? Did you feel comfortable counting it as an actual credit for Algebra 1? Did you redo algebra with a separate (non-integrated) option? and then move on to Geometry? Or call algebra 1 covered and move on to Geometry, then Algebra 2? I think integrated/DM for middle school is a good idea for at least my oldest dd, but I'm trying to plan ahead for how to proceed after...
  7. It took about a semester here, also. The writing/verbal element of the instruction was a plus for us. We got bogged down in Crocodiles and Coconuts and have switched over to Singapore Dimensions 7A (after doing Singapore 1st-6th). We enjoyed the time with JA, but I'm not sure I'll use it again, either. My dd "feels" behind because we transitioned mid-stream. Like Farrar, I really liked several elements of the program. I'm just not sure when is a good time to plug it into the sequence of materials used at our house.
  8. SEGway

    Phonetic Zoo Cds


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    Phonetic Zoo, B, cds $40ppd Phonetic Zoo, C, cds $40ppd cross posted on FB homeschool sale groups Sale Pending


  9. is now available. :) In case you were wondering.
  10. I feel pretty confident through algebra 1/geometry. Much shakier for algebra 2 and beyond. I think my biggest question is will Discovering CC 7 lead okay into Dimensions 8?
  11. My oldest dd finished Primary Mathematics, Standards 6 last year (after having done 1A-6B for elementary), and I was pleased with the program. We went through Jousting Armadillos during the first part of the year, but Crocodile and Cocunuts seems to be a lot trickier/more of a slog for her to wade through the words,words,words to the point of the math. Which makes me think that AoPS may not be just the thing to follow up with (I have Chuckles the Rocket Dog waiting for next). I know in advance for sure and certain that my second dd is not going to appreciate all the extra words involved in

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    Volume 1, 2002 edition, spiral bound good (not great) used condition media mail paypal preferred $23ppd Volume 2 (perfect bound, NOT spiral bound) front cover curling media mail paypal preferred $23ppd (pending) (cross-posted on facebook homeschool selling groups)


  13. Started and finished Born a Crime. I have so much respect for that man's mother. wow
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