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What to wear with brown maryjanes


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Any pants, no socks. Unless they are striped. :). Or maybe, maybe if they are also brown.


I'll duck the first inevitable rotten tomatoes now. I've had them thrown here before suggesting socks+ Mary Janes just isn't a good look. And I wear Mary Janes (sometimes with socks...ssshhhh. But only if DS my fashion consultant isn't doing his job...). Lol.


(In full disclosure I am currently wearing black Mary Janes with white socks and black leggings. I am, however, not intending to leave the house, and I justify the awful get up because the shoes are terrific for my flare up of plantar fasciitis.)

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I wore my brown Mary Jane Danskos today!  No socks!!  Dark wash skinny jeans - cuffed just a little bit at my ankle, cute striped shirt with elbow patches, and a jacket (because of rain).


I love those shoes but I can only wear them a few weeks each fall (yes, I could wear them other times, but I love them best in the fall) because it gets too cold to wear them without socks.  And I'm not someone who can wear them with socks. Even funky striped socks - I just can't do it!



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