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  1. You should have resisted. That was unkind to Thatboyofmine, she didn't deserve to be on the receiving end of your cutting wit. She had nothing to do with that other awful thread.
  2. I agree. As far as I can tell, there is a social hierarchy even on this board.
  3. Planes are the one of the dirtiest things ever. I recall watching something at some point that claimed they are never cleaned much less sanitized. They are closed up bacteria incubators, with very little fresh air allowed in. I'd lean towards something on the plane making you sick, more so than Disney, especially at this time of year.
  4. A soak in an epsom salt bath may help when you're able. This may sound a little crazy, but when the heating pad isn't cutting it, I soak a washcloth in water as hot as I can bear and place it on the painful area, and let it sit until it cools. I'm sorry you're in pain, and hope you feel better soon! 🙂
  5. I agree with this, as harsh as it sounds. If the child slips and tells people he is gay now, not only is it a safety concern, if it turns out he isn't, he will be labeled as gay in the community for life. The question is, does the mother want to deal with the consequences of her husband finding out that she was hiding this information from him? Is the boy he is crushing on Muslim as well?
  6. I live overseas and have very limited resources. You make do with what you have. As someone said upthread, when I have the opportunity to buy books at a reasonable price, I go bananas, often stocking up several levels at a time. Homeschooling is a rarity here as well, almost to the point of being frowned upon. In my experience, regarding the friends, language, and culture, I've found the best way to get involved is to put yourself out there and most times once you make connections, your child or children will as well. Introduce yourself to the neighbours and others in the community. Find
  7. Do you want his notes to be used as study guides, or more so as a habit builder? I'd suggest letting him jot down the key points of the class on an index card, and storing it in an index card box, by subject. That way if he needs to reference the notes for an exam, they'll be organized and easy to access. I think having a daily afternoon session is a wonderful idea! It'll help him to get into the routine of doing it himself.
  8. A friend of mine recently stayed at Miraval. She thoroughly enjoyed her stay there and the city itself! 🙂 In fact, she is still raving about it!
  9. I have a friend exactly like this! Every single time I have disagreed, or even hinted there may be another way or reason why people do things, she becomes irate with me. I am not easily irked, but when she does it I want to scream and pull out my hair! For YEARS, I have recommended books and therapists, been a listening ear for her personal problems for hours on end, and researched coping mechanisms, to no avail. She tries things for a week, says it's not working and throws it down. Granted, she admits she is depressed but feels stuck. My first instinct is to always help if someone disclo
  10. That's awful!!! I'm sorry this is happening to you all.😭
  11. For me, it would depend how much of her situation she has confided in me. If she has, I would be inclined to call her out on it, and help her process. If she hasn't, I'd leave it alone. You can't make her see what you want her to see. Maybe in time, if you have the patience.
  12. Maybe suggest a book that gives her some coping mechanisms???
  13. Another thought, some people really struggle with communicating their feelings or have been taught to keep them in, so really have no idea of how to even begin to process or express them in a healthy way. Like when a child is crying but has no idea of how to explain what's wrong. Some people never grow beyond that for whatever reason.
  14. If it's family, I engage only to be polite. If it's a friend, and I notice it happens more often than not, I tend to distance myself, realizing I may have outgrown her/him. Most times when people are disporportionately angry, they're either projecting or don't want to deal with the real issues in their lives. In my experience that's their way of releasing their emotions they typically bottle up. Not the healthiest way to get it out, but it is what it is.
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