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Movie recs again?!!


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Looking for some good movies from now to end of 2018.  Any suggestions of movies you've seen that you like?  Or, ones that are up and coming?  

We like: based on real life movies, comedies (clean), spy, action to name a few.  


As an aside, dh said they are making Top Gun 2.  That strikes me as funny; so many years have passed since the original TG came out.  ?

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We just watched The Rider on DVD.  It's amazing. Quasi-documentary.  We're not interested in rodeos, but were transfixed by it.  Rated R for language.  Also, spoiler alert (sorry -- I don't know how to turn the type white so you have to highlight it, so just scroll by quickly):


an animal dies

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Does it have to be a movie?  Can it be a limited series (5-6 episodes and done).?


We enjoyed Maniac with Emma Stone.  It was weird but interesting.  It's a limited original series on Netflix.

I saw in the theater:  Operation Finale about the finding and capture of Adolph Eichmann -- very good.  It might not be available on Netflix yet.

I want to see - before they leave the theater: 


Can You Ever Forgive Me?

A Private War

Mary Queen of Scots

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