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Is Son of Charlemagne worth ordering??


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that she liked the story itself, but since the reading is sort of "old-fashioned" it is difficult to read. However, the plot/story was good.


(Mom's comment: I think she enjoyed the story itself, but kind of struggled with some of the words. BTW, she had just turned 10 when she read it, and even though she is a strong reader, it definitely challenged her. But if you were doing this as a read aloud . . . )



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I cant get this one locally and we just hit Charlemagne in SOTW vol 2 (6th and 3rd grade). I can order it from bn.com and have it next week, but is it a title I really want to buy?? Is there another one we should consider??


Another option is to look for Charlemagne books on the Baldwin Project. I remember that we did a couple chapters of a book about Charlemagne that were pretty entertaining. I think that Stories of Charlemagne is the one we did.


The Baldwin Project is an online database of out of copyright books, many of which are nice historical fiction or biography. The Famous Men Series is there. So are many others. If you like this sort of thing Project Gutenburg is similar but without the children's lit focus.



Percival Blakeney Academy

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We'll be taking this off the shelf again soon and I'm glad we have it on hand. I read it ~ along with Augustine Came from Kent (I think that's the title) by the same author ~ the last time we studied this time period. My oldest was 8 or so at the time and enjoyed listening to both books. Not sure whether I'll read it aloud again or have my older two read it independently, but I think it's worth purchasing. Of these two, though, we actually liked Augustine a bit more.

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