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  1. I love to wear my yoga pants and shape-ups in public. But - I'm a Reiki Master and practically live in these. Living in CO, yoga pants are a common sight in public. I couldn't imagine wearing anything else. But that's just me. Sonja My Blog Barefoot Books
  2. I was under the impression after looking at their website and samples that the Bible curriculum is NOT included in the Trail Guide to Learning since it is listed as a seperate purchase on their website. Did I miss something? Sonja My Blog
  3. Thanks blessedmom for giving this thread a little bump.:D Sonja My Blog
  4. I have used TSF with my ds in 4th Grade before starting the MCT Island Series. I am so glad we started with TSF, 'cause it helped build a great grammar foundation. I think TSF can be used 2nd Grade and up, but for younger ones the writing part and narration might be a little bit over their heads. Sonja in CO Blog: http://www.livinginanaturalworld.blogspot.com
  5. :iagree: Great idea. However, it can get quite expensive to buy the wooden ones. I have used Montessori in the past and really loved this company. She offers a wealth of Montessori information and even better tons of pdf downloads. Here is a link to the Montessori grammar symbols, objects, etc. pages http://www.montessoriforeveryone.com/Grammar-Punctuation_c_28.html Sonja in CO My blog: http://www.livinginanaturalworld.blogspot.com
  6. Maybe you could try the Journey Through Grammar Land Series (might be more suitable for a visual learner) - but it's a great program. You could also try: Teach Terrific Grammar (secular book) to just "cement" the concepts in a fun and easy way. At times, it helps to mix and match a little to help kids retain information. Here is the link: http://www.amazon.com/Teach-Terrific-Grammar-Grades-4-5/dp/0071477020#noop They do have this book for older and younger grades as well. Just a thought. Sonja in CO www.barefootbooks.com/marketplace/11956
  7. Maybe the Journey through Grammar Land Series would work for you and your family. www.jsgrammar.com It looks like a fun program to work with. Sonja in CO www.barefootbooks.com/marketplace/11956
  8. Depending on the age of your ds, Winston Grammar is pretty tactile. Here is a link: http://www.christianbook.com/basic-winston-grammar/pd/24681?item_code=WW&netp_id=166187&event=PPCSRC&view=details#curr This is JUST a grammar program. But it's great for the hands-on child.:D Sonja in CO http://www.barefootbooks.com/marketplace/11956
  9. My son requests German lullabies. :D Sonja in CO www.barefootbooks.com/marketplace/11956
  10. I like to use a variety of different hs approaches, so eclectic fits the bill pretty well. When ds was young, I used exclusively a Waldorf and Montessori approach. However, during our homeschool journey, I have incorporated more Classical and CM components. Now, I have a wonderful mix of Classical, CM, and Waldorf. Sonja in CO http://www.barefootbooks.com/marketplace/11956
  11. Oh, I can so relate. My ds 10 hates LA and writing as well. I have found a combination of these two LA programs to be working for our family. We started with the Sentence Family http://www.stmichaelschool.us/sentencefamily.html and after this sloooowly eased our way into using MCT (Island Series). Is has made a huge difference in how my ds approaches LA now. We have tried CLE LA and my ds (ADHD) just hated this program. It took him literally all morning to do LA :banghead: . I am so glad we finally have found our nitch.:D Sonja in CO www.livinginanaturalworld.blogspot.com www.barefootbooks.com/marketplace/11956
  12. Thank you Tanya and Tiffany for your replies. Lovemykids, I am looking for a secular program as well. So, hopefully we'll receive some more answers. Sonja
  13. I just found this program about 4 weeks ago. I think it would be a great program for my ds. However, I don't know anyone who has used this one. So, I thought I'd ask the hive. Has anyone around here used this program, or know someone who does? It's very CM - but does include everything but Math. Here is a link to look at some samples: http://www.geomatters.com/products/category.asp?CID=53 I could work with the library system to make this one work for us. However, dh does not really like anything CM, Waldorf, Montessori, you name it. He is a textbook guy and feels that ds won't learn anything. I printed the sample pages out for him - but still, he is hesitant to use this one. Ds on the other hand loves the look of the program. He loves History, Geography, Science - but not textbooks. HELP! I have asked the same question on the yahoo group. I received some great answers - but not a lot of people who have used it but TWO. So ladies, if anyone has some info for me concerning this program - I LOVE to hear it. Thank you so much! Sonja
  14. When we moved into our house we used to have a different HOA. They were fine, not that stringent. However, the new HOA is terrible. We can't have a bird feeder, every plant and shrub needs to be approved before planting or they'll be removed, the grill has to be in a specific area, no wreath outside your entrance door, satellite dishes have to be approved for a specific area (if at all), and the list goes on and on - blaaahhhhhh. :banghead: We just received another love letter from this HOA - more changes to our covenant. It's now over 45 pages long. :ack2: My family feels sooo miserable. We moved into this state and house from 3 years ago, coming from KS. We're ready to move again. I can't TOLORATE it any longer.
  15. We have had a really rough hs year this year. So, mom had to make some adjustments. These are the programs my ds enjoys (as of right now): MCT Island Level (complete) Writing Tales Volume 1 Phonetic Zoo Level A Not a program BUT a big hit: Vocabulary Cartoons Singapore Math and MUS D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths w/Study Guide Sonja in CO
  16. Thank you so much for sharing this info with all of us. What a wonderful link!:hurray: Sonja in CO
  17. Thanks for posting this link. We are studying Ancient Greece right now. It's just a perfect fit for my ds 10. Sonja in CO
  18. Here are some of the major duds around our house. CLE LA and Math: I know a lot of homeschoolers love CLE but not so my ds. He just hated the setup of these workbooks. Too plain, no color, too much jumping around for him, not enough mastery. Just not a good fit for him. Saxon Math: We tried it for 3 years. Finally, after my son was literally banging his head against the table, we stopped using Saxon Math. Right now we are using OM Math 4 with Singapore Math. So far, it's pretty smooth sailing. HWOT: Ds just has a really hard time with cursive and the formation of the letters. So far, nothing has really worked for him. I was ready to quit cursive all together. A hs mom recommended Getty Dubay Italic and it has made a huge difference. No more struggles, complaints, fussing when it comes to copywork. I think this one is a winner. I am used to tweak our hs programs and/or coices - but these just couldn't be tweaked without one of us going insane.:tongue_smilie: Sonja in CO
  19. I call myself a Christian, practice Yoga, and I am a Reiki Master Teacher. Does that make me less Christian? Just because I enjoy different things in life does not mean I turn my back on Christianity. One has nothing to do with the other.
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