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  1. You've been given some great advice and feedback! Sometimes I feel like other moms wear it a badge of honor that they don't teach their young kids. I know it can be part of some people's homeschooling philosophy to wait and I can respect that, but I would definitely feel judged by them for doing otherwise! I'm glad my son is almost in 2nd grade now and the majority of homeschool moms will teach 2nd graders. And sometimes I'm not sure if its even true....Sometimes I think there is a bit of competition involved. Like when someone tells you are getting too thin and need to gain weight even though you look great. Sometimes people might tell you that you are doing too much make themselves feel better. Not sure if that makes sense!
  2. I know how this son has had two evals where we were expecting autism, and just ADHD each time. I wish they didn't get rid of Aspergers. My son's last eval just re-iterated severe ADHD, but this time added social delay and mentioned we should look at pragmatic expressive language. So many of the symptoms of Aspergers without supports other than medication!
  3. That uncertainty, decision, and change of plans would drive me crazy too! Both great options!
  4. I think its just depends on how much you plan to do each day and how long everything takes for your children. I am homeschool my gifted 1st grader right now. When I was still getting used to things earlier in the year, I would make a spreadsheet and plan the week out and make sure the maximum per day was 150 minutes. (2.5 hours) That has been just right for my DS. That doesn't include our read aloud time that I sometimes do in the morning, or in the evening. Thats not really school to us. He also practices piano for at least 10 minutes most school days. Some things my son has really liked have been logic/critical thinking puzzles. I don't do them all the times. Maybe for a couple of months, then we will take a couple months off and come back to them. I am teaching my son typing (5 minutes or less on Part of the reason is because he has a lot of creative ideas that involve typing on the computer and I want to give him the tools. (Sometimes he likes to make books, right now he into Coding on Scratch which might involve dialogue bubbles etc.) I think it depends on the DS. My son's handwriting is very well established though (cursive is a bit shaky, and sometimes he writes "q"s as "g"s, but otherwise good.) I'm not sure how Charlotte Mason works for a gifted child, but my son is enjoying an eclectic method of classical/traditional and a touch of Charlotte Mason (Writing With Ease.) For kids that are more math/science and like facts/encyclopedias, I'm thinking another method might work better? I don't know I wonder what other moms will have to say.
  5. Sorry, I wasn't clear.. I don't have an issue with stimming. She didn't really talk to us about stimming, she just thought the meds would reduce it. I meant under control at inappropriate times/inappropriate places. Under control enough for him to participate in extra curricular activities etc. Stimming might not always be the right word, sometimes he might just have really distracting/disruptive behavior. He was stimming a lot in church, and then we finally realized he NEEDED to be active, so we started letting him draw on a notepad during church. It actually worked and the stimming really reduced. So I see your point. I have no issues with stimming...I think I stim quite a bit. Sometimes during the sermon at church I press down my fingernails to help me stay still and pay attention, but no one knows I am doing it. LOL. I guess my son is my son.
  6. Thank you all for your responses! Yes, even though his results was somewhat similar to the eval last year, it was way more thorough and clear and gave us a better plan of action. And we will know soon enough what happens after the meds. This really speaks to what I fear for my son. If he can get his stimming and impulsivity under control, and practice/learn some better social still won't change who he is on the inside and struggles he might have if he is on the spectrum. (I have my own issues though I'm not sure exactly what they I don't wish that internal angst I felt in my younger year on him at all....) I guess everyone has to let their kids grow up and struggle though life though, whether they have special needs or not.
  7. Okay, I did my update I am posting this to move my update from above up!
  8. I haven't used CLE Reading 2, but we have been using CLE Reading 3 this year. We really like it, but we did take a one month break from it in December since we were ahead of schedule. Are you planning to do anything extra with the other books you want to read, or just read and talk about them? If that's the case, I would just do CLE Reading and then read other things on top of that. If it's the same as CLE 3, the stories in CLE are really quite short and the bulk of the work is in the workbook working on literature skills/comprehension/vocabulary. Of course, you can also just do half a year if that meets your goals!
  9. I am a homeschooling newbie...but I have a guess. Maybe 10 or 20 years ago people who were homeschooling had deeper philosophies because the public schools weren't as bad. So the people that went to homeschooling had more fleshed out reasons for homeschooling. Maybe a lot more people today are homeschooling because of more simple reasons ("what?! you can't teach my kid THAT!") or whatever other reasons and maybe don't have as much interest in the teaching philosophy part, or just haven't been motivated to dive in deeper. I know it took me a couple of years to figure things out and learn more about my son's learning style. There is also the fact that many of the classical curriculums are just so much better than a public school would offer that people follow the 80-20 rule and just don't feel the need to dive in deeper. Another possible reason is because the economy has changed so much and there is such a big "STEM" focus. I haven't quite experienced what you are referring to (I mean I would be unaware being a homeschooling mom newbie), but I just thought I'd throw in an observation.
  10. Does anyone on here use BiblioPlan? I am really intrigued by the program, but it seems a bit pricey. Is it worth it? We really enjoy history so I definitely want something meatier for next year than a twice a week read aloud like we are doing this year. Thanks!
  11. I've been there too!! LOL...I was born in 1982...I relate to all this so much! Recently I heard "When my kids were young, it just wasn't the trend to get evaluations." Yeah, because I totally got an evaluation for my son because I wanted to be trendy! Computers may have made Aspergers a bit trendy, but there are certain symptoms that we deal with that are certainly not "trendy."
  12. I made a workbook to use with my son for A Child's History of the World that includes questions that could be used as scaffolding for narration: The workbook can be done written, orally, or both. We usually do the short answer questions Writing With Ease style. I scribe for him as he tells me the answer. I treat the fill in the blanks as comprehension and copy-work and have him write the answers himself. I wrote many of the short answer questions specifically so that one to a few paragraphs would need to be comprehended and then condensed into between one to three sentences in the student's own words.
  13. Manon of the Spring is a great French film I watched with my father as a teen. There is one scene where someone is bathing far away with no clothes you can fast forward. (But its hard to find a French film without that....)
  14. I have "mixed feelings" about CC also....I think we may be joining again because my son needs a small, routine-oriented place where he can go once a week and develop/practice social skills. We have other options in the area, but have mostly exhausted them. They didn't work out for him for various reasons. Oy vey. Maybe I shouldn't buy the Foundations guide and should just take a picture of the board each week...Is that allowed? 🤔
  15. This is a fun thread! I feel like I have changed a lot this year! DS is in his first grade year now. - Finish CLE 2 and start 3 (switching to see if DS enjoys spiral more). We are still with CLE. DS is in CLE 3, Light Unit 303. CLE Math has been such a good curriculum for him! - A few chapter books with study guides from MP or Moving Beyond the Page We tried the MP Lit Guide for Paddington Bear, but I found my son was not mature enough to read a chapter at a time, do a worksheet, have a discussion. He begged to read the book all at once and then he it was really hard getting him to do the Lit Guide..we did get through it (since I had spent the money and those MP Lit Guides aren't cheap!), but it was drudgery. I decided he was not mature enough for these yet, despite his reading ability. Instead we have done CLE Reading 3 which has been a perfect fit! I also like that the CLE Reading stories are largely also "social stories" and reinforce proper behavior which is helpful for my son. - MP Music Enrichment K - 2 We are still doing this...but I took a break because we got on a roll with morning read aloud finally. My son just asked to re-start this though. We do this once a week. - New American Cursive - We got through NAC 1 quickly and it worked great for my son. I the purchased NAC 2 which was too advanced and required too much writing for him. We took a break from cursive for a bit and now he is just doing the couple lines of practice in CLE Language Arts 2. - Real Science 4 Kids - I actually bought Science in the Beginning, did the first unit, and then actually purchased RS4K Building Blocks Level 2 anyway. It is going okay. We basically read 1 chapter a week and my son does the activity sheets. Sometimes we do the experiments. - Spelling Plus w/ Dictation - We did this for a while until my son progressed too far and the remaining words were like a 5th/6th grade level so we switched to Spelling Power. We took a 6 week spelling break while my son adjusted to CLE Language Arts 2 and just did their spelling worksheet. Now we are back to Spelling Power/occasional dictation, and I throw in words he misspells on random things that I find around the house. - Classical Writing Primer - We didn't like this at all...I immediately ordered WWE2 and we have been doing that all year. - Beowulf's Grammar - I bought Growing with Grammar 1 instead. We went through it really quickly because it was mostly a review of FLL1. Then, I switched to CLE Language Arts 2 for grammar/mechanics, etc after Christmas Break. We started with 206. Its challenging to start any CLE curriculum because of their spiral, but he is mostly caught up now. - MCP Plaid Phonics C - (not to use everyday but I'm convinced DS spells well because of worksheets from these books.) We did go through most of this! - WWE 2 ( as supplement to use infrequently over a couple of years) - We are going through the whole thing this year. - Geography - not sure yet! I purchased Expedition Earth by Confessions of a Homeschooler. We did this for about 2 months and then put it aside. My son likes making the binder sometimes, but we weren't really enjoying other parts of the curriculum. We both got tired of the crafts fast. We decided it was something he could do in his free time when he was in the mood. And that he did! He pulled it out just the other week and put together another 5 or 6 countries in the binder. - History - unschooling, will start formal history in 2nd grade I ended up purchasing A Child's History of the World and actually made a curriculum workbook to go with it that I have been using with my son all year. It's up on Lulu now. ( - Piano - My son is still doing piano and its going well! - Soccer, sports, etc. - Unfortunately, for the time being, organized sports, even the individual kind, are not a good fit for DS...but we will try again later. - Something to learn Russian (my son wants to learn Russian?!) We used Russian Step by Step and actually made good progress. Good memories of the fall season. But it got too challenging towards the end and I didn't have the free time to learn Russian ahead of him. It was a nice "unit" and I'd recommend the curriculum. I think we will revisit this curriculum when he is older if he wants to. After Russian, we started with Prima Latina. Latin is way easier to learn! - We completed Maps 2 by Teacher's Created Resources and are now doing Maps 3. - Extras/Supplements: Critical Thinking Activities (we mostly finished this), Read it, Draw it, Solve it 2 (mostly finished) , Graph Grapplers (No time for), Kumon Geometry and Measurement 2 (Not using) We are also doing and Scratch coding. I changed a lot this year!
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