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  1. Yes, they did the ADOS. However, she said if in a few years he doesn’t improve on ADHD meds, SCD would be considered. I just don’t like the diagnosis because it only mentions social, when he struggles in all of the areas, just less so. After a Skype call with his grandparents last weekend, he had a meltdown and was out of sorts for a whole day. SCD just doesn’t seem to include stuff like that. And he does have repetitive behavior, interests....though improved on medication. I’ve kind of given up on an accurate diagnosis.
  2. Thanks for sharing. It helps to hear especially that there is another challenging child out there that does not fit clearly into one diagnosis! This is supposed to be true and it may be. My friend who was a school psychologist says in practice it is not true...and the diagnostic criteria is slightly different and does exclude a few children. There is a teenager I know who is a classic "Aspie" (walks on his toes even) and his diagnosis is "Social Communication Disorder." I think some psychologists are biased and do not want to give the diagnosis of autism to a very high-functioning child. My son's report even says as much. It actually says something like "the diagnosis of autism is reserved for those with severe communication challenges." That would exclude many with Aspergers. I'm not saying my son is for sure on the spectrum....I'm not sure.
  3. Okay, so I just got Rod & Staff English 3 in the mail. It looks great from what I can tell. I looked at the 5 unit tests and he will definitely learn/practice a lot this year. I think the reason why CLE seems more advanced is because it is spiral and the lessons are super long, plus it includes handwriting and spelling. CLE L.A. is a bit tedious. Rod & Staff lessons are just shorter with less review it seems. But I think it will be a good change!
  4. I thought that article was really interesting....It does make sense now to me why some people are diagnosed with "sensory processing disorder" and not autism. I still do think there can be a spectrum within autism. Some people can have challenges in all of those areas, but to a lesser degree than someone else. But it is a helpful article, to realize that just because someone is sensitive to sound, for example, it might just mean that and nothing more. My son definitely has all of those issues she mentioned, but not enough for a diagnosis at this time I guess. In all honestly, as a young girl, I think I had trouble in all of those issues as well. I can't figure out if it is a genetic social delay or what, because you couldn't really tell now. (Well, I haven't polled the public on that though....). Interesting article...Thanks for sharing!
  5. Thanks....I ended up getting Rod and Staff 3. Even though CLE is spiral, it can still feel repetitive because the format is always the same more or less. We could both use a break. We can always do the 2nd semester of CLE this year if we have had a long enough break. He definitely needs to be accelerated to 3rd grade for Language Arts, at least in what is being covered. But I am not giving him a 3rd grade workload. Writing is the area in which is he is most accelerated of all areas, so we are going to give CAP Fable a try. His "writing for fun" is seriously legit writing. (But I don't edit it of course.) It's one of his "special interests." (Since we are Russian Orthodox, the style of Rod & Staff/CLE is appealing, but BJU is not really our style, even if the educational content is great)
  6. I get the Bravewriter thing. I spent a while on the website because a friend of mine was raving about it, but it is definitely not for me. If there is a curriculum that I try with my son that I really don't like teaching, I just give it to him to put in his room for whenever he feels like doing it, and then we will do something else for our formal school time. I hope you get the rest you need this summer.
  7. True....but its feels good to know you are at least making an effort right? And there's always the miracle of the loaves and fishes. I'm sure food could possibly multiply in the future, if we faithfully bring a few loaves and fishes. I'm not familiar with what this is about...
  8. Interesting. When we move to the forest, we will still be TWENTY minutes from downtown : )
  9. I won't post the links because it would be too inflammatory...but if you are interested, go to LifeSiteNews and search for "canada law school." I'm not saying it is happening now, I'm saying it could happen...since we are talking about the future in this post. I'm not an Evangelical Christian - I am Russian Orthodox. Trust me, where I live, I don't get lumped in with evangelicals. (I'm sure my kids would have more friends if that were the case.) In the forest, you can learn to do things like hunt rabbits and make rabbit stew : ) Plant a garden, etc. We have a lot to learn. At some point in the last days, Christians won't be able to participate in the economy or buy and sell food without accepting the "mark of the beast' which hopefully most will decline. Its not something often talked about, but its not hard to believe it could happen in my lifetime or my child's. Then again, if it doesn't, the forest is still beautiful.
  10. Really interesting conversation...I have thoughts about the future as well. While significant weather events, whether related to climate change or not, are likely to happen going forward (as prophesied in the book of Revelation), the main thing that concerns me is whether or not college will be a safe place for my children when they grow up. I know there are different viewpoints on this board, but a province in Canada has gone so far as to say that law students from a certain Christian school there no longer have accredited degrees or no longer can get an accredited degree there (I'm not sure which) because of their religious beliefs. How long until that happens in America? Or to go to college you have to sign something that conflicts with your beliefs? That's the kind of thing that worries me....Part of why we are moving to the forest this year. (Hope to get some real skills out there...) Every generation thinks the world might end, but we have some pretty good reasons to think we might be counting down the remaining decades. Seriously, look up 5G and all the controversy surrounding it. Then again, who knows. On another note, we educate to instill virtue, teach them about God and the world He made, provide our children the tools to see through propaganda, provide them with tools to bring others to the Truth, and to not fall victim to groupthink. Getting a job in the future in not really part of it in the end, but hey, things could turn around and we do want them to be qualified for the workforce as well. Also, there is no reason to feel burdened or afraid if you are on the right path. "When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption in drawing near." Luke 21:28.
  11. We did most of it I believe. In the Rod & Staff 2 I have, it is 3 to 4 pages a lesson. The first page is filling in the beehive (which my son really didn't like doing) and then the fourth page was sometimes an extra activity. I'm not really considering Rod & Staff again as a main math program. We haven't used it for 1.5 years other than a few review worksheets. We didn't stop doing it because it was hard, but because he really didn't enjoy it and he dreaded math, when its usually something he likes and/or tolerates.
  12. It was the beginning of Rod & Staff 2...very effective, but my son dreaded it and I felt the need to switch. In talking to my son, I think that he just really wants a summer break from math. He wants to do review math and some enrichment...I get it. We do "homeschool summer school" (much less work than usual) and he just wants a change for summer. There is a chance CLE may still be the right thing for us when August comes around. I am having him work through the Placement Test on Mammoth Math for after Grade 2 and he says he likes it . I agree its not good to switch around math curriculums, but I'm wondering if I should slow him down a bit and let him go "deeper in math" by letter him working on Mammoth Math Grade 3, and then maybe back to CLE if we want. Otherwise, he will be at CLE Grade 4 by November or so. I'm not a huge fan of Beast Academy (its not something I would enjoy teaching, but he does have one of the books and answer keys he can look at in his own time) and Singapore might require a bit too much supplementing. He is gifted, but also has severe ADHD ("severe, severe" according to the psychologist), so he really needs a combo of spiral and mastery, and needs his curriculum changed up every now and then so as to not get bored. He was asking today to do Mammoth Math next year. We have Mammoth Math 1 so he is familiar with it. I had to set it aside because when I got it he was too young for the style, but he still likes to look at it sometimes. Thats why I'm wondering if he's ready to make a switch. This is a small thing but I'm starting to wonder if the small incremental teaching style of CLE is not keeping his interest. For example, the last few last units have taught a bunch of new things, including mixed numbers and converting them to decimals. But outside of the CLE format, I wonder if he understands why this happens or would recognize what to do. He's just memorizing, when I see the problem written like this, I do this....which I get is important too. (And because of the ADHD....he is not actually listening to me when I try to teach him something, it needs to be in the book somehow.) The thing I love about CLE is the spiral, and it includes every topic it seems...the only thing he has started to forget is how to tell time..they don't include that enough anymore. I would need to supplement with pretty much every curriculum except CLE.
  13. So I gave my son the Grade 3 placement test for Rod & Staff English and he started crying on the second question. So its safe to say I had overestimated his grammar abilities! Definitely not ordering Grade 4 Lol. My son is 2e so sometimes I overestimate his ability and forget to factor in his struggle with working memory, and that he easily forgets things he has learned if he hasn't seen them in while.
  14. Thanks for the advice everyone! We have been using CLE for a while...for most of Level 2 and now he is on CLE Math 3, Light Unit 7. We've made it a long way though before reaching this point. I think it is just going too fast for his developmental level, even though he can do it, and the lessons are getting longer. He is not a learning-by-play I definitely want a workbook. (My youngest son is though...that will be fun!) Maybe he does just need a more extensive break from such a heavy math program. Its hard because sometimes you want to just keep the momentum going on your kid's progress, its hard to say, wait a second...maybe this isn't the best thing to be doing anymore. I think another thing is that I really like math, and my son is good at it, but he much prefers most other subjects...unless its a fun word or logic problem. He would also probably be happier if I slowed him down in math and gave him more time for other stuff anyway.
  15. I thought we were really set on CLE Math, but my son has asked for a change. I think he is tired of how the problems jump around so much. I said to him this morning, "But this is why we switched to it. You were so tired of pages and pages of the same problem with Rod & Staff." And he said, "Mom...people get older and they change." Okay, so perhaps he does need a change! I also feel like the third grade level is moving rather fast in some ways. What have other people thought about CLE Math 3? He has just finished 1st grade and its summer, so right now we are doing one CLE lesson every other day. The other day we are doing a simple review (a page from Rod & Staff Level 2). I am adding in a few enrichment problems too. (He is a kid that needs some routine over summer, just about a hour of school work a day). If we do switch, would Mammoth Math be a good program to consider?
  16. Thanks for the feedback! This gives me something to think about. I realized that R&S does have a placement test, so I'll definitely have my son take that. I'm definitely leaning towards Rod and Staff. Also, my son is gifted with writing output as well...he writes sooo much. He has notebooks full of stories, and lately he has been drawing funny comics too. Fourth grade level output could definitely be pushing it though so if I do anything like that, I'd have to go more slowly to cut the workload down.
  17. Many people refers to this brand as "Real Science 4 Kids" or RS4K so you might have some luck searching under those terms for reviews. We used Building Blocks 2 last year and my son really liked it. We are continuing with 3 next year.
  18. Many people refer to this brand as "Real Science 4 Kids" or RS4K so you might have some luck searching under those terms for reviews. We used Building Blocks 2 last year and my son really liked it. We are continuing with 3 next year.
  19. I recently decided not to do CLE LA 3 with my son next year (after finishing the second half of CLE LA 2). I think sticking with the same program would be too repetitive for him in this case. In looking at Rod & Staff 3, a lot of the topics seemed pretty basic and similar to CLE LA 2. Should I consider Rod & Staff 4? I am also considering Hake/Saxon Grammar 3. I was planning to use one of these with CAP Writing and Rhetoric. Would love to hear some thoughts. (My son is going into second but very verbally gifted.) Thanks! (later add: I'm also considering McRuffy Press Language Arts and Reading workbook...we don't need the reading, but it seems really thorough also. Has anyone used it? We used the Transitional K curriculum a long time ago.)
  20. My son is also advanced in LA. I think I have decided on Hake/Saxon Grammar 3, New American Cursive 2 (already have it), Classical Academic Press Writing and Rhetoric, Spelling Power (already have). I was tempted to use CLE LA 3, because he used CLE LA 2 last year, but the next year seemed a bit too repetitive that I think he might get bored. This might change again...decided on LA is soo hard!
  21. I started teaching my son to read at just past age 4 using a book called Alphaphonics., which I highly recommend. Some kids are ready earlier than others. Reading gave him something else to do with his very hyperactive brain. He still loves to read and reads all the time. By age 4 years and 9 months, he was reading Beverly Clearly novels, and read and comprehended Stuart Little. My son probably has Aspergers though so I'm not sure how typical this is. We never used Bob Books, but after going through a good portion of Alphaphonics, we did the McRuffy Press Kindergarten Transition package. My son really liked their books and still reads them nostalgically for fun sometimes. Prior to this, I wouldn't say my son showed any type of special ability with letters or sounds. I remember being amazed by a toddler at the library who knew her letters already. I wouldn't have known that he would learn to read so fast. I'm curious about my second child because he already knows some letters and numbers at age 20 months which is completely unlike my older son.
  22. We just finished CLE Reading 3 (Loved it!) and will do CLE Reading 4 next year. We will read novels in between the light units. My son loves the stories. I wouldn't say that any of the stories are boring - my son really enjoyed them. But a couple were too simple and we didn't feel the need to discuss them much. What I really like about CLE are the moral lessons and the incorporation of Bible verses and vocabulary, etc.
  23. Thanks for the feedback! I think I will do the same and start keeping the quizzes and tests only. 😀
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