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Who’s going to tackle Sunday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning!  We ended up going to Tallahassee to see Clemson play at FSU.  Fun time but very, very long day (about 8 hours of driving round trip). I forget how much I love the college football experience, tailgating, talking to all sorts of people of all different ages, who all share the love of their college team.  I was also able to talk to several people from the area we will be moving to about schools, neighborhoods, etc.

So today.  Ugh.  My mind is racing with a million things to do around the house and decluttering every single closet/cabinet/the garage.  I feel so overwhelmed and cannot imagine getting started.  I'm going to try to pick one area to declutter and one house "project" each day and hopefully that gets me started.

-prep school for next week
-work on DS14's high school transcript
-laundry DONE: 0
-declutter project:  bedroom closets (may as well start with the biggie and pursuade DH and the kids to do the same)
-take decluttered stuff to Goodwill (note to self:  DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP AND LET DECLUTTERED ITEMS REMAIN IN HOUSE!! RED ALERT)
-our ancient garage freezer stopped working last week, figure out how to dispose of it (can it be picked up curbside or do we have to go to landfill)
-house project:  thoroughly (as in get up on ladder) clean all ceiling fans and light fixtures (including washing the glass holders the ceiling fan lights are in)
-plan a few days worth of meals
-order some space bags to compress the heavy duvets that are overflowing my linen closet (no need for them in FL, not sure why I kept them when we moved from VA)
-discuss job offer with DH and what he still wants to negotiate (I need to put my attorney hat on and go through the relocation package thoroughly before he discusses it with them Monday - parts of it contradict what he was told orally or different sections contradict each other)
-tomorrow is trash day so fill up at least one big contractor bag with junk we no longer need but isn't worthy of donating.

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Good morning!

  • get morning chores done
  • meet w/dh's siblings re. FIL's care
  • stop in town and get water softener salt
  • boys are heading back up to college today - make sure they are stocked with groceries and clean clothes
  • plan my week
  • give big water tank a good scrubbing
  • read and relax
  • dinner: leftovers
  • watch hockey and baseball
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I wasn't really feeling good this morning, so I decided to skip Confirmation Class.  Well, I did wake the kids, but they didn't bother to get moving, and I didn't feel like chasing them.  So I gave us all an extra hour of sleep.  I will pay for this later as the kids will need to get caught up on the class work.  ?

We did go to church, as the kids' choir was singing.

After, we had some cake and congratulated a school employee on her 30 year anniversary.

Then we went out to lunch at an Indian buffet.

Back home, kids had a list of work to do - homework, test study, music practice, a little housework.  I think they finished most of it.

And I am supposed to be doing some work ....

I called my parents for their wedding anniversary.

Texted with driver re kids' schedule for the week.

Laundry - 3rd load is in the washer.  1 more to go.

Did basic maintenance cleaning.

Getting kids to bed.

It's late - I will probably crash after switching out one more laundry load.

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