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  1. I've found that I can be extremely polarizing, people either love me or hate me, which used to bother me to no end. It got better with maturity and introspection. I am who I am, and while I certainly don't intend on ever offending anyone, find that I often do. Not as much as I used to, as I've learned through trial and error that what I find humour in, others find offensive or I get the blank look. I am honest to a fault, which I've had to learn the hard way most don't want to hear. I never understood that, why ask my opinion if you don't want a truthful answer. I am not affectionate, strongly dislike hugging and cuddling. I had to train myself to be so with my children. That effort tends to leave me depleted and not much left to give my dh or anyone else for that matter. I'm not big into social media at all. One of the reasons I like this board and have even started actively participating *insert clutching my pearls" is because I relate to so many here and I really struggle with that in the "real" world. True connections are so very rare. Also not formally diagnosed, but I have two boys on the spectrum and in my never ending research have discovered that in most cases offspring tend to inherit A.S.D. from the opposite sex parent. As well as, I have always known instinctively that I was "different".
  2. To expand on this, mothers are repelled by their son's pheromones to prevent attraction and therefore incest, and possible procreation. It's nature's way of protecting us. We just have to suffer through it!
  3. It's an assumption that she is only reaching out because she needs the business. As a hairstylist I can tell you that most of my clients would be offended if I didn't reach out to them if I haven't seen them in a while. Things change, maybe the client lost their job, had a health issue, is getting a divorce, etc. It's not fair to assume that she is reaching out solely for the money, maybe she is concerned about you. We develop relationships with our clients, especially if they've been your client for a long time and you know intimate details about their lives. My suggestion is to be honest with her regarding your pricing issues. In most cases, I'd be willing to give a long time, loyal client a break, if at all possible. If she can't do that for you, then she'll know that you've moved on out of financial necessity, which is perfectly understandable.
  4. As a former salon owner and employee, any tip is appreciated. Some more than others! Sadly, the average hairstylist or nail technician does not make a liveable, consistent wage. Of course there are rare exceptions. It is a job without any benefits (insurance, paid vacation, pension, sick days, etc.) that requires an enormous amount of physical labor that eventually takes a toll on the body. Continuing education is a must in the industry to keep up with the latest techniques, products, etc. Tip what you can afford and what you think is fair. I'm asking that you keep in mind there are always costs associated to that simple pedicure or haircut the client is unaware of. I wish we could up the price point to give us a fair, liveable wage that wouldn't require depending on tips to get by. Unfortunately, we can only charge what the market is willing to pay.
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