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  1. I have a vomitter. He is almost 15 and has had a sensitive tummy his entire life. We spent the early years trying everything we could think of and all kinds of food. He can not eat any kind of dry food period! He does best with the higher end wet food brands that do not contain fillers. His vomiting was reduced when we quit dry food and switched to the cheap canned food but he was still getting sick way too often. The cheapest of the “higher end food” we have found that works for him is Blue Buffalo. He still vomits about once every 7-10 days but he is maintaining his weight and seems healthy
  2. I drink 4-5 cups of hot tea per day year round. I microwave my water. I have a large kettle but do not use it as I inevitably boiled the water which then made me irritated because I had to wait for it to cool to the proper temperature. If I wanted a cup mid-day, the kettle was cold and had to be reheated, and I would get distracted and boil it again. 😔 Tea should not be complicated so I have been using the microwave for a long time, but I would like to find another method. How do you get the perfect temperature water for tea? Do you have an electric kettle? Something else? Will it keep
  3. My ds 17 had been experiencing some serious depression at about age 15. I thought perhaps it was normal adolescent emotions. We had some extensive bloodwork and allergy testing done because he seemed excessively tired all the time and had out of control eczema. Turns out he had some food allergies (and mold exposure) that were causing irritation to his intestines which in turn caused a host of nutritional deficiencies. Once we eliminated his allergens, started healing his gut and got him on vitamin supplements, the depression disappeared. He is a whole new kid. That experience made me wonde
  4. My Aussie sounds like Ottakee’s. Super laid back (not as high energy as our lab, German shepherd or border collie were) and not a barker. Ours is a full size Aussie. He weighs about 60 pounds but I have heard males often weigh up to 65 so he isn’t overweight. The mini Aussie I think is more in the 40 pound range. I have heard the minis and full size have different temperaments but have never really investigated this. Perhaps the smaller version of the Aussie is more energetic and vocal??? Aussie owners please chime in. Is yours high or low energy, and the smaller or larger variety?
  5. Our Aussie was 2 years old when we adopted him so we missed the puppy days. He is now 3 1/2 and not super high energy at all. Sure he likes to play, jump hurdles and do obstacle course games but he is also really good at just lying at my feet all day. He is super smart and has been fun to train because he learns so quickly and is so eager to please. He is also very loyal, and by that I mean clingy. He hates to be left alone and really wants to be with his family all the time. I would totally get another Aussie after this one as long as our lifestyle would still allow me to be with it most of
  6. Thank-you for all the responses. It makes me feel a little better hearing from people who have been through this and knowing that their pup survived the boredom of activity restriction and went on to live a healthy life. Thanks Katie for mentioning scent training. I have never heard of that but will definitely be looking into it. The next few months just seem like they are going to stretch out forever and having some “fun” ways to pass the time will hopefully help my pup stay relaxed and content.
  7. My vet offered this as an option. She said it doesn’t get rid of the heart worms completely. The disease is still present and fatal, it just slows the progression and buys them more time. She thought it might give him a a couple more years than no treatment, but since he isn’t even quite three years old yet (and I am super attached to him!) we want to try to completely get rid of the heart worms. I see how for a working dog who would absolutely hate being confined during the many weeks of treatment, it may be a better option. My Australian Shepherd is super chill and loves just being with me
  8. It is all my fault. I have his preventative in the cabinet but sometimes the first of the month comes and goes and it is well into the month before I remember to give my pup his heart worm preventative. We went for annual vaccinations today and he tested positive for heart worm. We are going to treat it because he is an otherwise healthy almost 3 year old and my constant companion. I cannot imagine not treating him, but I am a little overwhelmed at what the vet laid out as our treatment plan: 4 pills a day for 30 days, wait 30 days, sedate and do x-ray and a series of 3 shots requiring s
  9. I hadn’t thought about picking up germs from the airport, but that is certainly possible. We do drink the water in the parks/resort, but try to keep our eating as normal as possible because we have definitely had tummy trouble in the past due to overindulgence and just eating unfamiliar foods. I will definitely get some elderberry before we travel again and look into the humidifier.
  10. We go to Walt Disney World every January. (Usually ~10 days). While we are there I keep hand sanitizer hanging on the outside of my backpack so it is super handy and we all use it multiple times a day. I also carry a package of antibacterial wipes and we will typically use those before eating...sometimes in addition to the regular hand sanitizer. When we return to our room everyone washes their hands and of course there is bathroom hand washing throughout the day. Despite our efforts every single year we come home sick. We have never knowingly gone to WDW sick but seem to either be ill by th
  11. Thanks for all the great ideas! I am off to research and start planning 😁
  12. I need some vacation ideas. We moved to the Houston area last fall and would like to plan a few trips with ds (just turned 17 last week) before he leaves home. We are looking for both things that could be done in Texas in short 3-5 day trips as well as longer vacations where we are still able to drive within two days (16-20 hours tops). We have family in northern Oklahoma so trips that take us up that way to stop in before continuing on would be nice (Missouri, Arkansas, or at the furthest Colorado) We enjoy outdoor activities. We have a ton of camping equipment are open to camping and non-ca
  13. I am the only one seriously craving cookies after reading this thread? We have no cookies in the house right now. I must remedy this problem IMMEDIATELY. This is worse than when I had to rush out and buy a stream mop and InstantPot after reading WTM. I MUST HAVE COOKIES! 🍪🍪🍪
  14. I am with Spryte on this one. I too have never met a cookie I didn’t like. Shortbread is probably my favorite and since no one else in my family will eat it, we never have it. I also have absolutely no self control where shortbread is concerned and since no one will help me eat it, I set myself up to over indulge if it enters our house. Sigh
  15. In case anyone was wondering, Shenzhen is in China. I just remembered a gift I ordered for dh hasn’t arrived and went to look through my email to find shipping info. Yep, I ordered something from China and somehow failed to notice that it wasn’t shipping from the U.S. The shipping info didn’t actually say “China”. It just listed the package location as Shenzhen and being the highly insightful individual that I am, I figured Shenzhen wasn’t in Texas anywhere and set off to Google it. Luckily this was not my main gift for dh and I will just show him a picture of his gift so he will
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