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Skin care regimens


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I've been a longtime user of Mary Kay's Timewise skincare products. But they've recently completely changed their formula, and I hate Hate HATE it! ??? It has has a horrible, overpowering, flowery scent that lingers for hours (and makes me sneeze), and even worse, it leaves my skin feeling irritated and dried out.

I'm so bummed, because I loved their previous product line and would have been a customer for life.

So I'm on the hunt for a new skin care regimen. Most of all, I liked the way MK made my skin look and feel, and I guess there's no way to replace that except trial and error. But I also liked that it had a set of core products (cleanser, moisturizer, day/night serums) I could buy as a set. It seems like all the brands I've looked at sell a la carte and I end up confused as to what I need. I don't want to break the bank, but I'm willing to spend a little extra for a product that I really like. I don't have any real skin issues, but I'm three months shy of 40 and want to stay ahead of the game, IYKWIM. ?

Hit me with your best skincare experiences!



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What about Cerave's hydrating cleanser and PM moisturizer (they're gentle and have some anti-aging ingredients)?  Then I'm thinking you would just have to choose an anti-aging serum (to apply before the moisturizer at night) and a sunscreen (to apply after the moisturizer in the morning).  

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In Aug. I started following a few "mature" women's beauty blogs as well as another one by a dermatologist.  I'm still working through a lot of stuff and trying to figure out what works best for me without spending a small fortune on mistakes.   I'm learning so much though.


Wash with Cerave gentle cleanser

C+E+Ferulic Acid (although I'm probably changing this)

Skin Deva 20% Argireline+ Matrixyl 3000+HA (sometimes I'll skip this)

Mad Hippie eye cream

Paula's Choice tinted moisturizer or Aveena's tinted BB Cream (both have spf)


Wash makeup off if wearing then use Cerave cleanser again

Castor Oil on my eyelashes (It' seems to be making a difference. yay!)

Avene RetrinAL if I remember or 2x per week Retin A .05%

Mad Hippie eye cream 

Mad Hippie Antioxidant Oil  (I'm loving this stuff but it's new to me - it smells divine. I hear great things about their Vit C serum so I may change to this).

Skin Deva 20% Argireline+Matrixyl 3000+HA

Cerave PM moisturizer. 

I may switch some things up when the weather gets cold and my skin is drier. 



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53 minutes ago, peacelovehomeschooling said:

I use Mad Hippie Vit C serum and love it!  I didn't know they also made eye cream and antioxidant oil.  I will check them out.

Edit:  What is the castor oil doing for your lashes?

Do you mind sharing which blogs you are following? 

Castor oil for eyelash (and eyebrow) growth.  It seems to work and is way less expensive than the serums you can buy specifically for this.  I just put some along the eyelash line with a q-tip.

I also follow Angie at Hot& Flashy.  She has a great 4-5 part series about different anti-aging ingredients.  She's been very helpful about skincare.  Her channel is where I started out.I also have hooded eyes and was looking for non-surgical solutions.  It kind of morphed into skincare stuff too.  If you look at her transformation from 2014 to today it's pretty amazing - esp. her hooded eyes.  

I also like Glitzy Fritzy - she's where I found out about Mad Hippie. 

AnnieP MakeUP and More 


Dr. Dray - she's a derm... but I don't follow everything she says.  But, I do learn a lot from her review videos.

I watch several others, but these are my favorites right now.

If you ever get interested in microcurrent I've done some research on that too ?  

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