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  1. :bigear: This sounds like an interesting idea. I hope you get some good ideas so I can steal them. ;) What we plan to do four our end of the year project is use the molds I found on the Internet to make Roman Arches out of plaster. RhondaM.
  2. I cannot decide how I want to do it. I'm thinking of having him do day 1 & 2 on Monday, day 3 on Tuesday, day 4 on Wednesday, leaving Thursday and Friday to apply what he has learned to a chapter in other subjects ( history, science, literature.) But moving through the book at a faster pace sounds good too. Decisions, decisions. I know one thing, I wish it had been available when my son was younger. This has all the hand holding that I have been looking for! Thank you SWB! You ROCK! RhondaM.
  3. We are doing the Illustrated Guide to Home Biology Experiments. We never got past the hair to our ditch water (I don't have easy access to a pond). We never could focus in on the higher setting the book was having us do. My son did end up writing about our procedures and sketched the hair we were looking at. Today we are going to try again. RhondaM.
  4. If you are using WWS with your high school dc, how fast are you moving through the material? Thank you, RhondaM.
  5. We used to lovingly call my youngest son our temperamental artist. He loved to draw, had a talent for it, but was ever frustrated (to say the least) for not being able to draw exactly what he wanted. When he Would have a melt down over it, and over many irritations I used to send him to take a bath in my big tub. He would fill up the tub, chill out and the world would be right again. Until the next time. Not suggesting you send your dc to the bath. I'm just remembering going through it myself. You are not alone. RhondaM.
  6. Today we are learning how to make different kinds of mounts then obseving hair, carrots, and ditch water. Should my son record simple procedures and observations of this sort in his lab notebook, or should the notebook be reserved for actual experiments? Thanks, RhondaM.
  7. Wow. Today is our first day mounting specimens under our microscope. Viewing hair roots under increasingly higher magnification is harder than I thought it would be! The hair just gets LOST! I'm sure we will have double fun viewing ditch water if there is something in there that actually MOVES! My back is killing me already. :sigh: RhondaM.
  8. Thanks so much. I think we will wait until she has a bit more math. RhondaM.
  9. This is true too. LOL I'm in agreement with everyone. Actually there is no keeping her away from the microscope while we do labs. We pulled it out yesterday for the first time and all of us enjoyed looking at various items. Thanks, RhondaM.
  10. My dd is almost 12 but working a year behind in math (CLE 5). (she does not struggle in math, she made an A last year in CL4 doing the work almost independently. I was there for her, but she just didn't need my help much. We got behind a couple of years back due to my breast cancer and various other health issues.) Would she be able to do this science program? She loves to cook and I think she would enjoy the style of his book as well. Thanks, RhondaM.
  11. Thanks SO much. I'm off to look at all of this right now! RhondaM.
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