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  1. /bow I am not worthy... Wow I feel especially not smart right now....
  2. I disagree, just how much freedom can we and should we give up in the name of "national security"? Correct me if I am wrong but this guy that had the bomb in his BVD's didn't board the plane in the USA so why are we in the USA having to succumb to more security measures that I personally find disturbing. I have a 12 yo daughter that I do not want going through those machines. I don't care where they put them...another room..another country! There are going to be people looking at these and I don't like it. What is next? Full body searches? You may think that extreme but even a few years
  3. When you say hearing issues...your not talking about selective hearing are you?:D He hears just fine and knows when to ignore..the little twerp ;)
  4. I know he says less than 20 words...umm hot, dah (dog), bum (boom), dat (whats that) and ut-oh....he can sign please, more and thank you. He does have code and we know what he means, he will go brrum-brrum for his toy truck, he will make a whooshing noise with his mouth and point in the sky for airplanes and when he wants to watch the shuttle launch (he loves watching the shuttle) and he will also make singing noises and move his head left to right to watch teletubbies. He does other things but those are the main ones I can think of. He also understand everything as well, if I tell
  5. Ok so I am a forum junkie..kinda :) I get on websites and look up things (that can be bad) and it seems according to some that my 19mo is behind in speech. You would think with him being my 3rd that I would know but alas there is 6 years between my middle child and this one. I don't remember what my other two were saying, if anything, at 18-19 months! :confused: I remember that by 27 months my first was talking, we took her to daycare then and I know she could talk, my middle child I just can't remember (that is horrible sounding). His motor skills are great! Again according to charts he i
  6. However, the book is still readable if found, for these clothes they aren't wearable by anyone. And people don't need books to survive (ok well maybe some of us fell like we do! :D) but people need clothing. Trust me we wouldn't want to see a bunch of people walking around without any! :willy_nilly::eek:
  7. Yanno, I have always said that if everyone could do just a little then we wouldn't have the problem we do. I really hope they get their act together. The fact that they do that is selfish and unreasonable. So what if someone else sells it? They did what that company couldn't so....move merchandise. *sigh* Glad that student was a whistleblower!
  8. WOOT for coffee :) Honestly...I was (yes was) on weight watchers (loved it but just can't seem to get myself motivated again) and that was one thing I did NOT skimp on when counting my points. Coffee was a given, even if I had to half my dessert or eat less bites at lunch. I won't go without coffee! :) I don't know if this helps but it's my 2 cents!:D
  9. I take an put my chicken in the slower cooker (or oven if needing it quick) with nothing but Italian dressing. It adds flavor to the meat and I still use it in any dish, adds a nice flavor to any dish. May favorite to use it with is chicken enchiladas...YUM!
  10. How do all you moms & dads do it? I have three kids and can barely afford the school supplies needed to homeschool the two that are homeschooling right now (Thank you Lord for libraries). I also know that plenty of us homeschoolers struggle too :) I see the signatures with 4, 5, 6 and even more kids and wonder how? I long to have more children but am astute enough to know we simply can't do it. My husband is only employed part-time, I am looking for a part-time job so we have at least a full time income (such as it will be) and we live off student loans and (cringe...some are not hap
  11. Your house almost sounds like mine, laundry, toys, crayons and random pieces of nothing all over the place. I won't even mention the clutter on the counters. The joys of homeschooling 2 (and a half..19mo isn't quite there yet) kids in a 3 bedroom 1100 sq ft doublewide! Not to mention the baby is acting up...not feeling well I think so all he wants to do is nurse and cling, we didn't get the whole school day done and I spent way to much time on these boards today because all he wanted to do was nurse and sit in my lap :glare:! I understand! I do! But there comes a time in every woman's life
  12. I pulled my daughter out before that point...:D The school she used to go to (and she never wants to look at a public school again) had a sign up says "You cannot pick up your child after 2:15". Granted school was out at 2:30 but excuse me I will pick up my child when I want to tyvm! :tongue_smilie:
  13. First...big hugs :grouphug: Wow! It is awesome that you and baby are doing so well! (At least physically :001_smile:) If it was me I would take time off, fall back and regroup. One beauty of homschooling, out of many, is being able to do just that! I school year round, I like it better and isn't as stressful to me. You have "more" days when it is year round. We still get our 180 days in but we rotate 3,4 and 5 days. For instance in the spring/summer we do 3-4 days a week and fall/winter we do 4-5 days a week. If we need time off for vacation or something we just add an extra d
  14. Dixon Ticonderogas are one of my fav's as well however, I have found that good ole papermate wood pencils are really good. I do not personally go for mechanical because around my house pencils have a nasty habit of walking off to Neverland. I don't go to the expense of mechanical or even disposable mechanical. I buy, in bulk, the wood pencils at the back-to-school sales :)
  15. Hi! I don't know if this helps but we are just finishing up Core 6 and my daughter read all the books. Mara, Daughter of the Nile was a really good book. I read it myself, no violence, no ummm physical activity (if you get my meaning)...ok well there was one kiss. My daughter (11 when she read it) loved it! She won't let me sell it with the rest of the Core six books. Same with the Golden Goblet, SOTW and a few others. Now she has said, and I haven't read it, that Black Horses for the King was a bit violent. So I really can't say about that book. However she said it was a bit violent but she
  16. Hi! I file one every year for myself, and no you do not have to have filed for 2009 yet. Go to fafsa.ed.gov and just fill it out. That site I use and it walks you through everything. Hope this helps! Rachel
  17. I don't know if I really have anything to offer but what I will say is if your son is eating something up fuel it. Keep going with other the other things but feed the want on the side. For instance we use Sonlight, and my daughter (now 12) LOVES history, she blew through SOTW 1 and 2 (more than once). She won't let me sell those books because she reads them all the time. So I just let her go...let her read what she wanted at her own pace. She is the same way with Science. I let her go...she likes them so much she is always ahead and it isn't just going on to something new, she will re-read
  18. I never went past pre-algebra :) My daughter is 12 and almost in 7th grade math (pre-algebra). I have used BJU, A Beka ans Saxon. It really is a matter of preference through trial and error. I am going to be switching back to Saxon because I like the the fact that Saxon goes up so high in levels. The price isn't that bad either! It has been my experience with the math I have used that you do not (in any way) have to be a math genius to teach it. You learn soooooo much along with your child that you don't have to worry about it! As you get higher in levels, like high school, you can perhaps
  19. Hi! Is there a good language or grammar program out there that doesn't use KJV in the lessons? We are using A Beka, and while I like the program somewhat it isn't a perfect match. I have also tried Easy Grammar and found it not so easy :) Perhaps it is because I am weak in grammar myself. It doesn't have to have sentence diagramming or prepositions (yikes), but something that tells about nouns, verbs, adverbs, proverbs, pronouns etc... Any suggestions? I am looking for grades 3 through high school. Thanks for any insight! Rachel
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