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  1. I cannot possibly read this whole thread, but I've looked over my profile and I don't think I have anything that needs to be deleted. The forums have changed so much since last time I was here that I'm not sure I even know how to access all of my old posts. Susan, I'm sorry about this. You certainly don't need this headache.

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    $50 ppd for lot, includes Wheelock's Latin, workbook, comprehensive guide, vocabulary cards and Latin stories.


  3. Welcome to the forums. Tell us about your kids.

  4. I just wanted to say I love your new picture with the glasses. My glasses are very similar and I love them. You have great taste in spectacles.

  5. ROFL!!


    No, I am just not here that much anymore. Since I have cut way back on my involvement here and thus it just does not occur to me to check the little notification thingy up in the corner. I finally checked it and I had a bunch of messages and friend requests and who knows what else!

  6. I had to come out for you to friend me?

    What's up widdat? :p

  7. Your post in the wiccan thread was just beautiful! You are always such a wonderful, wise, gentle presence on these forums!

  8. I'm glad to finally "see" you, Kelli! And I love your hair.

  9. Why my sig says, "Free Sarah Palin": Dh and I were watching Fox News Sunday last Sunday and Bill Kristol said that he thinks that she is being mismanaged and he wished she were out there talking. Then he started chanting, "Free Sarah Palin!" I agreed so I put it in my sig line. Of course, she'll be talking tomorrow night!

  10. Hey! Why does your sig line say "Free Sarah Palin"?


    I am just nosy today!!!

  11. Random visit of kindness! Just wanted you to know that I think you're really terrific...and I thought that even before the new hair-do. Now...well, I'm just bowled over! (grin) Consider this a GREEN SQUARE.

  12. It is about time we got to see you!! I love that picture. :+)

  13. Nice to see you all in one piece for a change! Cool hair! Don't you feel like a brand-new woman?

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