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Son of a gun...

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The highs and lows of this process are gonna do me in. The buyer for our house terminated the contract. After the inpsection, she decided there was just too much to fix. I get it. She's single and this house has been lived in by 7 people for the last 5 years. Some good news is that DH can fix most of the issues and we're going to do some work to the front yard.


Will you guys pray for the people that are going to buy this house, whoever that might be? It needs to be someone that can fix it up a bit. We have it priced very well. Really, really well. It's going to be a steal for someone that is handy. None of the issues are serious. It's mostly aesthetic. We just want to get out from under it and move on. That's why we priced it so well. Anyway, prayers would be appreciated. I am so ready to get my family settled in Galveston.

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We had that happen to us as well. Single gal didn't want to deal with one issue. It was so frustrating. The next buyer of the home didn't bat an eye about the same issue and we closed in short order.


I really think it was a God thing as the couple that ended up buying it already knew some people in the neighborhood and really wanted a home they could live in forever. Seven years later they are still there.


I pray that your home sale will happen quickly so you can keep from pulling your hair out.

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The fact that you have priced the house to offset the repairs makes me wonder about this woman's real estate representative. Did she have one? If a house is undervalued in a neighborhood, there are things to consider. I guess she just figured it was a steal kind of deal and wasn't even considering the possibility of repairs. Weird!


Sorry that happened. We had buyers walk out of a contract as well because they kept looking at our neighborhood and decided on a house across the street from ours. I was devastated. They were moved in before we had another interested in buyer. Every time I walked out my front door, they were in the yard working and I just had to avert my eyes so I wouldn't cry. :(

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