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  1. We spent months fighting my son’s eczema with multiple prescriptions from the dermatologist that all contained warnings not to use more than 10 days because it would thin the delicate skin of the eyelid too much. Nothing the dermatologist tried helped. Finally, we did allergy testing. We had no idea he was regularly eating several things he was allergic to. Voila! The skin cleared with no medication as soon as we eliminated these foods. His tummy troubles also went away and he has more energy and is generally less irritable. My advice, get allergy tested ASAP!
  2. We are are moving from a home with no carpet to a home with both wood and carpet. I haven’t owned a vacuum cleaner in years as I have been able to sweep and mop my hardwood floors. We have long haired cats and an Australian Shepherd who sheds hair like crazy. I am worried that our floors will be disgusting. Are their vacuums that can really pull the pet hair up off the surface of the carpet? My last experience with a vacuum was over ten years ago and it did not get up pet hair at all. Yuck! I am so sad that we were unable to find a home with no carpet and wondering if we will need to rip out several rooms of new carpet just because we can’t keep it clean. I need a seriously good vacuum cleaner!!!
  3. What an awesome thread! Totally made my morning. Keep us posted with your chick training! Hope they get to be in the show😁
  4. So my new Australian Shepherd is a champion shedder. We combat this with daily brushing and daily sweeping/mopping of the floors. I am at a bit of a loss on how to handle his dog bed though. I am not sure I purchased a fabric that works well for fur as the fur clings to the surface even when washed. I am currently taking it outdoors to hose off before it can touch my washer and then putting it out to dry. This method makes it smell better but it still has a million hairs imbedded in it and is gross to look at. Am I setting my expectations to high to want a dog bed that actually looks clean after washing? Do I need a new routine or a better fabric? What says the Hive?
  5. What is this back-saving electric brush of which you speak? It sounds heavenly 😁
  6. PrarieWind, You have devastated me. I was feeling so hopeful at the helpful responses. Then I read that I still need to reseal EVERY YEAR😖. I was seriously hoping to get at least a couple years out of this grand effort. Sigh 😔
  7. Just a note to all hive cat people who have outdoor or indoor/outdoor cats: bobcat fever appears to be at an all time high in Oklahoma and is highly prevalent in Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and Colorado though it is found in every state except Hawaii. Bobcat Fever is a transmitted by ticks and deadly to house cats and your tick prevention med may not be enough to save them. Our sweet indoor/outdoor boy, Junior, loved going outside during the day and roaming a small wooded area behind our home (in the middle of town). I always put Frontline on him, but Frontline is not good enough to protect against this as ticks will still bite them anywhere there is little fur (ears, nipples, anus, and tummy if their fur isn’t thick). My Junior had a tick on his nipple. Our small town vet saw two cases this month with ticks on the anus. The first symptom is fever and there is no cure. (Although I do understand that they have had minimal luck in Missouri as it appears to be a less deadly strain) Their fever will soar and their organs shut down within 3 days of the first sign that something was wrong. I didn’t know that I could have been buying a stronger tick prevention from my vet. I trusted Frontline to protect my baby not knowing its limitations. I did not have a bobcat in my yard. I live in town. A tick had to have bitten a bobcat and then come into my yard on a deer or a fox or raccoon. The tick then had to bite my cat. Such an unlikely scenario but one that appears to be repeating itself over and over because according to my vet she has never seen this number of cases of bobcat fever in her almost 30 years of practice. I share all this in hopes that the knowledge will help you better protect your fur babies I wish I had known😕 Junior was the cat who followed me in the yard, came running when I called, liked to be carried on my shoulder like a baby, groomed my son’s hair, sat with me on the piano bench when I played, and slept with me. Our hearts our broken that he is gone and that his death could have been prevented.
  8. Our floor grout is really not supposed to be the color of dirt😏. I would like to get the grout really clean and then seal it. In the past, this has been a backbreaking job. I crawl around on my hands and knees with the tiny grout brush and scrub each line. Baking soda paste is messy and I never seem to get the right consistency because I have a gritty film left over and bleach based sprays are effective but the area is so large that I have made myself seriously ill with the fumes. What should I be using the clean the grout and what product do I need to seal it so my cleaning job will last longer?
  9. That is awesome lol! I never thought of putting something fun in dh’s lunch (although I think I will skip the frozen family pet😂). This thread has me inspired to see what fun things I can add to the lunch. My husband is going to think I have lost my mind😁. I will now be accepting all suggestions from the hive for what “fun” surprise objects should go in Bensdad’s lunch hahaha!
  10. My husband is spoiled in this area. I occasionally pack his lunch (leftovers), but more often cook a hot, fresh lunch and deliver it to him at work. He works 15 minutes from home so round trip it takes a half hour out of my day. (He works in an environment where I can’t go inside so he just comes out and grabs his lunch and I am on my way.) He has long work days though (12-13 hours) and can’t leave for lunch. I don’t work outside the home so I do what I can to make his life easier. I have done this for about 15 years and can’t really say I mind doing it.
  11. I have tried to attach a pic of our new guy. Not sure if I was successful since I have never posted a picture. We would like him to ride with us in the van on a regular basic and I am looking at seat covers. I had no idea there were so many options. Do you have any recommendations on brand or style? I currently drive a Honda Odyssey, but plan to trade it for a CR-V in the next year or two. It would be great if the seat covers would work on both the middle row of the van or the back of a crv. Does such a thing exist?
  12. Homeschool mom, Jill McKeever, has written several vegan cookbooks of which I own four. I enjoy her recipes that much! Many of her recipes use the InstantPot. She loves it!!! Several of her recipes are free online complete with video which I absolutely love because it makes it easy for even us cooking-challenged types to be successful😉. We like her “Best Cabbage Soup Ever, So Far”, Tortilla Soup, “Memaw’s Veggie Stew (made with soy curls and like a chicken veggie), Picky Eater’s Noodle Soup (also soy curls but this is soooo like the chicken noodle of my childhood), and Muligatawny Soup. Her website is: Or look up Simple Daily Recipes on YouTube for free demonstrations.
  13. Thank-you Hive for all your thoughtful responses. Once again, I am impressed by how this group always seems to come through with the answers to every question. My dh never reads these discussions, but he read every response last night and we spent some time discussing them. There were many things we hadn’t considered; we also checked out a couple of the websites that were referenced. That was extremely insightful. Thank-you!
  14. I know many Hive members have experience moving around the US. If you have lived in both states that are generally considered low cost of living and states with mid to high cost, where do you see the biggest price differences besides property cost? (For the sake of discussion we should probably rule out AK and HI which have special inflation due to the expense on shipping goods to the area). Do you see a significant difference groceries, clothing, automobiles, healthcare, fuel, utilities etc.? Is EVERYTHING more expensive? How much more? Any tips for moving from a low-cost to high-cost area without busting the budget?!
  15. Bensmom2


    Even though we live in a small town we have an active beekeeper club. (My dh is a beekeeper). Ours is listed in the newspaper under local organizations or you may be able to call your chamber of commerce and ask if you have a local group. Beekeepers love to help collect swarms. Ours never charge anyone for their services.
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