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    I am the mother of six wonderful sons ages 20, 17, 15, 10, 8,and 5. We love reading and fieldtrips.
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    We live in Utah, USA.
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    Homeschool, crochet, walking, reading, sewing, making jewelry
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    MOM--Manager of Many I love
  1. I wish I could order ALL Sonlight and just go. Unfortunately that just doesn't work for us. I love most of their literature selections; adore the IG which puts it together for me; and am sold on all the tag lines about how using Sonlight eliminates all your homeschool stress. I, however, do not love/care for their Language Arts materials. The Well Trained Mind material is much better in my opinion. History: Currently my sis and I are working on a plan to use Cores G and H as our main materials, while integrating parts of Cores B and C to cover the needs of our younger students. These materials would be used over the course of 3 years instead of 2. We would use the 5-Day schedule, but only do it 4-Days a week. We would then study U.S. History for 2 years. Still working on that plan. I don't like the main texts in Core D and E. I'm thinking of using the History of US books for my main text, adding in various other books of literature for the younger and older students. I think I could put together a week plan after all my use of the Sonlight IG's--which I love. Science: Just a note, my kids want nothing but Sonlight Science ever again. When over hearing my say that I had to make some decisions about science for the coming year, my 10 year old spoke up and said, "Mom, Sonlight." Best wishes to all of you and your decision making. This is our 18th year of homeschooling. Wish I'd tried Sonlight the first time I found it.
  2. All sons all homeschooled: 21--about to finish associates after a two year church mission 18--scholarship to university 16--junior 11--6th grade 9--4th grade 5--kindergarten I'm down to 4 homeschoolers this year and I have to say "WEIRD".
  3. I meant to leave my email address as I begged for a copy. sjs2wartena@aol.com Oh, I hope you will share.
  4. Yet another mother begging for a copy to be sent to her. That's exactly what we are doing this year. I do have the BFB Ancients guide and all the books sitting on my shelf that the oldest two used. Perhaps I should just use those for my now 11th grader and Core 6 for the youngers along with the SOTW 1 activity guide. AH . . . I love homeschool.
  5. I've not been to the $1 area for over a year now. Last find was a little tiger to send our son who was off to Argentina. We named the tiger Hobbs and sent him to keep him company during all his moving around for two years. I think I'll be visiting Target tomorrow . . . Thanks!!!
  6. There is good and bad in both new and old literature. You have to check it out and decide for yourself what is worthwhile for your children to read. That said, I tend to like the lists in the Well Trained Mind, the Well Educated Mind, Sonlight, and the Charlotte Mason books lists available on line. Have to say, also, that the lists my local library puts together are pretty good. Find out if your library has a lists of age appropriate recommended reading.
  7. I think writing in pudding would be fun. You make a letter, say it's sound, then lick your fingers clean. HWOT have some great suggestions for writing your letters on a small chalkboard and erasing them with a small piece of wet sponge held like a pencil.
  8. Thank you. Thinking about joining. It could be a sort of accountability thing for me, maybe.
  9. I just don't see the need for testing in the homeschool setting till high school age. If you want to have your child tested to find out the level the tests say he is at, well go for it. Testing isn't always a bad thing. I just don't think it's necessary. Best wishes.:)
  10. Are you posting your school weeks as they come this year?
  11. Oh, my, oh my, laughing myself silly. Yes, after 17 years homeschooling under my belt I've heard them all. Funniest yet, for me: 10 years ago a woman in my church group said to me, "My grand children would only be homeschooled over my dead body." Yesterday she send me an email, "Wish I had a grand daughter old enough to marry your oldest son (he's 21)." He's busy looking for a nice girl who wants to homeschool their children. Wonder if my church friend knows that.
  12. We always do both our writing program and our handwriting program at the same time. We just do small amounts of work in each on a daily basis. Just putting a plug in for WWE 1-4. Have had wonderful results here. I even used the program with a struggling middle schooler for two years, with the progress being just what was promised by Susan. Thank you Well Trained Mind. Stacie :001_smile:
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