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Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning!



•ponder what to get ds18 for his upcoming birthday (maybe a new saddle)

•straighten up pantry

•office work

•clean hay steamer

•order vegetable bouillon cubes & vitamins


•dinner: roasted sweet potato and portobello tacos

•ride after dinner

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Kids off to the school bus with their instruments.

Cleaned the kitchen and some clutter.

Should make an appointment for my tire that is leaking.

Should make an appointment for my back that is creaking.

Should clean out the pet cages.

Should do some laundry.

Lots of work, but I don't remember any stressful emergencies for today.

Some reading and exercise.

Pay some bills.

Kids' homework.

Kids to scouts.  Walk while they meet?  Or work.


Kids to bed.

Whatever I'm forgetting.

Work or sleep.

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Good morning!


I slept in this morning, so I've got to get the day started. 


Dinner is going to be pan garlic chicken, salad kit, mac & cheese for dh and ds, and baked potato for me. Ds has swim, so I'll cook it before we leave so dh can eat, and ds and I will have to heat it up afterwards.


To Do:


school with ds

update checking, pay bills

errands out (including haircut for ds)

take ds to swim




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Good morning! I got the girls off to their field trip. It was nice to have an extra kid in the house... It is rainy and cold today;swimming will be a little chilly (outdoor pools, baby!)


To do:

take ds2 to cc 

school with ds3


daily chores

general pick up

jen things

pick up dd2

practice #1/practice #2

ds2 to judo

chores while at judo: library, grocery store


Have a great day!


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Dinner - frozen chx br in the crock pot with a little chx stock and a lot of Penzey's Fox Point seasoning. That's a new one for us. It has chives, shallots, garlic, green peppercorns, and salt. Later, when the chx is cooked, I will add some goat cheese to make the sauce creamy. Serving it over pasta. 


Side dishes: okra cooked with fresh tomatoes, chick peas and lemon

green peas. 


Pretty good dinner for a busy day, but the chx is cooking itself and the okra dish takes about 10 minutes and frozen peas less than that.  


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