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  1. A friend of mine read it on one of the hs boards but can't remember which one. LOL Now, my curiosity is sparked! :-) I thought calvert goes only up to 8th grade and I haven't heard anything else through the grapevines. Any input from the hive? Thank you so much!
  2. I really liked "How to Get Your Child off the Refrigerator and on to Learning" by Carol Barnier.
  3. I am soooo frustrated.:banghead: I need a history curriculum for my ds who'll be in 6th Grade. Ds enjoys reading. However, he does not want to read ALL day long. We have tried SL in the past, and both of us were exhaused at the end of the day. My son LOVES history, but prefers a nice mix of hands-on, map work, research, and writing. I'd prefer a program that keeps English and History as two separate entities and is secular in nature (or at least can be secularized). I have looked at Tapestry of Grace, Trisms, and History Odyssey. As of right now, I really like the look of History Odyssey. Do you think this would be a great choice for ds 11? Boy, I can't believe I'm having such a hard time to come up with a history program we ALL can agree on. BTW, we are using SWI-B this year for writing. Now, I'm all :bigear: to see what the hive has to say!!!:D
  4. The PO does not always refund your money - eventhough, you BOUGHT insurance. I sold a hs curriculum, bought insurance from the PO and the content of the box disappeared. I went to the PO, showed them proof of shipment and insurance. Since the items were "used" they required photos of the books/curriculum sent. Furthermore, they insisted that I find similar curricula with pictures and prices to show that my insurance was not TOO high. After all I went through, I was told that I should have filed earlier. Again, I showed them the paperwork I received from the PO earlier with the date I was supposed to file my claim. Still, they refused to refund my money. I fought with the PO for almost 6 months to receive a refund. All I received from them was the media mail shipping. So, I lost $150.00 for the curriculum PLUS the books since I had to pay a refund to the buyer. What did I learn from this?????? If you don't ship with UPS - insurance does not automatically mean refund of your money. Done with my runt for today. Just had to share this little episode to show that insurance does not always means refund!!:tongue_smilie:
  5. :lol::lol: Thank you so much for posting this one. It made my day! I needed a good chuckle!
  6. OMG - :drool::drool::001_wub::001_wub: - He's just as hot as....
  7. Big :grouphug::grouphug:. Sorry you have had to spend your anniversay this way. However, I can feel your pain when it comes to boys. I have ONLY one - BUT most of your descriptions fits my 11 ds to the tee.
  8. I LOVE hibiscus tea (hot or cold). As a pick-me-upper, I prefer green tea. At times, I do enjoy English Grey Tea as well, especially in the afternoon with a little bit of milk. And no, I'm not British!:D
  9. At this age, I used a mixture between Righ Start and Oak Meadow (Waldorf oriented).
  10. I know that SL, MFW, as well as Pandia Press - History Odyssey all use STOW as a spine in their Teacher Guides.
  11. I'm so sorry. :grouphug: Praying for you and your family.
  12. Amy, Thanks for posting all the info. I'll be very busy this weekend.
  13. Amy, my mom is living in Europe - so, things are quite different there. She is seing a specialist - or at least he claims to be one. My folks will be coming late summer/early fall to the US for a couple of months. Hopefully, we'll get my mom to see a specialist here.Thanks for recommending Under Our Skin.
  14. :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug: So glad someone could help your ds. My mom suffers from chronic Lime disease - it's terrible to see and watch. As of right now, none of the treatments have shown the improvement (healthwise) we were looking for. It is almost 7 years since this dreadful day, and I wish I just could turn the clock back. Many of your son's symptoms can be seen in my mom (not the behavioral ones - but the others). She is suffering from so many different ailments at this time - I can't even list them all. What really irritates is the way doctors treat her. One doctor even told her to see a psychiatrist - since her complaints are non-sustained (what ever this means).:banghead: Enough of my rant - I'm just so happy your ds is finally getting better.
  15. I think happiness is a perception of the mind. You can either choose to be happy or not. It's just like looking at a half-filled water glass. You can see it as half full or as half empty.
  16. Congratulations!!!!:party: I'm so happy for you and your children!!!!!
  17. Your children are teens. I'd keep the job, especially looking at your dh's work situation.
  18. Wow, finally I know why I'm a thread killer. I feel soooo much better now! :D
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