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help me name our land

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I will take any and all suggestions! Background info just for kicks! Don't let it limit your creativity. :D


Names tossed out so far: Elaphebolia, after a festival to Artemis, and Roswell.


Elaphebolia makes us think of elephants and has nothing to do with them, otherwise we'd really like it because it's Hellenic, representative of our values, and sounds fantastical.


Roswell we vetoed because it's too obvious and over used.


Our family name is Drake, or Draiocht, which means either druid or a snake-like dragon (or a male duck, or a brand of pastry). We'd love something that plays on that, too.


Finally, we're all writers or teachers and lifelong learners, so we wouldn't mind something which incorporates that theme, either.


The property is 11 acres, mixed woods and clearing, in rural New York state, and is going to be mostly wild but might at some point host some chickens and a garden.


Ideas? Anyone?

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Eltanin Woods

Eltanin Bound

Eltanin's Breath

Eltanin's Haven

Eltanin Haven

Eltanin's Lair :)

I like the word Eltanin (obviously) - the brightest star of the Draco constellation.


It isn't common like Draco. It brings in the dragon motif on a more subtle level.

Brightest star, Draco, night sky (maybe work the lunar eclipse in there?)

There is a lot of imagery there as well if you want to design a symbol. I like the mix of the brightest star and a dragon. (I also like the word serpent and the combination of dragon and serpent, but I'm not sure how I would apply those.)


Draco's Den

Drake's Den

Drake Haven

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