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  1. Those look a lot like my son's scores....He has severe, severe ADHD. What type of behaviors are you trying to help? Or is it school performance you are concerned about?
  2. I had a relative weakness with reading comprehension growing up as well. Test scores would show 98-99% in most things, and then like 45-50% in reading comprehension. What helped me was practice with "formal reading comprehension" over the years. I trained my brain to pick up on details that I thought would come up later in the questions. (I do think I have a degree of son has it SEVERE though.) If someone had asked me to read something and tell them what happened, I could do it well and get the big picture. But then, I would probably do terribly at specific "test" questions. So, I think it is important to practice with actual formal reading comprehension material and not just do it verbally. And for what its worth, I still struggled with it all the way through college. I had several classes that only offered multiple choice tests and I would nearly fail them. But then I could tell you in words what I was learning. Formal reading comprehension questions often ask nit-picky questions regarding details that might not stay in mind if you have ADHD or similar. (I use CLE Reading with my son now, which includes comprehension and vocabulary in the same program. )
  3. I am just now seeing this post. My son is so much like how you described....the behavior can be very maddening. I also had my son evaluated two times and neither time said autism, though many people think he is on the spectrum. I still think my son has Aspergers, but I guess I agree that he is not at the level of "autism." Also, the phrase "significant social impairment" can be subjective. Some days the constant debating certainly seems like significant social impairment to me! My son is on medication now and doing a bit better, but the theory of mind issues are still there. I mean, if someone told me as a child that I was being difficult, pestering, annoying, I'd want to stop what I was doing. My son just keeps on keeping on and doesn't really understand (or care about) the problem. Thank goodness for his ADHD medication though....its made a big difference. I hope things improve...for all of us really!
  4. Hake Grammar is supposed to be really good. If I wasn't using CLE LA, we would be using Hake Grammar. We almost used Grammar Galaxy last year, but decided against it and I agree, form what I read, it is too young for your son's grade.
  5. I'm stuck on a history program. There are some history programs that I really like for the most part, but they seem to split into a lower grammar group, which is too basic for my son, and then an upper grammar group, which might be too demanding. He is going into 2nd grade next year and is also gifted. He would enjoy building something occasionally, but he isn't really interested in learning through coloring pages, arts and crafts etc. He is a get-it-done and go play/do his own thing kind of a kid. For reference, this is what we are using this year: . Its actually a workbook that I made to go with A Child's History of the World. The reading and worksheets are at his level, but some might only give them to a 3rd/4th grader, not a 1st grader. Earlier this year, we had to do the worksheets together and now he mostly reads and does them by himself by his choice. We have done history twice a week, about 20-30 minutes at a time. He has learned a lot this way, without too much fluff. So when I look at Biblioplan, it looks perfect because I can choose harder questions for him, but the program seems a little chaotic and confusing. When I look at Tapesty of Grace, I don't really see any reading questions for his age group, just a few simple oral questions and projects, etc. I think Story of the World is too similar to CHOW and we need something different this year. I also don't want a secular history program or one that is too Protestant learning, because I am Russian Orthodox. So anyone have any ideas, or am I going to be stuck writing another history workbook this year for my son? LOL. I did look at the Beautiful feet history guides and they also had the either too easy for lower grammar or too hard for upper grammar thing going on. (I know not everything has too be "hard', but it has to be engaging and interesting to him.) Also, we do narrations from time to time, but in combination with written work. It's how my son learns best. Thanks in advance for any ideas!
  6. My son did not enjoy FLL either (though he learned a ton from it the first year.) We switched to CLE Language Arts. Its been working really well for him. I like CLE LA because it focuses on a bit on everything and he is one that really needs spiral review.
  7. We used Russian Step by Step and really enjoyed it. We got through most of the first book. I would definitely recommend son was a bit too young for it, but it was a great "unit" in Russian.
  8. You've been given some great advice and feedback! Sometimes I feel like other moms wear it a badge of honor that they don't teach their young kids. I know it can be part of some people's homeschooling philosophy to wait and I can respect that, but I would definitely feel judged by them for doing otherwise! I'm glad my son is almost in 2nd grade now and the majority of homeschool moms will teach 2nd graders. And sometimes I'm not sure if its even true....Sometimes I think there is a bit of competition involved. Like when someone tells you are getting too thin and need to gain weight even though you look great. Sometimes people might tell you that you are doing too much make themselves feel better. Not sure if that makes sense!
  9. I know how this son has had two evals where we were expecting autism, and just ADHD each time. I wish they didn't get rid of Aspergers. My son's last eval just re-iterated severe ADHD, but this time added social delay and mentioned we should look at pragmatic expressive language. So many of the symptoms of Aspergers without supports other than medication!
  10. That uncertainty, decision, and change of plans would drive me crazy too! Both great options!
  11. I think its just depends on how much you plan to do each day and how long everything takes for your children. I am homeschool my gifted 1st grader right now. When I was still getting used to things earlier in the year, I would make a spreadsheet and plan the week out and make sure the maximum per day was 150 minutes. (2.5 hours) That has been just right for my DS. That doesn't include our read aloud time that I sometimes do in the morning, or in the evening. Thats not really school to us. He also practices piano for at least 10 minutes most school days. Some things my son has really liked have been logic/critical thinking puzzles. I don't do them all the times. Maybe for a couple of months, then we will take a couple months off and come back to them. I am teaching my son typing (5 minutes or less on Part of the reason is because he has a lot of creative ideas that involve typing on the computer and I want to give him the tools. (Sometimes he likes to make books, right now he into Coding on Scratch which might involve dialogue bubbles etc.) I think it depends on the DS. My son's handwriting is very well established though (cursive is a bit shaky, and sometimes he writes "q"s as "g"s, but otherwise good.) I'm not sure how Charlotte Mason works for a gifted child, but my son is enjoying an eclectic method of classical/traditional and a touch of Charlotte Mason (Writing With Ease.) For kids that are more math/science and like facts/encyclopedias, I'm thinking another method might work better? I don't know I wonder what other moms will have to say.
  12. Sorry, I wasn't clear.. I don't have an issue with stimming. She didn't really talk to us about stimming, she just thought the meds would reduce it. I meant under control at inappropriate times/inappropriate places. Under control enough for him to participate in extra curricular activities etc. Stimming might not always be the right word, sometimes he might just have really distracting/disruptive behavior. He was stimming a lot in church, and then we finally realized he NEEDED to be active, so we started letting him draw on a notepad during church. It actually worked and the stimming really reduced. So I see your point. I have no issues with stimming...I think I stim quite a bit. Sometimes during the sermon at church I press down my fingernails to help me stay still and pay attention, but no one knows I am doing it. LOL. I guess my son is my son.
  13. Thank you all for your responses! Yes, even though his results was somewhat similar to the eval last year, it was way more thorough and clear and gave us a better plan of action. And we will know soon enough what happens after the meds. This really speaks to what I fear for my son. If he can get his stimming and impulsivity under control, and practice/learn some better social still won't change who he is on the inside and struggles he might have if he is on the spectrum. (I have my own issues though I'm not sure exactly what they I don't wish that internal angst I felt in my younger year on him at all....) I guess everyone has to let their kids grow up and struggle though life though, whether they have special needs or not.
  14. Okay, I did my update I am posting this to move my update from above up!
  15. I haven't used CLE Reading 2, but we have been using CLE Reading 3 this year. We really like it, but we did take a one month break from it in December since we were ahead of schedule. Are you planning to do anything extra with the other books you want to read, or just read and talk about them? If that's the case, I would just do CLE Reading and then read other things on top of that. If it's the same as CLE 3, the stories in CLE are really quite short and the bulk of the work is in the workbook working on literature skills/comprehension/vocabulary. Of course, you can also just do half a year if that meets your goals!
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