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  1. 6:30 a.m. except for Saturday when I sleep a bit later, till 8 or so. Dana
  2. changed my life lately. We have been eating *delicious* fresh bread with hearty soups, home made pizzas, and all other sorts of things. You can have meat or not with these things but if you didn't, believe me, you would not miss it. I splurged and invested in the things that the book suggested: baking stone pizza peel large rubbermaid container for keeping bread dough in the refrigerator oven thermometer My dd asked me yesterday, "Mom, are we part Italian?" LOL. The reason I am bringing this up is that the soups were just not enough of a "meal" without the bread, which seems to make all the difference. Dana
  3. when she was between the ages of 5-11 she could be literally sitting in a chair and end up falling on the floor. She is a lot better now (13) but still plays rough and gets a lot of bumps and scrapes. Dana
  4. I have used the following from MCT's site and LOVE them for my middle schooler: Caesar's English I Classical Words Classics in the Classroom I was just waiting for my dd7 to read a little better and I will soon order his whole series of grammar and poetry texts. The teacher and student manuals are the same, just that the TM has answers...you can get by with the TM if you want to save $$. The cost is well worth this program - they ship quickly, too. Dana
  5. this afternoon ... and now there is almost a foot of new snow on it. We shoveled our deck just before dinner, got it all cleaned off and had to re-shovel 9 new inches of snow just now. It snowed an inch in the time we shoveled one side of the deck. I think it is going to be a snow day (snowed-in day) tomorrow! Dana
  6. We have 3' drifts - no one can get in or out of our area. I've been on the phone most of today with the neighbors trying to get it worked out how we will get dug out of here. My dh had to park a half mile away and has been going back and forth with snowshoes. I love the snow but when accompanied by high winds it is terrible. This is all on top of an 18 inch base! Dana
  7. It just depends on the discussions and thoughts that can occur as a result. Star Trek is part of my past, and our family has fun remembering old episodes. Back when I was working as an engineer our entire computer lab would take the afternoon off to go see a new Star Trek movie on opening day. Always the nerd, Dana
  8. Aaaah, I'm so sorry that happened to your daughter and thanks for the warning. I'm not so sure I want one of these now. Each piece of equipment I can think of has its own inherent hazards. Dana
  9. Oh my. I don't want to do anything to drive myself more crazy - the hoppy balls I have had to get rid of before because my kids are maniacs on them and would surely break their necks. We have stairs - lots of them. I wasn't thinking of a ball chair with a frame, but a large ball that she could sit on while reading, etc. I do like the link you included, thanks! Dana
  10. My 7yodd is sooooo active. 3yo sister is a close second. I was thinking of a mini-tramp (rebounder) with a bar or an exercise ball to sit on. I hate to give up the floor space but I am going out of my mind and it's too cold and icy to be outdoors unless full winter gear is on. I'm looking for something to burn off energy *during* school. Anyone with pros/cons or other suggestions? Dana
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