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  1. OhElizabeth, thank you so much for pointing this out. I guess, foreigners just can't comprehend and understand the American language as well as they should!:) Sorry for my unfitting reply! Sonja
  2. My dh who is fluent in Russian and Ukranian listened to the Rosetts Stone language course in Russian. He really liked it - but our son 9 just does not want to learn Russian! (at least not yet). Things might change down the road. So, if he likes Rosetta stone Russian as a native speaker, I would assume it's good!:001_smile: Sonja
  3. I homeschool for academic reasons - not for Christian reasons. I believe in evolution and I teach evolution. I buy lots of my material overseas - but that is my personal choice. We as hs parents should use what we think is best for our children regardless of what others might or might not think. Christian, secular, pagan, astheists homeschoolers ...... we are all in the same boat. Wanting the BEST for our children. What does not work for me can be a lifesaver for someone else. That's why I love to homeschool - the freedom to choose what fits best for our family. In our case secular homeschool material, for other families Christian material. Sonja
  4. I'll look at STOW and TOG. I love the idea of a religous worldview. I am looking for a secular history program because we'd like to teach our son our own religious views. (Russian Orthodox). Thanks again for everyone's input. I just love to read all of your replies. Gives me a lot to look at and think about. Sonja
  5. We have the following books (probably way more - but these come to mind) Usborne Book of World History The Time Traveler Kingfisher The Ancient World World History - The Human Experience The Nature Company: Ancient Egypt Usborne Internet-Linked: Greeks The Best of Ancient Greece Classical Kids - An Activity Guide to Life in Ancient Greece and Rome Lots of read alous such as: Detectives of Toga Cat of Bubastes Tut's Mummy Lost ....And Found Egypt by Stephen Krensky Valley of the Golden Mummies Ancient World The Colloseum Greek Gods and Goddesses ...... These are just some that come to mind, but I KNOW we have more. Sonja
  6. I am planning to use the library and the books we already have. Sonja
  7. Thank you ladies for all of your replies. I'll look into each of them. Please, keep the ideas flowing. I have lots of time, especially since I am sick right now! So, I'll just grab :lurk5: and wait. Maybe, this will make me feel better. Sonja
  8. We are changing our homeschool approach to a more classical, literature rich one. I am looking for an Ancient History program for ds 9 that is secular in nature or can be tailored easily. I want lots of good books, read alouds, thought provoking questions, some writing, etc. Crafts, hands-on projects are welcomed as long as they don't challenge Mom too much!:D STOW, SL, and WP come to mind. Am I missing any other programs out there? What do you use for Ancient History? BTW, an easy to use TM would be a BIG PLUS!!! Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much! Sonja
  9. Wow....I must be the last one. What's going on?:001_huh: I live in Colorado and I don't have the new SL catalog???!!!!??? :glare: I received my WP catalog today. Sonja
  10. Thanks for posting this one. I just bought the Chemistry book - Yeaahhhh!!!! Now, my curriculum is almost complete!! Sonja
  11. Wow.....thank you so much for sharing this one. Now I know why I LOVE this board. Enlightenment ALL DAY LONG, every day, week, month.......you get the picture! :D Sonja
  12. We are true Europeans and are very open. We have a problem with the North American attitude when it comes to nudity, s*x, etc. because it's just so normal to us. It's normal to be naked in a Spa (women and men together), to see kids take off their swim trunks, women sunbathing topless, etc - it's just different. Ds when he was about 5 took off his swim trunks at a public pool here in the States to change into dry ones!!!! Boy, everyone almost got a heart attack, and he didn't understand why Mom was yelling at him to put on this trunks! :) Sonja
  13. Sounds just like my ds 9 - currently 3rd Grade. Math has never been his favorite subject and we just had one of these "blackouts" yesterday. Today, a totally different story - but who knows what tomorrow brings!?!? Sonja __________________________________ Homeschooling JUST ONE - ds 9
  14. Where do you find children's books, comics, etc in Italian? I have checked out amazon.de - but I couldn't find any of these listed there. Is there another place I don't know about? Thanks. Sonja
  15. Your are absolutely right - ITALIAN is waaay easier than German! Knowing Spanish I should be all right........ Sonja
  16. Thank you so much for all of your replies. I can't wait to get started. I know, we'll have a lot on our plate (Latin, German, Italian) - but as long as my ds WANTS to learn these language, I'm all game. Sonja _____________________________ Homeschooling JUST ONE - ds 9
  17. We have used MFW for 3 years now. 1st Grade, 2nd Grade (Adventures) and 3rd Grade (Exploring Countries and Cultures). However, I don't think I'll continue with MFW. Somehow, this year I was tweaking the TM soooo much, I could have written it myself. I want some deeper, thought provoking questions, some more discussions, etc. I don't know what I'll be using for 4th Grade - but I (like the OP) feel very drawn toward TOG. I know, this post propably want help A LOT, just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. Sonja
  18. Thank you everyone for all your help. Shannon, thank you for your fabulous description of the Calvert guides. Now, I can make an educated decision!!:001_smile: Sonja ______________________________________ Homeschooling JUST ONE - ds 9
  19. My ds 9 wants to learn Italian. I thought at first, it's one of his crazy ideas - but he is begging me for months to start Italian. We are already studying German and Latin. Do you think this will be a problem? So far, he really enjoys all of the languages he is studying. Do you know of any good Italian language course for kids besides Rosetta Stone? I had set my heart on Spanish since I know the language - but ds just does NOT want to learn Spanish! Sigh!!! What should I do? I was looking into hiring a tutor - but honestly, we can't afford one right now. I don't even know if we can swing Rosetta Stone! Dh is going back to college in two months (he lost his job 1st of February and just picks up odd jobs right now to help us survive) - so, money IS a problem right now. Any ideas? Suggestion? Thanks for taking the time to read my post! Sonja ___________________________________ Homeschooling JUST ONE - ds 9
  20. We just started this year (3rd Grade) to implement subjects in both German and English. So far, ds 9 is doing Math in German, as well as Reading and copywork, ad at times Science. Since we are studying Latin as well, I don't want to go overboard with languages, especially since he wants to learn Italian as well. HELP!!!!! Any good Italian courses out there? I do speak Spanish, my Mom was fluent in Italian, but she is living in Europe!!!! So no help there. Hopefully, I can implement more subjects in German at a later time, but for right now, I am happy where we are. Sonja ______________________________ Homeschooling JUST ONE - ds 9
  21. I support government funded embryonic stem cell research, as well as other stem cell research. Sonja _______________________________ Homeschooling JUST ONE - ds 9
  22. I am interested in these as well, but I can't find anywhere the age group these can be used. I have a ds 9 who loves Laura Ingalls Wilder and her books, so I am looking into buying these for him. But I just don't know whether or not he'd be too old for them. I'd like to use these in 4th grade. Any recommendations? Thank you so much! Sonja _________________________________ homeschooling JUST ONE - ds 9
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