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Where can I order Dutch Processed Cocoa - cant find it locally

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I have searched and searched and cant find Dutch Processed Cocoa locally so I must order. Where is a good place to order it?


The King Arthur Baker's Catalog is one reliable source:



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I've tried Walmart, Target, Brunos, and Winn Dixie. No luck so far. Watching Alton Brown is getting dangerous and expensive!!!!:D



This won't help you really, but I feel the need to contribute to this thread because if I continue to sit here long enough Dh might wash all the dishes before I get up.


Anyway, I searched and searched for dutch process cocoa all over town and just gave up on ever finding it. Then a few weeks ago I was at a little country Mennonite store in the middle of absolutely nowhere, I had gone there to purchase grains, and what do you think they had all bagged up and sitting on the shelf? The most gorgeous, dark brown dutch process cocoa!! Heavenly.


I hope you find some. It IS a measurable difference in quality. Esp brownies.


Who wants to come over and bake some brownies for me? Right now. :)

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Does this mean you gave up your goal of eating only fair trade chocolate? I remember you mentioning that in the not-too-distant past...



It is just. so. expensive. We tried, we really tried.


And then, after we had paid out the wazzoo for fair trade chocolate, it did not taste as good as the old Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I am sure there are some really good ones, but still expensive. And fair trade baking chocolate is not available here, anywhere. All we can buy are fair trade candy bars.


In my area, things like fair trade and organic are considered "odd" and are very limited and you pay a premium (or premiumer than usual) price for them.


So we just cut back on chocolate and simply do not eat it as much. I make a lot more sugar cookies and peanut butter cookies to compensate!

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In our area, we have a couple of stores that stock this stuff, including a branch of Ten Thousand Villages. And we have some folks at our church who have a table during the social hour and sell a lot of Equal Exchange products. (Maybe, if you're more of a go-getter than I am, you could look into starting something similar?)


However, you can also order it online: http://eeretail.stores.yahoo.net/



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I don't know if this helps at all, since I don't know where you are in TN, but the Ten Thousand Villages site says they have three outlets in the state: http://www.tenthousandvillages.com/php/stores.festivals/find.a.store.php?type=statesearch


If any of them are within a reasonable driving distance, you might call them and see if they have or can get the Equal Exchange cocoa for you.



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