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  1. It would not be a science post without daijobu sharing her great infinite wisdom. Thank you 🙂 Did your child take 1 and 2 in the span of a year? Or did you do it over 2 years?
  2. Is there a curriculum that combines history/literature together through HS? We already do IEW for writing, but want to do more literature this year. I want to combine it with history, preferably US history at his request. He is a STEM kid, so want to make this fun but also help him become more well-rounded.
  3. I have searched, and looked through the physics thread but still have questions. I was hoping to find a synchronous AP physics class, but no luck so far. Any suggestions would be appreciated. If not, I am assuming my options come down to Derek Owens or PAH. Anyone take either over this past year that could share their experience with the course?
  4. Just so difficult to find synchronous classes. We found 1 options for AP calculus next year that has live classes, but nothing for any of the other AP classes we are interested in.
  5. Did he take both in the spring, or did he do one in the spring and one if the fall? Curious about the timing of the classes and the tests.
  6. Here is one more option. . I can't speak from experience, but have heard that FLVS in general can be a lot of busy work. We are thinking of giving it a try, but are on the fence.
  7. Can anyone who applied to the college board and received approval for an AP CS A or AP CS principles share their syllabus? Please and thank you! PS: how long did it take for them to approve it after submission?
  8. Do you think AP chemistry and AP calculus in the same year is too much?
  9. Can I bump this thread about updates or any other thoughts looking back?
  10. What is the secret to getting your DS to read ALL these books in a summer. Please share - I am lucky if I get through a quarter of this!
  11. Exactly opposite for my STEM inclided one. We had an amazing experience with IEW. We tried BW, which neither he or I liked. IEW is very heavily teacher dependent, I agree. We have done their courses online, and through our local HS co-op. We are going back online as that experience was very different. IEW gave my kiddo structure and confidence, which for us was invaluable.
  12. I think geometry is just a different type of math than algebra based math. We had to change our expectations - we probably spent the most time doing homework in that class of all the AOPS classes we have taken. I'm not sure there is anything we could have done honestly to prepare. Apparently there are a lot of B&M kids who take AOPS geometry b/c they struggle with it or want to get a head start. Good luck to you daughter.
  13. Arcadia: can you share how much physics he had taken before to be doing Physics C? Did he do 1&2 before? Did you do an AP class to prepare for this?
  14. First let me say I tried searching, but it is very wonky tonight ? Trying to figure out what to do next year. We took WTMA chemistry this year, and want to avoid a similar experience next year, as the course did not live up to our expectations. I'm sure everyone has their opinion, but this is mine, as I think it is the teacher that makes or breaks the experience. I am asking for feedback from anyone currently enrolled in PA homeschoolers. Can you please comment on the following: a) How much busy work is involved - the description states zero, but I would appreciate if you can clarify if this has been your experience? b) How many lab reports/papers are required? Do you turn those labs in for grades? Is there a consistent grading rubric? How long are the lab reports? Are the chemistry lab supplies adequate to run an experiment? c) It sounds like most of the grading of quizzes/assignment/tests are immediate feedback. Are there other assignments that are not immediate feedback? Are those graded in a timely manner? (1-2 weeks). d) I know the class is asynchronous. Do you find access to the teacher or TAs easy and helpful? The course sound great, just hoping for some encouraging words before I purchase it. Thank you.
  15. Would you mind sharing what English class this was?
  16. DS loved AOPS books all along, but I can't sat he has enjoyed the classes as much as we had hoped. It is a lot of extra work. What everyone says is true, it is a serious serious time commitment. It seems that most of the kids who take this are non-homeschoolers who have difficulty with the geometry component of math competitions. At least that is the impression I get from those who were enrolled in his geometry session.
  17. Is it true that if you test through NUMATS or TIP, that the scores is not a permanent part of their ACT or SAT record? So say if he were to theoretically wait until he is a senior in college, scores from middle school won't be reported?
  18. My question is 3 part: How many of your waited to take the SAT II after taking AP biology? From what I understand, the tests are offered a month apart in the spring, so kids study AP, take it, and then a month later take the SAT. Has anyone done this? Would you say the AP is less memorization/fact based and more analytic and interpretation of experiments? Also, what did you use to study? Did you use AP books? I have done a search, and it seems that folks are recommending the Barrons book along with the official test book when studying for SAT subject test. Anyone else care to offer other choices? What would you use for the AP test? There are SO many books on Amazon. And from what I understand, an SAT subject test stays with you for life, correct? They may archive it, but if you ask them to send out scores, you have ALL sent - you can't tell them to send out your most recent score if you retook it?
  19. I am not sure if I am not doing the search on the website correctly, but the only WOOT i found was in another forum. Any reviews on what this has been like from someone who has taken this?
  20. I am SOOOO bummed as we were SOOOO looking forward to her class. I am late to this discussion since I never got an email from them. Has anyone else dropped this class? I am worried that a physicist is teaching biology. I no doubt that she is smart - a PhD in physics from Vandy deserves credit. But physics is not biology....
  21. Can anyone who took this course over the last year provide any updates? I have a middle schooler who is interested and I don't want to overwhelm him - but he really thrives with challenging stuff beyond his current level. Also, did anyone take the SAT2 chemistry test after taking this class? Thanks in advance
  22. Can you elaborate on "WAY beyond what most students..."? This sounds like Intermediate math is really more like mostly Algebra III and a little bit of Algebra II? Granted a few pieces are sparse from the Into Algebra(which really is Algebra I + 1/2 of Algebra II). When we looked at the syllabus, subjects such as complex numbers are important to someone going into electrical engineering, but for many other engineers(and most other STEM folks) there is no great need for it. Is Intermediate Math better for someone who wants to do math competitions rather than someone who wants to understand math at a high level so it can be utilized in the sciences?
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