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  1. I cannot possibly read this whole thread, but I've looked over my profile and I don't think I have anything that needs to be deleted. The forums have changed so much since last time I was here that I'm not sure I even know how to access all of my old posts. Susan, I'm sorry about this. You certainly don't need this headache.

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    $50 ppd for lot, includes Wheelock's Latin, workbook, comprehensive guide, vocabulary cards and Latin stories.


  3. I've been using the Smarr Publishing Chronological Literature Courses and apparently it's no longer being published. I don't have the last two years so I may have to come up with some other way to do literature. I'm not interested in Tapestry of Grace, what else can you suggest that will dovetail with the chronological four year history we do?
  4. True, but he's the only one I needed to concern myself with!:) I feel it's important to take responsibility. After all I am more than happy to take the credit for Miss Sarah the University Scholar with the 3 out of 4 semesters a 4.0! With that comes owning up to where i could have done a better job with her big brother.
  5. He tested well, but he was not prepared for college. Within a week in math class he called me to tell me that he was so lost. He did not have his foreign language requirement and so he had to make up that deficit from the start, but at a university level. It was a mess. If he'd had dual enrollment, if I'd been more on top of things......it was just a big mess. But he still loves me. And what's more he even likes me.:)
  6. We stayed so for so long because we loved the people there so much. We had worked hard side by side with these dear friends and the thought of ripping ourselves away was crushing. We did leave though and since then many of those dear friends have left as well. We've scattered to different churches depending on what we were looking for, I miss being together in church with all of them to this day, even though I am happy and love my church family now.
  7. Three of my kids are grown and it's a mixed bag of opinions. #1 son does not seem to resent being homeschooled but wishes I had been more on top of things. It was the babymaking years and we also had some family trauma/drama during his high school years and I really did drop the ball an awful lot. He was/is a funny charming young man and could play me for a fool with the greatest of ease and so he got away with a lot. I failed him academically but he was not isolated at all, in fact he was such a social butterfly that we used to call him Mr. Style/No Substance because he charmed his way
  8. I am watching the flooding and I'm just blown away. I was there when a levee broke in the 70's and it was just awful.
  9. I had the vivid nightmares for about the first week that I took melatonin. I kept taking it because I was post-surgery and desperate for sleep. I adjusted to it after that week. I give myself breaks from it. About once a month I take a few days to a week off of it. It can be a powerful supplement and I know several people who cannot take it. I tell people to proceed with caution.
  10. My husband has 3 lawyers in his office. They are lower in the office than he is and he has a bachelors. They truly could not make enough money in law. We are truly concerned as we have a daughter in college right now and she intends to go to law school after she graduates. It's not a sure thing anymore.
  11. I think Pia has a wonderful voice but zero stage presence. I was okay with her going. There are others I'd pick to go first, but I think she needed to go eventually.
  12. My 12 year old is enamored by it but only because they have special housing for architect/interior design students where they can have their projects set up and the professors come to them. Obviously we have lots of time to look at lots of schools!! I do like it's architect/design department but that is all we have looked at there. My daughter attended a STEM event there and that's how we even came to look at it. Now, this is not the same child who is interested in UTM, is it?
  13. I think it is silly that it is illegal. So in that regard I do not think it is a big deal. However, because it IS illegal it's a big deal. I feel the same way about pot smoking that I do about underage drinking; it's a big NO-NO because obeying the law is a non-negotiable (unless the laws of man violate the laws of God in which case disobedience might be acceptable and even noble if the cause were worthy)
  14. Don't spontaneously combust! That would be messy. Hi, y'all. I have not been here in like forever.
  15. My daughter came home last week and leaves the last week of May for her job as Boy Scout camp counselor. She will be gone for 6 weeks and then join us on a Boy Scout family trip with my son's troop where she will teach the same merit badges she is teaching all summer. Then she'll have a couple of weeks at home before she goes back to school.
  16. Mine is all good news. I am so pleased with my daughter's freshman year. She finished with a 4.0. She has a 3.7?ish because of some dual enrollment courses from high school that are dragging her overall gpa down. She had perfect attendance in every class, kept up with her University Scholars responsibilities, kept up with her off campus volunteering from her high school days(she has been a mentor to a little girl through Friend to Friend as well as crisis pregnancy center volunteer for a couple of years now), and served with student government. I'm so proud of how focused she has bee
  17. Barb, does she have some pepper spray? Get her several containers of pepper spray. And, as mentioned earlier, she needs to take a self defense course. She also needs to have campus security escorts anywhere that she has to go that she can't be surrounded by friends. And perhaps a portable door alarm for her dorm door and maybe for the window as well. I would be frantic if this were happening to one of my girls. ((((Barb)))
  18. I do it. It works well. My 12 year old is in Horizons 6 and loves Rightstart Geometry. I also use elements of Rightstart to reinforce concepts with my 10 year old.
  19. Call me tomorrow! It's a fun story, at least the way I tell it it is....
  20. It's Bekah, she got a yorkie poo. He is just the most adorable little black furball. Very sweet and smart and not a barker at all. Hey, we are taking the month off from the Y and hoping and praying we still have a slot in January. I just needed the break. Call me, I have to tell you about my crazy emergency room adventure.
  21. My daughter just got a new puppy and is finding training to be a challenge. Can you recommend a book with easy to implement training methods for housebreaking and general behavior?
  22. One of my son's scout buddies is also in this organization. How he keeps up with all these badges for two organizations is beyond me! The only drawback I see with these scout like organizations is that there is a great deal of value in earning the Eagle and none of these organizations even come close to the prestige of the Eagle.
  23. You probably want to make sure it is boy led. You want to make sure that the boys are not left on their own to make rank, they need support and guidance. You will probably want to know that the meetings are structured. How do the leaders talk to the kids? (We have a member of our troop committee that I have wanted to throttle on numerous occasions for the nasty way she talks to the boys and even the siblings. Fortunately she does not go on trips or anything like that.) How do the boys treat each other? How are things like bullying, profanity, etc, dealt with? Do the higher ranking boys teach a
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