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  1. I tried to look for these answers in the past threads, but came up with nothing. Would someone know what is page 2 of the Common App in this homeschool section question? "In addition, if the student has taken any standardized testing other than those listed on page 2 of the Common App, please also describe below." Where is this page 2? What tests are listed there? And another question is to those who had high school courses taken in middle school (7th and 8th grade in our case) AND had them calculated in the overall GPA. In the School Profile GPA section, I need to list the
  2. RooAnn, I am so grateful for your update. We were just able to switch for September date, that was just added, and for a school only a mile away. What a crazy system this is. They should be letting people know that they are adding dates and new testing sites. Some will try to make that crazy trip, far away from home, thinking that it is their only option.
  3. Thank you very much! Actually, we were doing it in Google sheets, started that way and kept going. I will transfer it to Google Docs and see how it looks. Page-break option is what i need. This is perfect! Daijobu, thank you! If pdf works, then that's how we are going to leave it. Thank you all who responded!!!
  4. We were "automatically " registered 6.5 hours away driving for September date. Changed it to October, still not close, but 1.5 hour driving now. Logged back an hour later and all October dates visible to us were gone. Then, of course, I realized we might be missing early deadlines. We weren't planning on ED, but i didn't realize that EA's also have November 1 deadline. What an insanity!
  5. I tried looking for this info, but being a little slow with all the "technology " related questions, either missed it, or just didn't "get" something that seems obvious. For Course Descriptions what program did you use and found user friendly? We have ours practically ready in Google Docs, but it is an endlessly scrolling document without visual breaks. I am now concerned how it will come across to admissions reader in college. I have seen some nice samples from the files where either each subject has its own page or even each class has its own page. I would love some suggestions
  6. We are in line with over an hour wait (now 39min). But we were also registered to take in June and got an email this morning that ACT automatically re-registered us to the closest testing site in September, without telling us where. So we are basically waiting to log in and see where dd was registered (automatically).
  7. We called ACT asking what to do about our June registration, get it refunded or keep it open. They recommended to keep it open, in case ACT will provide an early registration for those who couldn't take the tests due to center closures. No idea if that will happen (and they didn't know it either).
  8. Books by Erika Metzer are also great for language prep, though not sure if doable in one month. But I thought no ACT or SAT will be held in June? Am I missing something? We are in the North East and everything here is still very much in the lockdown. ACT board had a message that they will issue an update on May 26th. I wonder if some parts of the country will be able to take it and some not.
  9. of course it would be nice to have a link, sorry https://www.youscience.com/
  10. Just noticed an email that YouScience is 50% off. It's a service that matches interests and abilities to possible career choices. I found out about it here and tried it with my 16 year old. It was spot on as far as describing her and gave us (or rather her) some interesting ideas to explore. To us it was $30.00 well spend. It helped an independent body to tell her, what we were gently trying to suggest to her for awhile 🙂 Anyway, that's us. Just want to say that it is on sale for $15.00 till midnight.
  11. If you are looking for live class, my dd enjoyed Wilson Hill Geometry with Leslie Smith. Live classes, experienced teacher, at the end my dd took Geometry Regents at our local school and did well.
  12. Not a syllabus, but I think Zumdhal's World of Chemistry is an excellent textbook. You can also get teacher's copy. Both available for very little for the older editions. They are colorful, well written and just friendly. We did that alongside of Spectrum Chemistry and eventually just switched to Zumdhal's textbook just because if was so much easier to follow and understand. I wonder if there are syllabus' posted for this particular text.
  13. We had pretty bad case of cystic acne and what brought it under control is combo of 8% AHA Gel By Paula's Choice and Stridex Max Strength Wipes. So first double cleanse with cleansing gel from Acne.Org and simple mineral oil Then Stridex Wipes (wait 5 minutes to dry it up) Then 8%AHA Gel (again wait 5min) And last is moisturizing cream from CeraVe. This regimen brought pretty bad inflamed acne under control. If she skips this for over 7 to 10 days, it comes back. If she uses Sttridex alone, it also comes back, so it's really the combo of the two, plus the moisturizers
  14. Nothing beats practicing the actual tests at home. A good tip we picked up recently is to cut out the problems that were answered wrong or unsure about and try to find a pattern. Sometimes there is none. And sometimes it is clear, like probabilities, in our case. But it is important to go over every problem (unless it's a very obvious one) and understand what is being asked and the concept behind it. It takes time but is invaluable. And then there is mechanics of the test , so by doing timed tests at home, my DD figured out that she is speeding through first half of the math section, then
  15. This might sound weird, but how about chia seeds in hot lemon water? Once they swell, they give a consistency of a gelatinous texture. I don't know if that would spell out comfort to most. But I tried it yesterday and didn't mind at all, actually found it to be soothing..
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