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  1. I have a question....I am seeing History Oddyssey in this thread. Is this the same as Human Odyssey by K12? Thanks
  2. Ok so student text is necessary ??? I know you haven't used it yet. Hoping somebody will respond. lol Holly
  3. I prefer to get one book that is more than necessary.....There is a teacher ed and student workbook. Looks like the student workbook is necessary. Not sure about teacher ed. Is it necessary?? Thanks Holly
  4. Ok I am seeing Homeschool buyer co-op is a much better price than CTC website even the homeschool discount price
  5. I am thinking about switching to CLE from Teaching Textbooks. It is not working with my dd who has learning issues with math. DH wants her to get the high school math to graduate instead of certificiate of completion. So we have a lot of work to do. :) She is doing diagnostic tests this week. CTC price is doable for me. I am confused a bit by the CTC site.....That homeschool price is for the whole program or per program? Holly
  6. Yes I changed it when I searched some more and found somebody found it through homeschool buyer. So went there and looked .....Sorry!! :D
  7. Hello, Why is it recommended by CTC that anything program beyond CTC8th grade is to be used as a supplement? If you do use CTC math for Algebra what do you use to go along with CTC Alg and up?? Thank you! Holly
  8. Corraleno.....so what do we use since Vol 3 doesn't come with the assessments and assignments?
  9. Hello, I am wondering if you used any supplemental materials with this book?? I know this is not considered a high school book but it is for my short term memory gal. I thought I read some used Hakim book (#9) with it. Thank you!! Holly
  10. Ok Update....Hubby is willing to buy the $600 Breville brand machine with the grinder hopper. Thoughts about the Breville Brand?
  11. Hello ! Our espresso machine bit the dust. It was a Delonghi machine. We are willing to buy it again but want to know if there is a better machine out there to get. I have looked at Breville but it is wee bit out of our budget ($600 eeekk) Need ideas! Holly
  12. If I can figure out how to post screenshots of mine I will do it.
  13. I sold all of my IEW. The boys HATED it!! Never tried it with my dd. I can probably muster up some materials to teach her from my memory. Thanks guys!
  14. The progymnasmata book. May I ask what made you decide on this book? Holly
  15. Yes can you tell us why you decided to use Writing with a Thesis?
  16. Thanks!! Will start with Lively Art of Writing and then go from there. Oldest son DID say it was the most helpful for him prep for his college. :)
  17. Hello Not sure if I am posting in the right place. Couldn't tell if I am supposed to post here or the special needs board. My dd has HFA and learning issues. She is supposed to be a Sophomore this fall but not happening for her. She is in dialectic stage. Still in WWE 4. She is struggling with the dictations (even I am too....I can't imagine to remember that much lol!!) Narrations are ok. Not great but passable. I am thinking it is time to move on from WWE. WWS is OUT of the question. I want to use other outlining resources so any recommendations for that? Also what else would you consider for writing to get her up to speed? She is a very good creative writer. Educational papers are a no go for her. She writes stories all the time so no problem in that dept of getting thoughts on paper. :) I am considering CAP resources but not sure which one. Rec's?? Also considering Writeshop sources as well. I need rec's that will push her a bit but not frustrate her. :) Thanks!! Holly
  18. Hello, I need to stop WWS for my son. It is getting to the point it is redundant for him. He outlines very well and is solid at it. I am looking into Writeshop and Writing & Rhetoric by CAP. In looking at WRiting &Rhetoric I am not sure what level to really start at without frustrating my son. My oldest college kid highly recommend Lively Art of Writing as it helped him the most for college prep. Thoughts??? Advice?? TIA! Holly
  19. Embedded Word doc into Onenote and it worked!! I followed the attach file directions of Cheryl. Now I need to figure out what I did wrong on the links to websites in ON. :)
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