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  1. Thanks for sharing this link. It's just what I was looking for. I am soooo glad I have found this board. But I can tell - it is getting quite addictive! :lol: Sonja
  2. I was just wondering - is there a huge difference between the old 3rd Grade OM Syllabus and the new one? I have the chance to pick up a used one (publication year 2000) for 3rd Grade but I don't know if I would miss out on some info presented in the new OM Syllabus. :glare: Any thoughts, experiences?????? I am looking forward to reading your replies. :001_smile: Sonja
  3. Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself. I am homeschooling (only the 2nd year) my ds, who will be turning 9 in October. I just love this board. It has helped tremendously in showing me which way to go. Thank you too all of you!!! :) I am trying to decide on a Latin Curriculum for my ds. How do you like Prima Latina for kids (K-3)? I studied Latin for 5 years in hs - so, I am not worried about pronounciation, grammar, etc. However, I am concerned that my "Wiggle Willy" will loose interest in Latin if the lessons are too boring or too long. He is already studying a foreign language (German) and I have to be very creative to make this work. I am just so grateful I have found this site. Sonja Mom to ds 8
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