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  1. I have just started Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Kessons with my 5 year old. She is going well, but cannot say "th" properly. It has more of a "L" sound. I'm not worried about this as a mom. But the book seems focused on making the sound right, and she does this wrong. I can't find anything in the parent section about pronunciation errors. Any idea if this is a problem? I know her speech will probably correct on it's own. Will it affect her ability to read?
  2. I hide people who make drama. And stupid games. And links from people who post too many links. I kind of like the politics talk, so I don't hide it. :D For me, FB is pictures, a glimpse into people's lives, and a form of entertainment.
  3. More :grouphug:. Dealing with social service agencies can be very frustrating. I can't get my county office to answer the phone or return calls, so no matter what I need I have to go stand in line forever. :glare: They are overworked, but they are still people, and I have found that being extra nice, patient, etc. helps a lot. Be apologetic for your pushiness. Not because you shouldn't be pushy - you pretty much have to, but because it makes it more obvious that you aren't trying to be their problem, but really need their help. Once, the guy was super nice to me after I started crying
  4. :grouphug: I can't imagine how frustrating your situation is. I will keep your family in my prayers. Did someone tell you that your kids need to be enrolled in school to get food stamps? That doesn't seem right to me, though I've never applied myself. Definitely check out food pantries and churches. If there is a Catholic Charities or St. Vincent DePaul Society in your area, go there. (They have no religious requirements.) Can you find a sliding scale medical clinic? I agree with asking a doctor's office to help you out, too.
  5. If we don't have any more, I will be 48 or 49 when my youngest graduates high school, depending on when he starts K. I'm torn between excited I'll be so young and hopeful we will be in a position to have another in a few years, because under 50 seems too young to be "alone". I have no idea what I'll do. I hope to figure that out in the next 15 years. :D
  6. Have you tried a Waterpik? I used to have this problem, but I use mine now when floss isn't helping. It is kind of like the water spray thing they use at the dentist.
  7. I dn't know. But mine chose my Birekenstocks.
  8. I usually do $.50 per item when I sell. It's easier to have one price. If I had better stuff, I might price it at $1 for shirts, $2 for dresses and jeans. But most of my stuff has been through a couple of kids, either as hand me downs or garage sale finds. I will pay $2 or $3 for pricey stuff in good condition. Also, I'll pay more for older kids clothes in good shape. DS7 is wearing size 8-10 and I find little for him, probably because the other boys beat the carp out of their clothes just like he does. So if I find jeans I'll pay $5 or so. It does depend on your area, and also what y
  9. I think that goes I the "things only a homeschooler would do" file!
  10. Awesome! I had to stop reading more than once so as not to wake the sleeping baby with my laughter!
  11. My best kitchen tip is to keep paper plates, cups, and disposable utensils on hand for days when you can't function. I keep a supply in my laundry room, so the kids don't see them and just use them. But if I'm sick, or we're getting ready for a trip, or some other such thing happens, I just forgo dishes for a day or two. If I get behind on dishes, I will stay that way, so using disposable stuff for hard days keeps me on track.
  12. Spell answer. Yup, spell check corrected me AGAIN! I also can't stick to a schedule, though I love making them. It's as though the act of writing it down makes some part of my subconscious rebel. :D Cassy, don't worry. My in laws are incapable of texting. My FIL sells stuff on Craigslist and won't take email responses, either. My MIL may eventually text, as I have recently gotten her to handle email and Facebook. And then she asked me to help her with Pinterest. But FIL will never text. Ever.
  13. DD4 is the antagonist here. DS7 is SO emotional and his sister plays on that big time. Of course, they reverse roles sometimes as well. How do you decide if you should punish the antagonist based on the other child's report? Does anyone know any good children's stories on this subject? Or Christian resources aimed at kids? We have a number of sibling issues I would like to address from the standpoint of seeing Christ in each other.
  14. Still praying. Off to google the longest between birth dates for twins. :D ETA: 85 days. Crazy.
  15. The cheerful heart idea speaks to me. There is a song on one of their CDs with this line: "Doing God's will in the little things, like listening and obeying with a joyful heart." I certainly want my children to learn to serve others like Jesus did. I suppose I need to work on this as well. I may take those 4 points and put them on a poster to hang up, as much for me as for the kids.
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