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Arghh! If you had to whip together a gluten-free lunch for company tomorrow...

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What would you make?

I need to make something either tonight or very early tomorrow morning so that lunch can be ready when we walk in the door from church with company tomorrow.


I have lots of supplies on hand right now:

frozen boneless/skinless chicken breasts

some leftover cooked turkey meat

4 lbs. ground beef

roughly 2 lbs. of cooked pot roast (in natural juice, no gravy)

tortilla chips

fresh broccoli




canned tomatoes/sauce

chili beans (gluten free)

long grain white rice (out of brown)



Any ideas on what I should make?

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I'd make chili with the pot roast and the tomatoes and chili beans.....and tortilla chips for those who can have them...and cheese..Of course, you could use the onions sauteed inside the chili and raw for those wrho want them on top.

Yum...that sounds good to me!


BTW, if you happen to run to the store, I love one chipotle (SP?) pepper chopped up in the chili...freeze the rest for later:-)

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You could make a chicken stir-fry with rice. You would have to use corn-starch or arrowroot to thicken the sauce and wheat free tamari instead of soy sauce.


If you had corn tortillas you could make burritos with refried beans or black beans, corn, tomatoes, sour cream, chicken.


You could make kind of a spanish rice (arroz con pollo) with chicken and rice flavored with tomato sauce. (or make a ground beef version).


You could heat up the pot roast and serve it with roasted potatoes, carrots, celery and onions.

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