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  1. nwahomeschoolmom

    Help me with 3rd grade curriculum choices

    Since you want something simple and have younger children, I would recommend CLE. My son is younger than yours, but does a mix of grades including some third grade materials. I switched to CLE to streamline things for him just a few weeks ago and we both love it. It was kind of a hard transition because the spiral format is not easy. An entire page of 'underline the pronoun" is easy, but when you are asked questions that bounce all over the place you really need to know your stuff which is one of the reasons I like the curriculum. In any case, my son said the other day "I don't just like school, I LOVE school." I'm sure he won't like it again soon, but CLE is working well. We did NAC 1 cursive last semester and he transitioned well to the CLE cursive style. Its also a really reasonable amount of cursive practice, not too much. As far as spelling, my son was also getting too ahead in spelling and I have Spelling Power as well. I just felt bad keeping him from playing so I could teach him 5th/6th grade words that he didn't need to know how to spell yet. I decided to give him some time off spelling and make sure he knows the words in CLE only (he knows most of them already) to save us time. We started CLE with 206 which is close to third grade. We also combine CLE with Writing With Ease. We currently use CLE Reading 3, but for a true 3rd grade I think the literature guides you are looking at are better. We also started using Prima Latina this semester and enjoy that as well. Sounds like you are close to figuring something out!
  2. nwahomeschoolmom

    ADHD planner recommendations?

    I have never been able to keep any kind of planner, digital or otherwise...until, I got so overwhelmed with events last year that I had to do something. What works for me is to have a normal standard planner on a raised counter in the kitchen. It is always open to the current date and it almost never moves. No one is allowed to move it! I keep my grocery list on an index card on the open page. I don't carry the planner with me. I transfer any date information to the calendar by hand. It helps that I never move it and its always open to the current date. For some reason, it works for me! I'm not sure if have ADHD, but I certainly have something. LOL.
  3. nwahomeschoolmom

    How long will this phase last?

    Thank you! - These are some great ideas to help me out during this phase. I especially like the Hot Wheels car wash idea...Perhaps I should even drop the cars in the dirt first : )
  4. I have a 6.5 year old boy with severe ADHD and a 16 month old boy. Up until about now, homeschooling has been somewhat smooth and I've just had to deal with my 6 year old's issues (which can be a lot on its own). Now all of sudden, Mr. Toddler has entered the picture. Climbing onto the school table, crying, climbing on my son's chair, pulling books off of the table, and generally just making it nearly impossible to focus for a child for whom it is already near impossible to focus. How long does this "toddler phase" last? I put a small table in the school area so he can play with crayons and paper which worked for a day. Lately, I have been standing and giving him my chair while I let him play with stuff at the table or eat something just to buy us some time. But its FAR from ideal, and frustrating. I was thinking it would get better around 3 when he could actually color or do play-doh or something like that? (When he is 3, my son will be in third grade which is when school work seems to pick up I think?) He does get interaction before school, including board books and some playtime, etc. I just need to know there is some light at the end of this homeschooling tunnel! (And really for so long my baby would just amuse himself with toys for our morning session of school...everything has now changed! (We do more school while he naps..)
  5. nwahomeschoolmom

    Updated: (Eliminated Saxon) Now Horizons or CLE for this situation?

    I am using CLE 3 with my 6 year old and recommend it. If your son already knows his multiplication facts, you won’t want to start at the beginning of 3. My son is on 302 and can do 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s. On the other hand they do A LOT with multi column carrying and borrowing so start earlier if he needs more practice with that. Horizons could also work! I Personally, I prefer CLE.
  6. nwahomeschoolmom

    Question on ADOS

    I guess it’s not ideal, but we live in a part of the country where there aren’t many options. I don’t really want to get on a children’s hospital wait list for a super complete evaluation due to the the cost and long wait. Also, I met someone that did that and afterward they told her that her son “may or may not be autistic.”! What a waste of time for her! I like this lady. Maybe she got worried when I showed skepticism that they could complete testing in the allotted time because of issues with his first testing. She seemed confident when I talked to her and then she met with him for about 10 minutes...maybe that scared her. I’m glad she got to see how he is at the very beginning. When she introduced herself to him he started jumping all around her office because he was so excited...and she was like “is this normal for him” and we said yes.
  7. nwahomeschoolmom

    Question on ADOS

    My 6.5 yr old son is having ADOS testing (with IQ test) early next month for the first time. The psychologist mentioned wanting me to offer my son a reward for after the testing, I'm assuming to incentivize cooperative/good/his best behavior? What would be her reason for this? Wouldn't she want to see how he acts without a huge incentive? Of course, I don't know how the ADOS works...
  8. nwahomeschoolmom

    Memoria Press or Sonlight or...

    I thought that you could participate in CC without using their curriculum, or is that only at the Foundations level? We were planning to join next year for the social/routine of it, but I plan to keep using all the curriculum I am already using.
  9. nwahomeschoolmom

    Mixing Song School Latin 2 and Prima Latina

    I think that would work well..I am using Prima Latina with my first grader (started last month). Using the Song School Latin 2 would definitely make it more fun (more expensive though, but more fun : ) In my opinion, Prima Latina just has very basic grammar (but fine for 1st grade), but we are only on Lesson 7. We do one lesson a week. Good luck!
  10. nwahomeschoolmom

    Spanish or French curriculum for K-2

    Vote for French! How special to practice with family!
  11. nwahomeschoolmom

    Thoughts on the CM approach to Language Arts?

    Writing With Ease helped my son pick up on the fact that "narrations" were different from normal speaking - I totally agree with this. With that said, I like a lot of Charlotte Mason's points and I think that all "methods" of education can incorporate some of her best points in their own way, but I'm definitely an eclectic homeschooler and tends towards traditional/classical. My son has severe ADHD and without a physical workbook page in front of him to complete "as a goal" we would hardly get anything done and he would retain very little. Writing With Ease does work for us though because its a small part of our overall curriculum and he knows what to expect from it. My son also doesn't like really open-ended questions....he needs the scaffolding of traditional workbooks. I totally get it though - I'd be the same way. (Even our science program which I like has these really open-ended parts that get left undone.) It can be a lot more challenging to narrate everything, so I like separating subjects and having narration be one of them (Writing With Ease) instead of everything be that style.
  12. nwahomeschoolmom

    Social thinking spin off question from DD

    Was the the girl actually calling someone a "retard"? Whether to their face or not, that's terrible! Standing up for someone like that as your daughter did is not always rewarded this side of heaven, but it is rewarded eventually! I have no idea if you are a Christian or not, but the narrow gate and wide gate parable may apply in situations like this.
  13. nwahomeschoolmom

    Weighted compression vest

    We have one, but unfortunately my son doesn't want to wear it. He was really excited about it at first and pretended it was a SWAT team vest (dad's idea) but ever since that wore off, I've only got it on him a couple of times. My son is about 5t if you are interested in ours : ) I was going to use it for a few 30 minute sessions during the day, when he has the hardest time focusing. He has also gotten more into chewing lately, after a break from maybe sensory needs change and cycle back, etc.
  14. nwahomeschoolmom

    Team sports. to continue or quit.

    The locals here are bit more crazy and intense about sports than we are used to. It didn't seem like anybody was "playing for fun." We are not from this state. I have an out-of-state friend who is also keeping her son from sports here for the same reason. It was not how I remembered sports growing up. Of course we do the best we can with our son and would have kept him in it had it been a good, laid-back, fun learning environment for him. We were trying to keep him from embarrassing himself in an environment that was not right for him. Just last week, my son got in trouble at his Ninja class and he sat on my lap sobbing for 10 minutes chewing on his stuffed animal and I wasn't angry at him at all. He is getting frustrated with his own motor coordination and attention deficits and is tired of sports. I know him well and try to know when to be stricter and when to be super nurturing. We probably need some expert behavioral intervention but are still waiting on proper diagnosis. I had no idea my post would generate so much flack weeks later. With a son like ours you really can't win with anything. Some people think we are too easy, some people think we are too strict. Some people don't even believe in ADHD or autism. Lesson learned about internet forums. Having an special needs kiddo is hard enough...this is not something I need. Can ya'll please move on and discuss the OP?
  15. I just received CLE Math 3 and the lessons did look shorter than I was expecting. I was pleasantly surprised! (Though my son is one that needs constant review of everything...)
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