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  1. Thank you all for your replies! You've given me a lot to think about!
  2. I will be teaching online this fall -- and *might* have a choice of grade to teach math. Thanks for helping me figure this out.
  3. Don't worry about it. Admissions departments are completely ignoring the writing score. The only reason it is still on the ACT is that some states allow the ACT to be taken in lieu of state testing. The overall ACT score is outstanding.
  4. I am going to work with his current tutor to create a transition plan. I actually have a window of time to plan this out (July).
  5. Gil2.0 - I wish I had time to put together my own program - to some extent I may be able to. Thanks for the detailed explanation and resources!
  6. I had no idea that the Switch had a programming game! Also I will definitely check out CS First Lessons -- I had not heard of it before. Thanks for pointing these out! WTM board never disappoints.
  7. These are on my wishlist - thanks so much! With so many choices it's nice to get solid recommendations.
  8. Thank you daijobu! I just found out they have been using code.org and scratch.org, so I think I would probably start there. I do want to check out the Python book though, it looks very good.
  9. Hello, popping in here to ask about CS Curriculum. I don't know any of the "newer" languages - C++, Python, etc... and I need to tutor a third grader in CS on a long term basis. I can design my own curriculum but would prefer to not re-invent the wheel. Would love to hear some suggestions!
  10. Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone - Deborah Madison. Hands down, this is the Bible of this genre. I use it constantly and we are not even vegetarian.
  11. Weighing in late...but my daughter took DO physics (years ago) and really enjoyed it... she even considered majoring in physics. Another daughter took Clover Creek Physics and loved it. This is one course where a good instructor can make a huge difference.
  12. I don't think our district purchased teacher support, but I can help the kids through their courses. I still don't have the whole picture - maybe there is teacher support but it didn't sound like it! Will have more information next week.
  13. Thanks for the input BusyMom5 and City Mouse. In a weird twist I will be helping a group of kids through their Pearson experience at the school where I'm a TA. Luckily I have taught math before so I can help my daughter if she needs it with Algebra 2.
  14. I guess I'll be able to give everyone an update in about a month. Fingers crossed.
  15. That's what I am concerned about -- the teaching. The samples look like automated tasks. I didn't realize there was a real teacher on the Pearson side. She'll have a teacher at her school overseeing the process.
  16. Sorry if this has been discussed. The search function is not coming up with much. Our school district is going back face to face or online with Pearson (students have to choose). Please share if you have tried any of the classes.
  17. I am currently working with a student who struggles with Alg. 1. To start with we are using the CLE (Christian Light) Alg. 1 Math Skill Development Sheets. There are 63 of them, reviewing basics that are covered in Algebra - fairly easy and explanations on each page. Then we will start in the Alg 1 LightUnits this summer. It is a gentle program with lots of review. With this particular student I need to build her confidence, and it is working. I thought about using the Key To series but CLE is better (see samples online) for this student at least. Surprisingly the Christian content is almost nonexistent. It is entirely missing from the Development Sheets.
  18. I love the Saxon Algebra 2 (with geometry) book and taught it twice online with the Virtual Homeschool Group co-op...however it may not be the easiest transition. I agree with Jann. It takes a long time to get through that particular book (129 lessons + weekly tests).
  19. Since mid Match I have been shepherding jr high and high school kiddos who I formerly had in my computer lab (in-person) study hall. It is incredibly exhausting for me and for the kids! We only have school for 2 more weeks but I call some of my kids several times per day to try to keep them going. This past weekend the seniors graduated, all 34 of them in our tiny district. It was surreal, and beautiful. Ceremonies were conducted on the football field with one vehicle-full per graduate, all lined up in a horseshoe arrangement. I think it was the best graduation I have ever attended. Tomorrow back to my 7th -grade through HS Juniors...I imagine some of them will need to work through the summer to earn credit. My position will probably be eliminated through budget cuts but I want to still work with those who have started with me...we will see how this goes. Taking this a day at a time.
  20. I've also indulged in audiobooks....re-listening to all my Kate Morton and Pat Conroy titles, and a new series of Sherlock Holmes mysteries by Laurie R King. Also for the first time, The Goldfinch. 🧡
  21. I've been using fountain pens and nice paper for my daily work.
  22. In Oregon it may not be prescribed as a preventative. You have to be admitted to a hospital to receive it. https://www.oregon.gov/omb/statutesrules/Documents/855.007.0085 Prescriptions for Chloroquine.pdf
  23. She has to realize that every other senior in the nation is facing the same thing. I know, it sucks. But she will get through it. It's fine to break down and let it all out...that probably helps. We will all get through this, as a nation, eventually.
  24. Yes I'd fly and drive back, staying at out-of-the way places on the way back and masking N-95 on the flight. I will possibly be doing this in the near future. eta: I would take some type of porta-potty because I will not go into a gas station restroom 🙂 even I have standards
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