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  1. I cannot possibly read this whole thread, but I've looked over my profile and I don't think I have anything that needs to be deleted. The forums have changed so much since last time I was here that I'm not sure I even know how to access all of my old posts. Susan, I'm sorry about this. You certainly don't need this headache.

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    $50 ppd for lot, includes Wheelock's Latin, workbook, comprehensive guide, vocabulary cards and Latin stories.


  3. I had the vivid nightmares for about the first week that I took melatonin. I kept taking it because I was post-surgery and desperate for sleep. I adjusted to it after that week. I give myself breaks from it. About once a month I take a few days to a week off of it. It can be a powerful supplement and I know several people who cannot take it. I tell people to proceed with caution.
  4. I think it is silly that it is illegal. So in that regard I do not think it is a big deal. However, because it IS illegal it's a big deal. I feel the same way about pot smoking that I do about underage drinking; it's a big NO-NO because obeying the law is a non-negotiable (unless the laws of man violate the laws of God in which case disobedience might be acceptable and even noble if the cause were worthy)
  5. Don't spontaneously combust! That would be messy. Hi, y'all. I have not been here in like forever.
  6. My daughter came home last week and leaves the last week of May for her job as Boy Scout camp counselor. She will be gone for 6 weeks and then join us on a Boy Scout family trip with my son's troop where she will teach the same merit badges she is teaching all summer. Then she'll have a couple of weeks at home before she goes back to school.
  7. Mine is all good news. I am so pleased with my daughter's freshman year. She finished with a 4.0. She has a 3.7?ish because of some dual enrollment courses from high school that are dragging her overall gpa down. She had perfect attendance in every class, kept up with her University Scholars responsibilities, kept up with her off campus volunteering from her high school days(she has been a mentor to a little girl through Friend to Friend as well as crisis pregnancy center volunteer for a couple of years now), and served with student government. I'm so proud of how focused she has bee
  8. Barb, does she have some pepper spray? Get her several containers of pepper spray. And, as mentioned earlier, she needs to take a self defense course. She also needs to have campus security escorts anywhere that she has to go that she can't be surrounded by friends. And perhaps a portable door alarm for her dorm door and maybe for the window as well. I would be frantic if this were happening to one of my girls. ((((Barb)))
  9. I do it. It works well. My 12 year old is in Horizons 6 and loves Rightstart Geometry. I also use elements of Rightstart to reinforce concepts with my 10 year old.
  10. Call me tomorrow! It's a fun story, at least the way I tell it it is....
  11. It's Bekah, she got a yorkie poo. He is just the most adorable little black furball. Very sweet and smart and not a barker at all. Hey, we are taking the month off from the Y and hoping and praying we still have a slot in January. I just needed the break. Call me, I have to tell you about my crazy emergency room adventure.
  12. My daughter just got a new puppy and is finding training to be a challenge. Can you recommend a book with easy to implement training methods for housebreaking and general behavior?
  13. One of my son's scout buddies is also in this organization. How he keeps up with all these badges for two organizations is beyond me! The only drawback I see with these scout like organizations is that there is a great deal of value in earning the Eagle and none of these organizations even come close to the prestige of the Eagle.
  14. You probably want to make sure it is boy led. You want to make sure that the boys are not left on their own to make rank, they need support and guidance. You will probably want to know that the meetings are structured. How do the leaders talk to the kids? (We have a member of our troop committee that I have wanted to throttle on numerous occasions for the nasty way she talks to the boys and even the siblings. Fortunately she does not go on trips or anything like that.) How do the boys treat each other? How are things like bullying, profanity, etc, dealt with? Do the higher ranking boys teach a
  15. I wish we could "like" posts on here the way we do on facebook. Since we can't I'll just make do with this....:iagree: If you're gonna do the 80's at least do it right! Now come here and let me help you tease that hair up a bit.........
  16. Absolutely, they can think deeply. In fact I think it is the overuse of edutainment that has squelched that. We like edutainment, but it's like candy to us. It's not a substitute for brain food!
  17. Chris, I get driving fatigue very easily, so I can totally relate. My friends who find driving easy or even relaxing do not understand me at all. I also get easily flustered in traffic. If I were taking this trip I would try to find the route that would make me most comfortable and get up extra early to leave so I could have a break when I needed it. (((Chris))) I really get where you are coming from here. If someone does not have an issue with driving they cannot appreciate how challenging it can be.
  18. I'd like to, but I can never pull that much cash together at once. Fortunately my farmer has really decent pricing on his meat by the cut and puts together nice family packs. But it would still be a lot cheaper to buy a half.
  19. We use Life of Fred as a supplement. I don't think I would be happy with it as a stand alone. My son is doing TT algebra and LoF beginning algebra.
  20. My kids started going to the mall, the movies, etc when they had driver's licenses. The only exception is that once my husband dropped the girls off at the mall once when they were about 13 and 15 just so they could Christmas shop but it was weeknight, not a weekend. This was before we had a shooting in the mall, and then a woman abducted from the mall parking lot by a gang. Those two incidences have made me no longer feel good about our mall and the area around it. At one point our mall banned kids under 18 who were not accompanied by a parent on Friday and Saturday evenings, so i
  21. You know what bugs me? At our local YMCA we have boys dressing rooms and girls dressing rooms and mens dressing rooms and women's dressing rooms. Boys and girls (under 18) are never allowed in the adult dressing rooms, but adults are allowed into the kids' dressing rooms. If I knew that an adult (other than a parent accompanying a child) could not enter the kids' dressing rooms I would feel so much better. My kids are not Y members and only attend homeschool swim and gym, so when they are in there they are not alone, the whole class is there.
  22. We may be found in pj's on Mondays because we are usually out of clean clothing by then. As loads of laundry are done, people run off to get dressed. If I waited until they could all get dressed then school would not get done. On Tuesdays and Thursdays they dress in their gym clothes as we go to gym class right after lunch. Fridays we have an 8AM violin class, so we find it's best to get dressed even though the violin teacher may or may not be in street clothes (lessons are at his house). I'm not willing to spend my weekend on laundry just so we can properly dressed on Monday mornings. No
  23. We have this same setup. All of our components, except the wii, are actually in the closet in my bedroom and we have a remote that works through the wall. We also have wires running through the wall to an facing wall in our living room where we have a plate to which we can hook up an mp3 player, a camera, a computer, and the wii. The will is on a bookcase behind a strategically placed family picture when not in use. We love this set up. The only issue I have ever had is that it took some doing to get used to the height of the sensor bar for the wii. For simple viewing the height is great!
  24. Well, we did have my husband drop us off in the neighborhood behind our street. And when we were done we called him to come get us. But it was mostly because I live on a fairly dangerous road and did not want to walk the kids up our road in the dark, especially with one of the kids in all black! There were two groups out last night that were pulling wagons; one behind an ATV and one behind a riding lawn mower. Those kids were having a blast. They'd stop, hit a bunch of houses, then move on to another area and do it again.
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