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Who's going to tackle Saturday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning!

  • stop at bank with the boys to get some college forms notarized
  • get Thai food for lunch
  • grocery store
  • maybe stop at Kohl's (don't really feel like it, but I have some Kohl's cash to use up and the boys need new clothes before school starts)
  • hoof/abcess care for my horse - text farrier with update
  • read, relax
  • dinner: probably leftovers from lunch
  • watch Korean action movie tonight
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Hmm, not sure what I will do today. My brain isn't really on yet.

  • House cleaning  
  • Walmart
  • Pick up Ds
  • Work at church
  • Check in with Dd to see that she finishes some schoolwork 
  • Find a paperback copy of King Lear.
  • Get chx out of the freezer
  • Picnic at the pool tonight, if the weather cooperates.
  • Church prep - early day tomorrow  


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Dropped DH off at work.

DD and I out shopping this morning. Looking for things to put in her busy bag. Since she is in Kindergarten now  church wants them in the service. I have to remember headphones. DD complains that the pastor and the music are to loud, it doesnt upset her she just finds it annoying and wants to get away from it.


Library to return audiobooks and pick up new ones.

Lunch with Daddy

Swimming pool. Now only open on the weekends thru Labor Day. Oh yeah, she needs a new life jacket.

Home to rest

Get Daddy



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