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  1. Like Abbey said.... :iagree: Just wait until they are middle/high schoolers.....*I* need the break as much or moreso than they do. We did the year round thing ONE year.....ONE year.:lol:
  2. We have a teacher supply store here so I got it for $9.95.
  3. Those are awfully expensive just for a practice test.
  4. Well, I bought the Spectrum book today.....I hope it will be enough. We are sending older ds to public school in the fall (high school) and the school will be using his scores plus my grades from his current classes to place him in regular or accelerated classes.
  5. Cross post of sorts.... For those who have taken this test, what did you use to practice before taking the test? Some in my local area have recommended the Spectrum test books. I found another though online that is called Score High on the ITBS. Any input?
  6. I want to use a prep book before my son takes the ITBS this year. He's never taken THIS test so is there a particular book you used to prep/practice with?
  7. Thanks!!! I'll definitely check these out.
  8. Thanks, Gail. I'm also looking into AhaScience since it is computer-based.
  9. Yes, I've been considering SOS too just because it is computer based. I don't know anything about Monarch so I'll look into that. And keep Abeka in the back of my mind....I would need 6th grade though.
  10. I'm needing something ds can read/answer/do himself basically. Blah doesn't matter as long as it is getting done. Nothing else science wise has gotten done. I need something that doesn't totally involve me so much. But if you can't even find the answers, then that doesn't work at all.
  11. Has anyone used CLE's Science program? I'm looking at it for 6th grade.
  12. Nothing here yet....our Intermediate level is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I'm a little miffed that I ordered July 26 and will just be getting it Aug 17, but at least I wasn't planning on starting until next week anyway.
  13. What is YE? We haven't received ours yet...probably another week or so away they said. We'll start it in probably 2 weeks.
  14. What about for mom? Can we include those here? I like to listen to audiobooks while I run.
  15. I have the EXACT same problem with my younger son. Last year what I ended up doing was doing EITHER the fact practice OR the cards but not both on the same day. Also, I crossed out problems here and there that I knew he knew how to do "cold". Then every now and then when the material would come up again, I'd have him do a few of those "I can do these blindfolded" type problems and cut out something else that he can do "cold". It worked well, shortened our math time and the tears left, and he was still learning and retaining and had the spiralness that CLE gives.
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