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    I really think I should have been born in the 1800's in England ~ I am truly a romantic at heart ~
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    San Clemente, California
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    Love the beach, poetry, Shakespeare, 18th & 19th century English lit., running, coffee & Tea
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    I don't think I have enough room here : )
  1. Hope you had a fabulous birthday!

  2. I love reading aloud to my dds - they are 12 and 14, but we still do it. However, I'm out of ideas - anything?? ps - especially classics thanks
  3. Thank you that is so helpful. She isn't on IB track for math, but everything else looks about the same - except she opted to take the computer/health class next summer to avoid 7 classes her first year and French instead of Spanish. They don't block the subject together, but they do say that the world history and the english classes are linked in some way - I guess we will see. I'm glad the homework wasn't so overwhelming - I had told her to expect 2 hours per night - is that about right? thanks again
  4. :001_smile: oldest dd has the flu, youngest is keeping her company I'm trying to write a paper on Salinger's "Franny and Zooey" dh is napping on couch after surfing all morning
  5. I just realized I hadn't responded to your post Laura. Are you considering this for next year?
  6. and yes there isn't very much reliable information online. I actually feel pretty good about this program based on some pm's and posts on this site from people I have learned to respect and trust over the years.
  7. I'm glad you have had a positive experience as well. I agree about parental involvement and the liberal slant being pervasive in the educational system in general. I'm looking forward to the new year. If you don't mind I may ask further questions as we get into this thanks so much Chris
  8. She too will be in a regular hs, with an IB program. I am so glad to see that it was a positive experience for you - that in itself speaks volumes She will be taking the following her freshman year Pre-IB English, Pre-IB World History, Biology, Algebra 1, French 1, and Surf Team The counselor told us the heavy classes would be the Pre-IB English and History She said to expect about 2 to 2 1/2 hours of homework per night for all the classes Looking back, did you find the homework managable? I know I have more questions - but I don't want to overwhelm you : ) thanks so much
  9. Do any of your dc participate in this program? Has it been a postive experience? My dd is due to begin the program with pre-IB classes in the fall thanks
  10. I had forgotton how those days can be...:grouphug: thanks for the trip down memory lane (and I only had two dc) Praying tomorrow is a bit easier : )
  11. I really respect the advice I get here. I should have been less vague. She is an incoming freshman currently entering her first year of ps. The choices for fl were Spanish, French, and Japanese. She considered Japanese, but decided it may be too difficult given the alphabet is entirely different etc. so she decided on French. I have to study a language to get into the Ph.D. program I want to enter in two years, and I am thinking of studying French alongside her - so maybe it will be a good fit. my rising 7th grade dd will be studying Spanish for the next two years, so if dd and I did the Spanish route it would be fun to have all three of us studying the same thing - but I don't want to force her and have her hate it ywim?
  12. she wants to learn French, but my dh really thinks Spanish would be more helpful. I understand the point about Spanish, but I really want her to enjoy the language she learns as she will have four years of it. any advice?
  13. what a fun way to be involved with your dc's sport - my bil has been a coach for years and loves the time with my nephew.
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