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  1. I am not as smart as my son and I did high school algebra in 7th grade in a full class at a public school. I don't think of algebra as high school level for the majority of bright kids. If I did it 7th grade, I thought I could accelerate my son a bit if he wanted to start earlier. I am really not considering skipping anything, just moving more quickly. If we don't really do anything different, he will get to algebra by 7th or a bit earlier anyway, but he's much smarter than I was, so I thought I should get him ready sooner. I remember learning subtraction with borrowing in 2nd grade and t
  2. I think CLE tends to be a bit advanced and CLE 4 is very intensive year on top of that. My son just completed it...they cover A LOT. If you aren't really attached to CLE, I might consider switching. My son is advanced in math but really needs spiral review, so we are sticking with it. Also, because it is spiral, there isn't a lot of practice to grasp concepts right after something new is taught. My son grasps concepts quickly, then forgets them almost as easily, so that's why we need the spiral! Rod and Staff or BJU might be good alternatives, which could also work for your other child.
  3. I am finding a lot of that information in CLE Social Studies Grade 3. If you are looking for secular, that would not work for you though. (We taking a year off of regular history this year and enjoying the "Social Studies.")
  4. I am quite good at math, but I already know what you mean because it happened to me. In 9th grade, I switch to a rigorous private school and went straight into Algebra II and struggled because of gaps and lack of mastery from previous grades. But my son is solid (except for a couple of random asynchronous things that may never rectify and may talk longer for him to master.) I'm not talking about skipping anything...just going over certain things faster if he has them down and wonder if another program could be better for hat. Both my son and I are really into "box checking" and routine so no
  5. Thanks for the tips! I guess its normal, then for 2e/advanced...I'll just keep going how things are.
  6. My 2e kid is just now starting CLE 5 in 3rd grade. (Turned 8 this summer.). I bought him a simple algebra book (By scholastic or Barron’s) from a used bookstore this weekend and he LOVED it. He is great conceptually in math even if he makes mistakes in calculations at times. He does get A’s on pretty much all of his tests and quizzes in math though. So from at the beginning of CLE 5 what is a good way to get him to algebra? Should I try to condense/skip/switch curriculums or just let him unschool algebra in his free time when he wants to? (He does want to get to algebra and asked me to co
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