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  1. Thank you to both of you! I love all of these ideas.
  2. I am doing something special for my niece and nephew--- and I promised something before I really looked into whether or not it was possible. In a nutshell, I am doing a 'distance education Hogwarts' experience for them. One of the classes my nephew wants to take is Potions. In my class description I put that, as a final project, the student would be creating his own Marauder's Map. I have scoured the internet, and found some printable/put it together yourself maps. I found one that uses make your own invisible ink: then draw your own map out of it. I'd like to somehow combine those two ideas, but I am coming up with nothing. Anyone have a good idea I could use for a 'make your own Marauder's Map? TIA!
  3. Once he feels up to it, maybe see if he's willing to see a pelvic floor physical therapist for an assessment?
  4. Have any dr.s mentioned this: (just a thought) http://www.malepelvicfloor.com/cpps.html

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  8. We are considering a move to the Philadelphia area. I'm wondering if anyone who lives in that general area --or has lived there--can give me some idea of what the area is like, the people, activities, weather etc. etc... We're in the gathering info./research phase. TIA!
  9. I am so sorry. I will hold her up in thought and prayer.
  10. My family has been watching with interest--- watched the debate last night (not live). My husband is British, and my in laws were just here visiting. So, there's been a lot of talk about what is going on!
  11. Urogynecologist can diagnosis. Pelvic physical therapist could be the key to helping you.
  12. Thanks. If someone has a teacher they recommend for this class, I'd appreciate names! Also, yes... secular. Thanks again!
  13. Hi all, I'm debating between Blue Tent online (Brigid Thompson) and PA Homeschoolers (Maya Inspektor) for my son's AP Eng Lang & Comp class. Anyone care to share their good/bad experience with either of these? TIA Laura
  14. My dd participated in a social skills group (with other teen girls) for about a year. She liked going and playing the games etc.. But nothing she 'learned' there ever transferred to real life. We stopped going because it was a lot of money and no real benefit. (although she did enjoy it while she was there!)
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