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  1. Woohoo! Now just hold on through the rest of the roller coaster 😄
  2. My DH was an assistant professor. He did not receive any materials and did not pass any on. He had to develop his own class.
  3. I think the financing contingency would allow the buyer to back out if the house doesn't appraise high enough and the lender requires more $ down for the loan to process.
  4. I vote for the black ones. I don't prefer the red ones because I don't see red in the top. Also, they look a little chunky to me.
  5. Google says 3% on average in Florida on top of the realtors' fees (usually 6%), so 10% to be conservative. So after paying the mortgage, you would net ~111,000. Personally I would just put 20% down so you have funds to change things in the new house.
  6. I've refinanced twice in the last two years with Watermark Capital and their lending fee (I think that's what it's called) is a flat $1500 (30 yr loan). But both times they've given us lender credits that basically covered all costs. Our loan amount was much much higher than yours (very high cost of living area). Did you shop around for lenders?
  7. You may need to (or have someone else) do some number crunching for you. If you reduce your retirement contributions by x%, how much will your projected retirement income suffer? Or how much longer will you/dh have to work in order to retire at the income level you want? Without good information about the choices you're facing, it's hard to see things clearly/rationally.
  8. This unique dish brush and soap dispenser https://www.target.com/p/full-circle-bubble-up-soap-dispenser-and-dish-brush-set/-/A-50317248#lnk=sametab You fill the bottom with a little dawn and some water, push down on the brush to get it soapy whenever you need to scrub something, and you have enough to wash dishes for days and days.
  9. My DD had SVT but never passed out. She knew tricks to get over the episodes but in her senior year of high school the episodes started coming very frequently. We opted for the ablation and it's stopped the SVT. It was a quick surgery and easy recovery for her.
  10. We have (multiple) IKEA duvets and covers without corner ties. They've always stayed in place just fine though.
  11. No fees for transferring from invested to cash or vice versa.
  12. Wow! Those are so good!
  13. Can you log into your credit card account online? You might be able to dispute the charge all online. If there is a possibility that you gave your credit card information to a site that's not legitimate, you should be able to put your credit card on hold (freeze it) or cancel it online too.
  14. Why can't you run the AC? I thought the filters would clean the air?
  15. I was/am into attachment parenting, and when I felt like I needed to wean my kids around 2-3 yrs old, it was easy to distract during the day but night time was harder. I did feel ok with them crying at that age and I would hold them, rock them, walk the floors with them, etc. until they fell asleep. Usually it took 2-3 nights of this and then they were able to accept snuggles instead of nursing. Why are you weaning? If you don't really feel a compelling need, maybe give her more time. But if you're done, don't cave...
  16. A good friend had all four of her kids well over one week late each time...that just seemed to be how she cooked them. My first four were right on time (+/- one day). #5 was 13 days late (I think psychologically I didn't want to go to the hospital I had to go to)
  17. No first hand knowledge here, but a good friend's sister has curly hair and is very happy with LUS products.
  18. When we first moved to live in the low desert in SW USA, I distinctly remember one weather forecaster saying the next week would be a cool spell with highs only hitting 95 degrees. 😂
  19. zo-om-bie, zo-om-bie... zo-om-bie...bie...bie
  20. How about Lands End? Is there a Sears nearby?
  21. If you want movers to store your stuff, I think they will charge for the double loading and unloading as well as storage. I think it would make more sense for your dh to do a one-way u-haul rental, drive the truck to MN, and unload it into a storage unit with friends' help. Then he can fly back and drive you and the kids to visit family. Later you guys can get an in town u-haul rental and move in (again with friends' help).
  22. Paypal wasn't helpful at all when we tried to file a claim. We bought a $50 toy and the seller sent a $5 toy that wasn't remotely the same. Paypal said we had to ship the cheap toy back to the seller (in China) to get a refund. So I just filed a claim with the credit card we used, which was super easy, and got our money back. Did you use a credit card? If so, maybe go around paypal to get this resolved.
  23. So am I the only one that washes flyswatters? Mine lives in a drawer in the laundry room (after it gets washed and air dries).
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